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Royal Business, Inc.
A Parable of Independence

Before we look at our founding documents, there are a few people here I'd like you to meet.


This is George. George owns Royal Business, Inc. His father owned it for years but he recently retired, so now George is in charge.

But George isn't a very nice guy. You see, when most of the people who work here started with Royal Business, Inc. George's father made many promises to them. For instance, he promised them that they would get paid every two weeks, that they would get a certain number of coffee breaks, and that he wouldn't try to cheat them on either their time or what he paid them. Now that George is in charge a lot of those promises have been broken. But George doesn't care. He is just happy to be the BOSS!

usa_sue_jeff.gif (4693 bytes) This is Sue and Jeff Unger. They both work at Royal Business, Inc. Lately they haven't been too happy at the way their new boss has been treating them. Why, sometimes he even makes them take extra work HOME with them. They know that George is breaking all the promises his father made when they first went to work here. They even sent a couple of letters to George to complain about all of the promises he has broken. But George didn't pay any attention to their letters. He just keeps on treating all his employees like they are his slaves and he can do whatever he wants.


Sue and Jeff aren't the only ones who are unhappy. A lot of the other employees at Royal have been complaining to each other about their new boss. Sometimes, when neither George or any of his "pet" supervisors are around, they even call him "King George".

"Hi There"

"I'm John Smith"

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"I'm Ben Stuart"

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"I'm Alex Adams"

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These three men also work for Royal Business, Inc. At first they didn't realize that there were other employees who were also mad at "King George". Ben was so fed up about a year ago that he had decided to quit and even wrote a letter of resignation, then changed his mind. One day they all got together at lunch time. Can you imagine what they talked about?


Ben told the group, "Look, this guy has broken every promise his father ever made to us. He doesn't treat us like employees, he treat's us like slaves." Jeff agreed and told how he and Susan had written letters to complain about the way he was treating them, but that it hadn't done any good.

"You are all right," Alex said, "but I'm getting so close to retirement.  I don't want to make too big a fuss and get fired. I have too much to lose."


usa_all.gif (10438 bytes) "Get FIRED!" Susan exclaimed. "I think we ought to quit worrying about what 'King George' is going to do to us. Instead we ought to just all get together and quit at the same time.  We'll start our own business."

"Great idea," said John.

"Well, I don't know," said Alex.

"We at least ought to think about it", Ben replied.

"I agree," said Jeff.

That day the five of them decided to at least think about it. The group decided to get together for lunch again the next week to talk about it. "Someone ought to write a letter of resignation for the whole group to consider.....just in case," said Susan.

"Great idea!" said Ben. Then Ben noticed everyone was looking at him. He had been here the longest. "Don't look at me, I haven't been feeling real well lately," he told them.

"Look," said Susan, "I'm the one that suggested this so someone else should write the letter." The group huddled together for a little bit and finally decided to have Jeff start writing it. Any time he had questions he would call Ben or John for help. It would be his job to finish the letter by the time the five of them got together for lunch the following week.

tourguide1_large.gif (3814 bytes) Are you beginning to wonder what all this has to do with American Independence?  Remember, this is a "parable"...a fiction story to help you understand what happened.

The 13 American Colonies were just like the employees at Royal Business, Inc.  King George had broken all his promises to them and treated them unfairly.  When the people of the colonies started getting together to discuss these matters, a plan of action began to form.  At first they weren't sure about starting out on their own.  But like the employees at Royal Inc., things began to develop very quickly.  After one such meeting, they started making plans to write their own "letter of resignation"...Just In Case


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