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Recipients of the Medal of Honor, Marine Corps Brevet Medal, 
Distinguished Service Cross, Navy Cross, and Air Force Cross

Revised and Updated: August 11, 2006

  Name and Award Details
Anacostia Green, Donald R. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
  Green, Donald R. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Georgetown Baker, Charles - MOH (Civil War)
Takoma Park Creech, Jesse Orin - DSC (WWI)

Washington, D.C.

Alexander, Ralph Clonts - NC (WWII)
Allison, Carl Oscar - DSC (WWI)
Aurand, Evan P. - NC (WWII)
Badger, Oscar Charles - MOH (Vera Cruz), NC (WWI)
Barnes, Will Croft - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Baron, Richard S. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Bausell, Lewis Kenneth (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
Behnke, Heinrich - MOH (Peace Time Heroism)
Bell, Dennis - MOH (Spanish-American War)
Berkeley, Randolph Carter - MOH (Vera Cruz), NC (Nicaragua)
Besson, Robert - DSC (WWII)
Bortz, Kilmer Schmuck - 2 NCs (WWII)
Bradbury, Sanford - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Brice, Arthur Tilghman, Jr. - DSC (WWI)
Burrows, Albert C. - NC (WWII)
Burrus, John Clinton - NC (WWII)
Butler, William Clayton, Jr. - NC (WWII)
Butterfield, Daniel Adams - MOH (Civil War)
Byrne, Bernard Abert - MOH (Philippine Insurrection)
Capehart, Charles E. - MOH (Civil War)
Carpentier, George R. - DSC (WWI)
Carson, John Spencer (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
Casey, Hugh John - DSC (WWII)
Chambers, Justice Marion - MOH (WWII)
Chandler, Theodore Edson (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Cheever, Benjamin Harrison - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Church, James Robb - MOH (Spanish-American War)
Clementson, Merrill K. - NC (WWII)
Cogswell, Theodore L. - DSC (WWI)
Colburn, Alvin - DSC (WWI)
Connolly, Bartholomew J., III - NC (WWII)
Cooner, Bunyan Randolph (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Copeland, Samuel - DSC (Philippines)
Corbett, John R. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Cotrell, Lewis - NC (WWII)
Courts, George McCall - MOH (Mexican Campaign)
Cox, William Ruffin - NC (WWII)
Danis, Anthony Leo - NC (U.S.S. Kearny Incident, 1941)
Davis, James W. - NC (WWII)
Dessez, Paul T. - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Dickinson, Dwight, Jr. - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Dickson, Harlan Rockey (KIA) - 2 NCs (WWII)
Donaldson, John Owen - DSC (WWI)
Dorsey, James W., Jr. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Downing, Gerald D. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
DuBose, Laurance Toombs - 3 NCs (WWII)
Dulin, Thaddeus Ronsaville (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Dunlap, Robert H. - NC (WWI), NC (France, 1931)
Durkee, Richard W. - DSC (Korea)
Eaton, Charles H. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Farnsworth, Thomas H. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Floege, Ernst F. - DSC (WWII)
Flynt, Lloyd Clayton - NC (WWII)
Frederick, Paul H. - DSC (WWII)
Geary, William J. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Gill, William Tignor, Jr. - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Givot, Martin Lionel (KIA) - NC (Korea)
Gordon, Erskine - DSC (WWI)
Gross, George (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Gulick, Louis M. - NC (Nicaragua)
Hamilton, George Wallace (KIA) - 2 DSCs (WWI), NC (WWI)
Handy, Edward H. - DSC (WWI)
Harrington, David - MOH (Peace Time Heroism)
Harris, William Frederick (KIA) - NC (Korea)
Hastings, Burden Robert (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Hayden, John - MOH (Peace Time Heroism)
Healy, James Andrew - DSC (WWI)
Holcomb, Thomas - NC (WWI)
Hooker, George (KIA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Howard, Samuel L. - NC (WWII)
Hull, Harry - NC (WWII)
Humphrey, Charles F., Jr. - DSC (Philippines)
Jennings, Carter Brooks - NC (WWII)
Jensen, Alvin J. - NC (WWII)
Johnson, Howard R. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Johnson, James Edmund (KIA) - MOH (Korean War)
Jones, Thomas Edward - DSC (WWI)
Kauffman, Draper Laurence - 2 NCs (WWII)
Keefer, Philip Bogan - MOH (Spanish-American War)
Kenner, Albert W. - DSC (WWI)
Kilcourse, Thomas J. - NC (Nicaragua)
Kimmell, Harry L. (KIA) - 2 DSCs (WWI)
Knight, John T., Jr. - DSC (WWI)
Knox, Dudley Wright - NC (WWI)
Kollock, Lorenzo (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
Kuzminsky, Abe M. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Lake, Horace A. - DSC (WWI)
Land, George R. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Lanigan, John R. - NC (WWII)
Laning, Caleb B. - NC (WWII)
Larner, Gorman DeFreest - 2 DSCs (WWI)
Lee, James Richard - NC (WWII)
Lee, John Marshall - NC (WWII)
Lenihan, James - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Lewis, Bernard - DSC (WWI)
Linkous, Charlie E. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Lipscomb, Harry - MOH (Peace Time Heroism)
Lowe, Frank L. - NC (WWII)
Manning, William Sinkler (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Masters, James M. - NC (WWII)
Maurer, John H. - NC (WWII)
McAuliffe, Anthony Clement - DSC (WWII)
McBride, Bernard - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
McCallister, Garrett H. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
McCracken, Alan Reed - NC (WWII)
McDonald, James Harper - MOH (Peace Time Heroism)
McGovern, Robert Milton (KIA) - MOH (Korean War)
McGregor, Donald - NC (WWII)
McKay, Elmore K. - DSC (WWI)
McKelvy, William N., Jr. - NC (WWII)
McLarney, Edward P. - NC (WWII)
Meade, James J. - NC (Nicaragua)
Meloy, Guy S. - DSC (Korea)
Mendelson, Joseph A. - DSC (WWI)
Merrill, Aaron Stanton - NC (WWII)
Michael, Stanley John - 2 NCs (WWII)
Micklick, William J. - NC (WWII)
Miller, Andrew - MOH (Civil War)
Miller, Charles W. - DSC (WWII)
Minnigerode, Fitzhugh L. - DSC (WWI)
Momsen, Charles B. - NC (WWII)
Morris, Chalmer R. - DSC (WWI)
Morrow, Howard H. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Murphy, John Alphonsus - MOH (China Relief)
Murphy, Joseph Nathaniel - NC (WWII)
Murray, George Dominic - NC (WWII)
Myers, John Twiggs - Brevet Medal (China)
Nalle, James B. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Nicholson, William John - DSC (WWI)
Nolan, William L. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Nunn, Ira H. - NC (WWII)
Nutting, Lester Herbert (KIA) - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Obermeyer, Herman - DSC (WWI)
Parris, Worden W. - DSC (WWI)
Payne, Ira M. - DSC (WWI)
Petree, Harris E. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Plowman, George H. - MOH (Civil War)
Pollock, Daniel C. - NC (WWII)
Porter, David Dixon - MOH (Philippine), Brevet Medal (Philippines)
Porter, Samuel - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Potter, Charles S. - NC (WWII)
Powers, John J., Jr. - DSC (Korea)
Ragland, Maurice A. - NC (WWII)
Rankin, Robert J. - DSC (WWII)
Reich, Eli Thomas - 3 NCs (WWII)
Reynolds, John N. - 2 DSCs (WWII)
Riley, Paul James (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Ringness, Henry Raymond (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Robinson, Arthur Granville - NC (WWII)
Rodgers, Alexander, Jr. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Roos, Otto N. - NC (Nicaragua)
Rossire, Charles C., Jr. - DSC (WWI)
Rothenberg, Allan - NC (WWII)
Rupertus, William H. - NC (WWII)
Rush, John - MOH (Civil War)
Sabini, John A. - NC (WWII)
Sackett, Earl L. - NC (WWII)
Sartain, George W. - DSC (WWI)
Saum, Irving Randolph, Jr. - NC (WWII)
Saunders, Eugene F. - DSC (WWI)
Semmes, Harry Hodges - 2 DSCs (WWI), DSC (WWII)
Shaw, George Clymer - MOH (Philippine Insurrection)
Shepherd, Grant - DSC (WWI)
Shepherd, William - MOH (Civil War)
Snow, William Arthur - DSC (WWI)
Stewart, Peter - MOH (China Relief)
Strong, Stockton Birney - 3 NCs (WWII)
Sturtevant, Albert D. (KIA) - NC (WWI)
Sutton, Clarence Edwin - MOH (China Relief)
Taylor, Bernard (KIA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Thies, William N. - NC (WWII)
Wainwright, Richard - MOH (Mexican Campaign)
Ward, Frank G. - DSC (WWI)
Warrington, Lewis - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Weymouth, Ralph - NC (WWII)
Wheeler, George Huber - MOH (Peace Time Heroism)
White, Arthur J. - NC (WWII)
Winslow, Cameron McRae - NC (Yangtzee Service, 1931)
Winston, Sanford H. - DSC (WWII)
Wood, Paul D. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Woodruff, Carle Augustus - MOH (Civil War)
Young, Charles G. - DSC (WWI)

The following heroes were BORN in Washington, D.C., 
but their awards were credited to other cities.

Abel, Brent Maxwell - NC (WWII)
Amussen, John Russell (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
Anderson, Richard Allen (KIA)  - MOH (Vietnam War)
Beatty, Frank Edmund - NC (WWII)
Billard, Frederick C. - NC (WWI)
Bradley, Robert Graham (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
Breckinridge, Lucien S. - DSC (WWI)
Bridget, Francis Joseph (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
Bucha, Paul William - MOH (Vietnam War)
Buell, Ralph Polk - DSC (WWI)
Carter, Robert G. - DSC (WWI)
Curry, George F. - DSC (WWI)
Cutts, James Madison - MOH (Civil War)
DeCarre, Alphonse - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Eller, Donald Temple - NC (WWII)
Elliott, Charles B. - DSC (WWI)
Fechet, D'Alary - DSC (WWI)
Fenwick, Edward G. - DSC (WWI)
Fluckey, Eugene Bennett - MOH (WWII), 4 NCs (WWII)
Force, Manning Ferguson - MOH (Civil War)
Hall, William Carvel - NC (WWII)
Harrison, William Kelly, Jr. - DSC (WWII)
Helmuth, Lawrence Edward - NC (WWII)
Higson, Willie - DSC (WWI)
Hoppe, Harry E. - DSC (WWI)
Hosp, James - DSC (WWI)
Ingersoll, Royal E. - NC (WWI)
Kelly, John Edward - DSC (WWII)
Lee, Edward Brooke - DSC (WWI)
Liteky, Charles James - MOH (Vietnam War)
Logan, John R., Jr. (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
Lord, Ernest G. - DSC (WWI)
Lucas, Andre Cavaro (KIA)  - MOH (Vietnam War)
Manning, James F., Jr. - DSC (WWI)
McAlwee, Benjamin Franklin - MOH (Civil War)
McCandless, Bruce - MOH (WWII)
McIlhenny, Walter S. - NC (WWII)
McMahon, Thomas Joseph (KIA)  - MOH (Vietnam War)
McNulty, Herman L. - DSC (WWI)
Multer, Walton L. - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Preston, Arthur Murray - MOH (WWII)
Richards, Walter A - DSC (WWI)
Rollow, Jesse D., Jr. - NC (WWII)
Schwab, Albert Ernest (KIA)  - MOH (WWII)
Scott, Robert Sheldon - MOH (WWII)
Settle, Thomas G. W. - NC (WWII)
Stephan, Edward Clark - NC (WWII)
Stewart, Warren C. - DSC (WWI)
Tate, Benjamin Colonna - NC (WWII)
Taylor, William - MOH (Civil War)
Tennent, John Gardner, III (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
Theiss, Paul Seymour - NC (WWII)
Thompson, George Richard - DSC (WWI)
Tindall, Philip - DSC (WWI)
Tompkins, Frank - DSC (Mexican Border)
Torrey, Philip H., Jr. (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
Veeder, William Scheutze - NC (WWII)
Vierbuchen, William J. - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Walter, John - DSC (WWI)
White, Joseph - MOH (Civil War)
Young, Cassin (KIA)  - MOH (WWII), NC (WWII)


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