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Hi, I'm your tour guide

When I was born in Denver my mom and dad got a piece of paper from the hospital that told the whole world that I was a "for-real" person. That paper is called my "Birth Certificate".

Our Nation's Founding Documents


Right now I want you to notice those large pieces of paper on the front of the exhibit. Some of those papers are the actual size as the original papers were printed (about the size of a newspaper). These are the documents that gave birth to the United States of America.  These papers could almost be thought of as the "birth certificates" of the United States of America. There is a big difference between MY birth certificate and these however.


This is a photo of the model for the 3 displays in the Birth of a Nation Exhibit

One of these important papers was written almost 300 years before Columbus even discovered the New World that would one day be home to the United States. That paper is called the "MAGNA CARTA". While most people think of this document as an ENGLISH book of laws, it became the foundation for the establishment of the United States. Next to it is a document I'm sure you have heard of, The Declaration of Independence. A little further on is another set of papers called The Constitution. I'm sure you've heard of that too. But in between these two papers is another one called The Articles of Confederation.   Finishing it all off is a series of changes to The Constitution called "Amendments. So many papers, so many different "birth certificates"! Can you imagine what they are all for, or why we needed so many?

Click Click on the larger arrow below to go to the next page to meet my friends at "Royal, Inc.".   Its kind of a fun story we've put together to help you understand what all these papers are about.  Below is a map of all the pages in the Birth of a Nation Exhibit.   You'll find it at the bottom of each page.

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Birth of A Nation Exhibit

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[Our Founding Documents]  [Royal, Inc. - A Parable of Independence]
[Freedom is Born - The 1st & 2nd Continental Congresses]
[Magna Carta's Impact on the Declaration of Independence]   [Read Magna Carta]
[Jefferson writes the Declaration of Independence]  [Virginia Declaration of Rights]

[Adoption of the Declaration]  [Read the Declaration of Independence]
[The Articles of Confederation]  [Read the Articles]  [Shay's Rebellion]
[Constitutional Convention]  [Debating the Constitution]  []
[Adopting the Constitution]  [The Constitution in Outline Form]   [Read the Constitution]
[ Amending the Constitution]  [The Bill of Rights]  [Adding Amendments]
Outlines and Time Lines
[Events Leading to Revolution]  [Time-line for our Documents]   [Our Form of Government]
[Signers of Declaration of Independence]  [Constitutional Convention Delegates]

Flag Display
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Capitol Display
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