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Medal of Honor Recipient
Gravesites In The State of

64  Medal of Honor Recipients Total
(Includes ONE Double Recipient)

(Sorted Alphabetically by City)

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hill_ralyn.jpg (79121 bytes)
Ralyn Hill
houlton_william.jpg (75907 bytes)
William Houlton
lane_morgan.jpg (113282 bytes)
Morgan Lane
  Baxter Springs
chisman_william.jpg (81044 bytes)
William Chisman
mcwethy_edgar.jpg (87191 bytes)
Edgar McWethy
  Clay Center
cunningham_james.jpg (93843 bytes)
James Cunningham
taylor_henry.jpg (79165 bytes)
Henry Taylor
thomas_charlesL_ks.jpg (93260 bytes)
Charles L. Thomas
triplett_samuel.jpg (98560 bytes)
Samuel Triplett
 Fort Leavenworth  -  Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery
     *Different from Leavenworth National Cemetery in Leavenworth, Kansas
bell_harry.jpg (102091 bytes)
Harry Bell
custer_tom.jpg (98805 bytes)
Thomas Custer
hall_william.jpg (96207 bytes)
William Hall
kyle_john.jpg (97151 bytes)
John Kyle
lee_fitz.jpg (111406 bytes)
Fitz Lee
miller_george.jpg (85128 bytes)
George Miller
pengally_edward.jpg (90587 bytes)
Edward Pengally
robinson_joseph.jpg (98225 bytes)
Joseph Robinson
sale_albert.jpg (99379 bytes)
Albert Sale
widmer_jacob.jpg (90523 bytes)
Jacob Widmer
 Fort Riley  -  Fort Riley Post Cemetery
ayers_james.jpg (77608 bytes)
James Ayers
clancy_john.jpg (85289 bytes)
John Clancy
lloyd_george.jpg (73660 bytes)
George Lloyd
 Fort Scott
longshore_william.jpg (90652 bytes)
William Longshore
pond_george.jpg (106182 bytes)
George Pond
richey_william4_ks.jpg (82091 bytes)
William Richey
grimshaw_samuel.jpg (105156 bytes)
Samuel Grimshaw
hogan_franklin.jpg (98939 bytes)
Franklin Hogan
blasdel_thomas_ksNEW.jpg (91721 bytes)
Thomas Blasdale
banks_george_ksNEW.jpg (105395 bytes)
George Banks
stacy_william.jpg (89082 bytes)
William Stacy
 Kansas City
ward_william.jpg (82715 bytes)
William Ward
white_edward.jpg (118764 bytes)
Edward White
hogarty_william.jpg (128875 bytes)
William Hogarty
mcgraw_thomas_ks.jpg (81175 bytes)
Thomas McGraw
kelly_thomas.jpg (95710 bytes)
Thomas Kelly
leonard_patrick.jpg (85048 bytes)
Patrick T. Leonard
mcphelan_robert.jpg (84295 bytes)
Robert McPhelan
churchill_samuel.jpg (84275 bytes)
Samuel Churchill
graham_thomas.jpg (76446 bytes)
Thomas Graham
hall_henry.jpg (96717 bytes)
Henry Hall
 Leavenworth  -  Leavenworth National Cemetery
     *Different from Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
burritt_william.jpg (91606 bytes)
William Burritt
dorsey_daniel.jpg (86347 bytes)
Daniel Dorsey
durham_john.jpg (89948 bytes)
John Durham
garrett_william.jpg (90529 bytes)
William Garrett
gray_john.jpg (89655 bytes)
John Gray
shingle_john.jpg (83378 bytes)
John Shingle
trembley_william.jpg (101591 bytes)
William Trembley
wortick_joseph.jpg (84161 bytes)
Joseph Wortick
john_william_ks.jpg (94711 bytes)
William John
callahan_john_ks.jpg (81077 bytes)
John Callahan
burbank_james.jpg (73153 bytes)
James Burbank
petersen_danny.jpg (78058 bytes)
Danny Peterson
 New Almelo
leonard_patrick_J.jpg (90374 bytes)
Patrick J. Leonard
schmidt_conrad.jpg (90136 bytes)
Conrad Schmidt
miller_george_ks.jpg (78954 bytes)
George Miller
cranston_william.jpg (83238 bytes)
William Cranston
 Silver Lake
robb_george.jpg (83778 bytes)
George Robb
helms_david.jpg (86633 bytes)
David Helms
whitehead_john.jpg (89257 bytes)
John Whitehead
peden_forrest_plaque.jpg (109520 bytes)
Forrest Peden
wallace_william.jpg (96507 bytes)
William Wallace

kirk_johathan.jpg (85869 bytes)
Jonathan Kirk
wright_samuel.jpg (75975 bytes)
Samuel Wright
cowan_richard.jpg (99517 bytes)
Richard Cowan
eckes_john.jpg (93998 bytes)
John Eckes 

A very special thanks to Kent Kooi for the large number of photos he provided for this page.



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