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"A nation reveals itself not only by the men it produces but also by the men it honors, the men it remembers." President John F. Kennedy 25 October 1963

The Hall Of Heroes

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Welcome To the Lobby

Thank you for joining us inside the Hall of Heroes. This is the lobby from which you can access any of our three floors.  At the entrance to each floor you will meet a tour guide to help you along the way.  At any time should you get lost , (and with more than 8,000 pages that can happen) push the "Elevator" button to return to the lobby. 

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 The lobby is located at the entrance to the ground floor, which is constructed in the shape of the Medal of Honor presented to members of the Army and Air Force. When you go to the first floor exhibits you will not only meet many of these great heroes, but you will learn about the birth of our Nation and how it has developed.  Below is a photo showing the layout of the exhibits on the first floor.  We invite you to click on the 1st Floor elevator button to begin your tour there.

lobbyview.jpg (20781 bytes)The second floor is very much under construction at present.  If you are curious, you can go to the second floor to get a brief tour of the plans for the site however, and meet the tour guide who will be sharing the exhibits upon completion.

The third floor rotunda contains our library and research room, as well as our "God and Country Room". 

If you are looking for specific historical information, choose the floor containing an exhibit that best matches your subject and take the "elevator" to that floor.  At the entrance to each floor you will find a hyperlinked index of the individual exhibits to help you go directly to the information you need.  You can also access the individual exhibits from the hyperlinks below the elevator buttons. 

Click on an elevator button for a guided tour of any floor, or go directly to a specific exhibit.

First Floor
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Birth of a Nation
Our Capitol City
Our Flag
The Medal of Honor
The Pyramid of Honor
Defending Freedom
Home of Heroes

Second Floor
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American History Rooms
Our 50 States
The Presidents
Inaugural Speeches
Women Heroes
Heroes of Outer Space
America...Land of Opportunity

Third Floor
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God And Country Room
Our Guest Speaker
Previous Guest Speakers
Links to State Home Pages
e-mail Your Officials
Research Links
Outdoor Static Displays

If you are here to research a specific topic you can go directly to the library to access the HYPERLINKED SITE MAP OF THE HALL OF HEROES, or you can use our SEARCH ENGINE.  If you get lost along the way, you can click on the compass any time you see it to bring up our site map as well.

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