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Full Text Citations For Award of

The Distinguished Service Cross
World War I
 To U.S. Civilian Personnel 


Secretary (Acting Chaplain), U.S. Civilian
18th Infantry (Attached), 1st Division, A.E.F.
Date of Action: May 1918
The Distinguished Service Cross is presented to Murray Bartlett, Secretary (Acting Chaplain), U.S. Civilian, for extraordinary heroism in action while serving as acting assistant chaplain in Villers-Tournelle, France, May 1918 and in the Chazelle Ravine, south of Soissons, France, July 22, 1918. Voluntarily assuming the duties of chaplain, 18th Infantry, Mr. Murray displayed conspicuous bravery in caring for the wounded and burying the dead of his regiment under intense enemy fire, working constantly with the advanced elements of the command until July 22, 1918, when he was seriously wounded while in close proximity to the front line. His cheerful, heroic energy and indifference to personal danger exerted a profound effect upon the morale of the men of his regiment and inspired them to many deeds of gallantry and supreme devotion to duty.
General Orders No. No. 15, W.D., 1923
Home Town: Geneva, NY

Captain, U.S. Civilian
Field Director, American Red Cross
Date of Action: October 23, 1918
The Distinguished Service Cross is presented to Harold A. Content, Captain, U.S. Civilian, for extraordinary heroism in action near Bois de Consenvoye, France, October 23, 1918. Although lame from causes existing prior to the World War and suffering from gas poison and painfully wounded by shellfire, Captain Content continued to assist in the removal of wounded soldiers and while so engaged encountered a severely wounded runner, who was unable to continue on his mission of carrying an important message from the commanding general, 58th Infantry Brigade, to the commanding officer, 116th Infantry. Captain Content took the message, and though suffering greatly himself, passed through heavy machine-gun and shell fire and gassed woods for a distance of 500 yards and delivered the message. Volunteering to carry the answer to the message, he again passed through the gassed woods under a heavy machine-gun and shell fire and delivered in person the message to the 58th Brigade command post. He then returned to the task of succoring the wounded where he remained on duty until ordered to the rear.
General Orders No. No. 15, W.D., 1923
Home Town: New York, NY

Secretary, U.S. Civilian
Y.M.C.A., 3d Battalion, 5th Regiment (Marines)(Attached) 2d Division, A.E.F.
Date of Action: October 4, 1918
The Distinguished Service Cross is presented to William R. Farmer, Secretary, U.S. Civilian, for extraordinary heroism in action near Blanc Mont Ridge, France, October 4, 1918. Secretary Farmer voluntarily established an advanced dressing station under enemy machine-gun and artillery fire. He continued to render first aid until forced back by a threatened counterattack, at which time her personally assisted two seriously wounded men to the first-aid station, then returning to the line and remaining with the unit until it was relieved.
General Orders 87, W.D., 1919
Home Town: Pittsburgh, PA

Nurse, U.S. Civilian
Hospital No. 107, American Red Cross
Date of Action: July 15, 1918
The Distinguished Service Cross is presented to Jane Jeffrey, Nurse, U.S. Civilian, for extraordinary heroism while she was on duty at American Red Cross Hospital No. 107, at Jouy-sur-Morin (Seine-et-Marne), France, July 15, 1918. Miss Jeffrey was severely wounded by an exploding bomb during an air raid. She showed utter disregard for her own safety by refusing to leave her post, though suffering great pain from her wounds. Her courageous attitude and devotion to the task of helping others was inspiring to all of her associates.
General Orders 71, W.D., 1919
Home Town: Dorchester, MA

Doctor, U.S. Civilian
Date of Action: October 27, 1918
The Distinguished Service Cross is presented to Dr. Mercer G. Johnston, Doctor, U.S. Civilian, for extraordinary heroism in action near Verdun, France, October 27, 1918. After volunteering and going to the front line through heavy bombardment for the purpose of burying the dead, Dr. Johnston found the litter service of the 101st Infantry, badly disorganized on account of heavy casualties and intense shelling. He immediately took charge of the litter bearers, reorganized the service, took care of the slightly wounded himself, saw to the procuring and loading of ambulances, and, although badly gassed and suffering severely, refused to leave his post until all had been taken care of.
General Orders No. 23, W.D., 1919
Home Town: Baltimore, MD

Secretary, U.S. Civilian
Y. M. C. A, 6th Machine Gun Battalion (Attached) 2d Division, A.E.F.
Date of Action: September 13 - 15, 1918
The Distinguished Service Cross is presented to Thomas Whiteside Wilbur, Secretary, U.S. Civilian, for extraordinary heroism in action near Jaulny, France, September 13 - 15, 1918. Declining to remain in the rear, Mr. Wilbur attached himself to the Medical Department rendering first aid and bringing in wounded, serving at all times in a most valuable manner. He disregarded an order to return to the rear when it seemed that the enemy would launch a counterattack, but remained with the wounded until all were safely evacuated.
General Orders No. 46, W.D., 1919
Home Town: Larchmont, NY

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