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Welcome to the Web Site of the Home of Heroes.  I'm United States Congressman John Salazar, and I would like to introduce you to some very special Americans, the Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients.

You are about to embark on an educational journey into the Home Of Heroes which is located in Pueblo, Colorado.  This Web Site will provide you with up to date information on what is taking place at the actual construction site and allow you to begin to understand the commitment these people have made in maintaining the freedoms all Americans enjoy.

Medal of Honor recipients have demonstrated their patriotism and love of freedom through their heroic efforts during armed conflict.  The sacrifices these people have made to protect the freedoms this country enjoys is worthy of the highest commendation.  They have risked their lives to promote American ideals and jeopardized their dreams so that we could remain free.  These soldiers are people we can all look up to as symbols of honor and respect and love of country.  I salute them.

Enjoy your experience as you learn about each of these individuals and the awards they have received.  Their deeds are an inspiration to children and adults alike, and we must never forget their valor in combat.

John T. Salazar
Member of Congress

More than a museum.....

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