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Recipients of the Medal of Honor, Marine Corps Brevet Medal, 
Distinguished Service Cross, Navy Cross, and Air Force Cross

Revised and Updated: August 11, 2006


Recipient Name and Award Details

Anderson, Carter Leonard - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Atkinson, Joseph T. - DSC (WWI)
Barton, Thomas - MOH (Civil War)
Bellat, Joseph S. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Bilek, John - DSC (WWI)
Brown, Thomas Markham - NC (WWII)
Burchfield, Joseph H. - DSC (WWI)
Butts, George - MOH (Civil War)
Carner, Frank W. - DSC (WWI)
Casey, Maurice Aloysius (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
Chambers, Charles C. - DSC (WWI)
Cleland, Cook - NC (WWII)
Cobbey, Luther W. - DSC (WWI)
Crabbe, Thomas P. - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Crow, Roger Curtis - NC (WWII)
Davis, Howard Hubber - DSC (WWI)
Dowling, James - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Dugan, Frank (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Feaster, Mosheim - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Ferguson, William J. - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Ferrari, George - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Flesher, Herbert W. - DSC (WWI)
Flynn, John Peter - AFC (Vietnam)
Foster, William Adelbert (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
Frey, Franz - MOH (Civil War)
Gordon, Harold J. - DSC (WWI)
Graham, Hugh E., Jr. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Graveline, Fred C. - DSC (WWI)
Haluchak, Alex - NC (WWII)
Hanley, James Matthew - DSC (WWI)
Harrington, John - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Hayes, Michael J. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Herbert, Thomas W. - DSC (WWI)
Herda, Frank Aloysious - MOH (Vietnam War)
Hoban, Thomas W. - DSC (WWII)
Huszarik, Joseph, Jr. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Jordan, John P. - DSC (WWI)
Kidd, Isaac Campbell (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
Kwacz, Henry Joseph - DSC (WWII)
Locke, Karl W. (KIA) - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Lytle, Leonidas S. - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
MacFarland, Jay W. - DSC (WWI)
Marini, Daniel J. - NC (WWII)
Mutic, Eli (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Mzik, Charles (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Newlin, Melvin Earl (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)
Nugent, Joseph E. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
O'Malley, George P. - DSC (WWI)
Orndoff, Harry Westley - MOH (China Relief)
Petrarca, Frank Joseph (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
Radevick, Radovan (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Richman, Samuel - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Rider, Richard E. - DSC (WWII)
Roberts, Charles DeWayne - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Rock, Frederick - MOH (Civil War)
Rombach, Sevrin Louis (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Ruggero, Petro - DSC (WWI)
Sanborn, Eastman M. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Sanguedolce, Silvio (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Sharkey, Charles Wesly - DSC (WWI)
Shea, Maurice William - NC (WWII)
Simon, Frank J. (KIA) - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Smerillo, Michael J. - DSC (WWII)
Smithhisler, Paul A. - DSC (WWI)
Spazzafero, John A. - NC (WWII)
Starkweather, Mark W. - NC (WWII)
Steiner, George C. - DSC (WWI)
Steinkraus, Herman W. - DSC (WWI)
Stupka, Laddie - MOH (Peace Time Heroism)
Towle, John Roderick (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
Trew, Ralph T. - DSC (WWI)
Weber, Frank C. (KIA) - NC (Lake Denmark Fire, 1926)
Wendell, William - DSC (Philippines)
Wozniak, Anthony (KIA) - DSC (WWI)

The Following Recipients were Born in Cleveland
But their Awards were Credited to Other Cities

Alexander, Mearl Charles (KIA)  - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Armour, Thomas Edward - NC (WWII)
Brock, George F. - MOH (Peace Time Heroism)
Cox, John Richard, Jr. - NC (WWII)
Deland, Thorndike - DSC (WWI)
Forsythe, Richard Monroe (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
Goetz, Mowry E. - DSC (WWI)
Gottschalk, James - DSC (WWI)
Henderson, Lofton R. (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
Ireland, Rutherford - DSC (WWI)
Jackson, Arthur Junior - MOH (WWII)
Katz, Aaron - NC (WWII)
Lucas, John D. (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
Mack, William - DSC (WWI)
McGraw, Joseph D. - NC (WWII)
O'Rourke, John P. (AKA: John T. Burke) (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Richardson, William R. - MOH (Civil War)
Shepard, Millard T. - NC (Nicaragua)
Smith, Howard G. - DSC (WWI)
Smith, Robert Gilmour - NC (WWII)
Starkes, Carlton B. - NC (WWII)
Stone, Barnard - DSC (WWI)
Thompson, Orlen Nelson - DSC (WWI)
Ursprung, Rudulph S. - DSC (WWI)


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