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Recipients of the Medal of Honor, Marine Corps Brevet Medal, 
Distinguished Service Cross, Navy Cross, and Air Force Cross

Revised and Updated: March 13, 2008


Name and Award Details (B) Indicates Place of Birth if Award Credited Elsewhere
Aamodt, Morris H. G. - DSC (WWI)
Adelhelm, Hugo C. - DSC (WWI)
Aldrich, Donald N. - NC (WWII)
Allen, Fred - DSC (WWI)
Allex, Jake - MOH (WWI)
Ammons, George H - DSC (WWI)
Andersen, Harvey M. - NC (WWII)
Anderson, Almer A. - DSC (Philippines)
Anderson, Johannes Seigfried - MOH (WWI)
Anderson, William A. - DSC (WWI)
Asten, Charles - MOH (Civil War)
Auman, Joseph M. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Austin, James B. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Backley, Edward J. - DSC (WWI)
Backstrom, Robert E. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Baldwin, William W. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Bancroft, Neil - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Barry, Edward (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Beato, John - DSC (WWI)
Bell, Frank J. - DSC (WWI)
Bender, Stanley - MOH (WWII)
Bessinger, Edward (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Beyer, Aaron Frederick, Jr. - NC (WWII)
Bieryta, Michael (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Bird, Felix - DSC (WWI)
Blanchfield, Michael Reinert (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)
Blodgett, Wells H. - MOH (Civil War)
Blumenthal, Alabel (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Bonneville, Marion Spencer - DSC (WWI)
Bordvick, Monred A. - DSC (WWI)
Borkus, Thomas - DSC (WWI)
Borowski, John C. (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
Bourke, John Gregory - MOH (Civil War)
Boyatt, Charles H. - DSC (WWI)
Breakey, John W. - DSC (WWI)
Bremner, Frank M. - DSC (WWI)
Brice, Robert Greenleaf - 2 NCs (WWII)
Brocki, Mieczyslaw - 2 DSCs (WWI)
Brodnicki, Valeryan J. - DSC (Siberia)
Brotherton, William E. - DSC (WWI)
Bruce, Daniel Dean (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)
Bryan, Claude - DSC (WWI)
Buchan, Robert B. - 2 NCs (WWII)
Burchill, George H. - DSC (WWI)
Burke, Robert Charles (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)
Burritt, William Wallace - MOH (Civil War)
Byrne, Paul V. - NC (WWII)
Carlson, Charles G. - DSC (WWI)
Carlson, Swen - DSC (WWI)
Carlson, Walter C. - DSC (WWI)
Carroll, Thomas - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Carry, Champ - DSC (WWI)
Casaga, Samuel E. - DSC (WWI)
Cecilia, Louis - DSC (WWI)
Cerbin, Stanley F. - DSC (WWI)
Chadwick, Harry R. - DSC (WWI)
Chamberlin, William C. - NC (WWII)
Chase, Roy Wesley - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Cheevers, Earl J. - DSC (WWI)
Christiansen, Henry - DSC (WWI)
Clark, George E. - DSC (WWI)
Cleveland, Emery Frank - DSC (WWII)
Colon, Hector E. - DSC (Vietnam)
Conde-Falcon, Felix M. (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
Cook, Howard C. (KIA) - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Craig, Samuel Henry - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Creed, John - MOH (Civil War)
Cronan, William S. - MOH (Peace Time Heroism)
Cuff, William E. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Cunningham, Daniel Gerald - NC (WWII)
Curtis, Nathan M. - DSC (WWI)
Czechowski, Chester M. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Dargis, Joseph A. - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Davis, Abel - DSC (WWI)
De La Garza, Emilio Albert (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)
De Smidt, John - DSC (WWI)
De Vos, Peter A. - DSC (WWI)
Deasey, Herbert A. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Deford, August H. - DSC (WWI)
Diekema, Willis A. - DSC (WWI)
Dillon, Raymond P. - DSC (WWI)
Dixon, Roy T. - DSC (WWI)
Dodd, Brendon J. - DSC (WWI)
Donovan, Paul J. - DSC (WWI)
Drechsel, George - DSC (WWI)
Dreis, Thomas George - NC (WWII)
Duff, Philip T. - DSC (WWI)
Duffy, Mark Matthew - DSC (WWI)
Dunne, Christopher C. - DSC (WWI)
Dunne, James - MOH (Civil War)
Economos, Constantine D. - DSC (WWI)
Edwards, Norman E. - DSC (WWI)
Elden, Ralph Waldo (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Erpelding, George H. - NC (Nicaragua)
Erwin, William P. - 2 DSCs (WWI)
Faga, William H. - 2 DSCs (WWI), NC (WWI)
Fardy, John Peter (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
Farquhar, John McGreath - MOH (Civil War)
Ferentchak, Martin - DSC (WWI)
Fisher, George F. - DSC (WWI)
Fisher, John H. - MOH (Civil War)
Fisher, Russell S. - DSC (WWI)
Flagg, Daniel S. - DSC (WWI)
Foreman, Milton J. - DSC (WWI)
Fox, Charles M. - DSC (WWI)
Francisco, John - DSC (WWI)
Frank, William F. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Fuquay, James - DSC (WWI)
Furforo, Vinacezo - DSC (WWI)
Gabriel, Williard F. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Gale, Carroll M. - DSC (WWI)
Garrity, Patrick - DSC (WWI)
Gataino, Isaac - DSC (WWI)
Gerstung, Robert E. - MOH (WWII)
Gibson, Eric Gunnar (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
Gibson, Ralph - DSC (WWI)
Gibson, Thomas R. - DSC (WWI)
Glucksman, Samuel - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Godbey, Arnold Dee - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Goettler, Harold Ernest (KIA) - MOH (WWI)
Goldin, Theodore W. B. - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Gourley, George B. - DSC (WWI)
Green, Donald W. - DSC (WWI)
Greist, Edwards Harold - DSC (WWI)
Grey, Charles Gossage - DSC (WWI)
Gross, Christian - DSC (Siberia)
Gulbrandsen, Arvid W. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Gumpertz, Sydney G. - MOH (WWI)
Gundelach, Andre P. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Gunderson, Arthur J. - DSC (WWI)
Hall, George W. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Hanna, Leon M. - DSC (WWI)
Hardiman, Michael J. - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Hart, Frank I. - DSC (WWI)
Hart, Percival G. - DSC (WWI)
Harvey, Carmel Bernon (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)
Hays, Frank Kerr - DSC (WWI)
Heimerdinger, Charles - DSC (WWI)
Helms, John Henry - MOH (Peace Time Heroism)
Henriksen, Hans - DSC (WWI)
Henry, Norman - DSC (WWI)
Herter, Edward - DSC (WWI)
Highland, Patrick - MOH (Civil War)
Hildreth, Richard P. - DSC (WWI)
Hill, Fred William - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Hobscheid, Paul - DSC (WWI)
Hoeynck, Frank J. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Hofmann, Wilbur E, Jr. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Hogan, John V. - DSC (WWI)
Hogan, Stephen Clement, Jr. - NC (WWII)
Holmes, Albert P. - DSC (WWI)
Holmes, Frank D. - DSC (WWI)
Holzman, Sidney - DSC (WWI)
Howard, Robert P. - DSC (WWI)
Howland, Harry S. - DSC (WWI)
Hoy, Henry - DSC (WWI)
Hunt, Thomas - DSC (WWI)
Jackson, James - DSC (WWI)
Jackson, Marvin A. (KIA) - NC (Nicaragua)
Jackson, Rufus B. - DSC (WWI)
Jacobson, William - DSC (WWI)
Jankowski, Jan - DSC (WWI)
Jansen, Louis B. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Jenkins, Mathew - DSC (WWI)
Jensen, Ingemann - DSC (WWI)
Johnson, Raymond Edward - NC (WWII)
Johnson, Swan E. - DSC (WWI)
Johnston, Edward - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Johnston, Harold Irving - MOH (WWI)
Johnston, William P. - MOH (Civil War)
Jones, Archie J. - DSC (WWI)
Jones, Harry - DSC (WWI)
Jones, William - DSC (WWI)
Kachinski, Roland F. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Kane, Tony W. - 2 DSCs (WWI), NC (WWI)
Karpass, Victor H. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Katsulis, Demosthenes V. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Keane, Christopher W. - DSC (WWI)
Keating, James Alfred - DSC (WWI)
Keenan, John J. - DSC (WWI)
Keiser, Harry M. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Keller, Leonard Bert - MOH (Vietnam War)
Kellog, Gordon V. - DSC (WWI)
Kelly, Donald J. - NC (WWII)
Kelly, John Joseph - Army MOH (WWI), Navy MOH (Same Action)
Ketza, Norbert Frank (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Klaesi, Arnold - DSC (WWI)
Kloth, Charles H. - MOH (Civil War)
Knoll, Frank P. - NC (WWII)
Koerper, Frank P. - DSC (WWI)
Koijane, Frank A. - DSC (WWI)
Komnenich, Louis - NC (WWII)
Koritzke, Edward F. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Korzysko, George (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Kostak, Frank J. - DSC (WWI)
Kretsinger, George - MOH (Civil War)
Krotiak, Anton L. (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
Krueger, Arthur - DSC (WWI)
Krum, James Edward - DSC (WWI)
Lamb, Earl (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Landis, Reed Gresham - DSC (WWI)
Lavelle, Martin J. - DSC (WWII)
Lee, John C. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Leeb, Joseph S. - DSC (WWI)
Leims, John Harold - MOH (WWII)
Lidwell, Edward J. - DSC (WWI)
Lieberman, Nathan - DSC (WWI)
Liljeberg, Ragnar - DSC (WWI)
Linskey, William F. - DSC (WWI)
Livingston, William J. - NC (Korea)
Llewellyn, Frank A. - DSC (WWI)
Loman, Berger Holton - MOH (WWI)
Lubeck, Tony (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Lundegard, Axel C. - DSC (WWI)
Luzow, Gottleib - DSC (WWI)
Lynch, Allen James - MOH (Vietnam War)
Magee, Christopher L. - NC (WWII)
Maguire, Sidney Clifford - DSC (WWI)
Mallan, John C. - DSC (WWI)
Mance, Stephen M. - DSC (WWI)
Marchant, John R. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Markland, Frederick J. - NC (Korea)
Martin, Larry (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
Matson, Raymond O. - DSC (WWI)
May, George J. - DSC (WWI)
Mayger, Arthur G. - DSC (WWI)
Mazur, Jack - DSC (WWI)
McAndrew, Edward (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
McCarthy, James J. - DSC (WWI)
McCarthy, Joseph Jeremiah - MOH (WWII)
McCormick, Michael - MOH (Civil War)
McDonald, James - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
McGraw, Thomas - MOH (Civil War)
McGuire, Patrick - MOH (Civil War)
McIntyre, Eugene - DSC (WWI)
McIntyre, William M. - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
McKey, Harold G. - DSC (WWI)
McNulty, Clarence J. - DSC (WWI)
Meyer, William - MOH (Spanish-American War)
Meyering, William D. - DSC (WWI)
Meyers, Albert W. - NC (WWII)
Michael, Edward Stanley - MOH (WWII)
Midkiff, Holly - DSC (WWI)
Mikos, John J. - DSC (WWI)
Miles, John - DSC (WWI)
Milloy, Jack L. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Monroe, James Howard (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)
Moskala, Edward J. (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
Mullen, Roger H. - DSC (WWI)
Mullin, Hugh Patrick - MOH (Peace Time Heroism)
Murphy, Philip - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Myers, Irwin - DSC (WWI)
Myhrman, Robert E. - DSC (WWI)
Nelson, Theodore Vernon (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Newell, Alexander - DSC (WWI)
Niemann, William E. - NC (WWII)
Noble, Daniel - MOH (Civil War)
Nowlin, George A. - DSC (WWI)
O'Donnell, Terrance William (KIA) - NC (Korea)
O'Keefe, John J. - DSC (WWI)
O'Keefe, Thomas J. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Olive, Milton Lee (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)
Olson, Robert Dale (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Orr, Edward (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Osborne, Weedon Edward (KIA) - MOH (WWI)
Osmus, Wesley Frank (KIA) - NC (WWII)
O'Toole, James William (KIA) - NC (Korea)
Otto, William Herman (KIA) - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Palubiak, Gus W. - DSC (WWI)
Pegues, Josiah J. - DSC (WWI)
Perez, Manuel (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
Perkaus, Frank - DSC (WWI)
Perkins, Earl H. - DSC (WWI)
Peters, William H. - DSC (WWI)
Petersen, Victor - DSC (WWI)
Peterson, Frederick M. - DSC (WWII)
Peterson, Van Walker - DSC (WWI)
Pokorny, Robert - DSC (WWI)
Pope, Thomas A. - MOH (WWI)
Power, James B. - DSC (WWI)
Powers, Edward J. - DSC (WWI)
Praeger, Emil - DSC (WWII)
Prete, Frank P. - DSC (WWI)
Priddy, Wellborn S. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Pride, Henry N. - DSC (WWI)
Quinn, John - DSC (WWI)
Quirk, Brain J. - NC (WWII)
Rampsch, John - DSC (WWI)
Rasmussen, Haakon B. - NC (WWII)
Red, Harold D. - DSC (WWI)
Rentfro, Charles C. - DSC (WWI)
Robertson, James Ferguson - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Robinson, James William (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)
Robinson, Robert Guy - MOH (WWI)
Rochfort, James J. - DSC (WWI)
Rosell, William E. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Rosenbloom, Alvin Elliott - NC (WWII)
Roskowski, John (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Rue, Lawrence E. - DSC (WWI)
Ryan, Frank W. - DSC (WWI)
Sampsell, Bruce Emmett (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Sanborn, Joseph Brown - DSC (WWI)
Sattler, William N. - DSC (WWI)
Schallmoser, Joseph M. - DSC (WWII)
Scholes, William - DSC (WWI)
Schroeder, Henry Frank - MOH (Philippine Insurrection)
Schueren, Dan E., Jr. - DSC (WWI)
Schultz, Charles (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Sebille, Louis Joseph (KIA) - MOH (Korean War)
Seckel, Albert, Jr. - NC (WWII)
Shapiro, Eli R. - DSC (WWI)
Shaskan, Samuel - DSC (WWI)
Sheeran, James J. - DSC (WWI)
Shelly, Harry - DSC (WWI)
Sielsky, Louis - DSC (WWI)
Simoni, Aristeo V. - DSC (WWI)
Sirousa, Michael Angelo (KIA) - NC (Vietnam)
Skogsburg, Vivian - DSC (WWI)
Smith, James Stuart, Jr. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Smith, Martin E. - DSC (WWI)
Smotherman, Horace - DSC (WWI)
Snider, James J. - DSC (WWI)
Snow, Elmer A. - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Solomon, Isadore - DSC (WWI)
Somnitz, Carl G. - DSC (WWI)
Southall, James B. - NC (Korea)
Staeheli, Otto (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Staggs, William R. - NC (WWII)
Stains, Tracy R. - DSC (WWI)
Stephens, William G. - MOH (Civil War)
Stockman, George Henry - MOH (Civil War)
Sumner, James - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Sutherland, James (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Swabey, Frederick H. - DSC (WWI)
Sweeney, Patrick (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Templeton, Charles K. - DSC (WWI)
Ternig, Jacob B. - DSC (WWI)
Thompson, John - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Thrasher, Dana Bristol (KIA) - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Tollberg, Maynard William (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Toomer, William - MOH (Civil War)
Toy, Frederick Ernest - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Tracy, John - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Troup, Clarence David - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Trutko, Alexander - DSC (WWI)
Turner, James A. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Vail, William H. - DSC (WWI)
Voge, Richard George - NC (WWII)
Voltz, Robert Francis - NC (WWII)
Voss, Clair Horton - NC (WWII)
Wall, Earl W. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Walsh, Thomas J. - DSC (WWI)
Warfield, William J. - DSC (WWI)
Washa, James J. - DSC (WWI)
Waterhouse, John R. - DSC (WWI)
Watson, Joseph - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Webber, George B. - DSC (WWI)
Weber, Lester William (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)
Weimer, Herman H. - DSC (WWI)
Weiss, Fred R. - DSC (WWI)
White, Nathaniel C. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
White, Patrick H. - MOH (Civil War)
Whitson, Lester C. - DSC (WWI)
Wiberg, Albin - DSC (WWI)
Wickam, Jerry Wayne (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)
Wickham, Gordon - DSC (WWI)
Wigglesworth, Robert - DSC (WWI)
Williamson, Alfred - DSC (WWI)
Young, Walter Xavier (KIA) - NC (WWII)
(B) Baker, Addison Earl (KIA)  - MOH (WWII)
(B) Bartholf, Herbert B. - DSC (WWI)
(B) Bass, Harry Brinkley (KIA)  - 2 NCs (WWII)
(B) Beauvais, Walter U. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
(B) Belfry, Earl (KIA)  - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
(B) Blind, Howard James (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
(B) Brock, Edward J. - DSC (WWI)
(B) Chenoweth, Theodore H. - NC (Korea)
(B) Christenson, Walter T. - DSC (WWI)
(B) Christie, William Francis - 2 NCs (WWII)
(B) Church, James Robb - MOH (Spanish-American War)
(B) Conn, Robbins L. - DSC (WWI)
(B) Conover, Harvey - DSC (WWI)
(B) Cullen, Michael J. - DSC (WWI)
(B) Cunningham, Oliver B. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
(B) Dougherty, Neil F. - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
(B) Drury, Frank C. - NC (WWII)
(B) Eddy, Manton Sprague - DSC (WWII)
(B) Filip, Robert C. - NC (WWII)
(B) Fletcher, Jefferson B. - DSC (WWI)
(B) Frank, Alan Stetson - NC (WWII)
(B) Freeman, William Reynolds - 2 NCs (WWII)
(B) Fritz, Harold Arthur - MOH (Vietnam War)
(B) Geraghty, Joseph Cavanaugh - NC (WWII)
(B) Gosselin, Alexander (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
(B) Harvey, Colin C. (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
(B) Hawes, Frederick William - NC (WWII)
(B) Helm, Lynn, Jr. - DSC (WWI)
(B) Herbst, Warren R. - NC (WWII)
(B) Holton, Ralph L. (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
(B) Hopp, Harvey M. - DSC (WWI)
(B) Horton, William M. Charlie - MOH (China Relief)
(B) Jaworski, Frank - DSC (WWI)
(B) Keachie, Edwin S. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
(B) Kelly, Edward F. (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
(B) Kielpinski, Vincent P. - DSC (WWI)
(B) Kleiber, Walter J. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
(B) Kowaski, Lewis L. - DSC (WWI)
(B) Kraus, Richard Edward (KIA)  - MOH (WWII)
(B) Krzyzowski, Edward C. (KIA)  - MOH (Korean War)
(B) Larsen, Henry L. - NC (WWI), NC (Nicaragua)
(B) Layer, John L. - DSC (WWI)
(B) Laz, LeRoy Lester - NC (WWII)
(B) Luebke, Alvin J. - DSC (WWI)
(B) MacIsaac, Donald - DSC (WWI)
(B) Mack, Peter F. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
(B) Marvin, Milton C. (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
(B) Masoner, William John, Jr. - 2 NCs (WWII)
(B) McBride, Morris Ralph (KIA)  - DSC (Vietnam)
(B) McKinlock, George A., Jr. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
(B) McPherson, Irving Herbert - NC (WWII)
(B) Michener, John H. - DSC (WWI)
(B) Miller, George Harold - NC (WWII)
(B) Moehler, Frank W. - DSC (WWI)
(B) Mollenhauer, Arthur Paul (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
(B) Moran, Edward J. - NC (WWII)
(B) Myers, Leo A. - DSC (Philippines)
(B) Olejnik, Frank - DSC (WWI)
(B) Peterson, George I. - DSC (WWI)
(B) Pincoffs, Maurice C. - DSC (WWI)
(B) Pine, Harry W. - DSC (WWI)
(B) Quick, Charles A. - DSC (WWI)
(B) Reiserer, Russell Lawrence - NC (WWII)
(B) Roberts, William R. - NC (WWII)
(B) Rosendahl, Charles Emery - NC (WWII)
(B) Ryan, James S. (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
(B) Simon, Frank J. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
(B) Slingo, Herbert J. - DSC (WWI)
(B) Smead, Burton A. - DSC (WWI)
(B) Sonnenberg, Eugene Peter - NC (WWII)
(B) Stea, Anthony J. - NC (WWII)
(B) Sullivan, Joseph J. - DSC (WWI)
(B) Swift, Frank B. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
(B) Taylor, Edmund B. - NC (WWII)
(B) Taylor, John B. - NC (WWII)
(B) Thomas, Carr M. - DSC (WWI)
(B) Wendell, William - DSC (Philippines)
(B) Wherry, John H. (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
(B) Wilcox, Russell Stover (KIA)  - 2 NCs (WWII)
(B) Williams, Harry B. (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
(B) Williams, Joseph Warford, Jr. - NC (WWII)
(B) Windrich, William Gordon (KIA)  - MOH (Korean War)
(B) Young, Gerald Orren - MOH (Vietnam War)


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