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Full Text Citations For Award of
The Navy Cross to Members of the US Navy
 World War 1 
1,298 Total Awards

We have divided the 1,298 World War I awards of the Navy Cross to members of the U.S. Navy into nine categories, loosely based upon the nature of the action or duty.  These nine categories contain an alphabetized (by last name) citation for each recipient.  To help you find a specific recipient, please consult the Roster of Recipients below the navigation links below.  The category for each recipient is specified in bold text inside the parenthesis after the name.

Administrative Awards

Accidents & Rescues

Naval Aviation Awards

Chaplains, Corpsmen, Medical

Convoy Duty Heroism

Mine Clearing Heroism

Miscellaneous Awards

Sinkings & Rescues

Engagements with Submarines

Roster of Recipients


  Abbott, Henry L. - (CDY)
  Abele, Clarence A. - (CDY)
  Ackerman, Leon H. - (MCL)
  Ackerson, James L. - (ADM)
  Adams, Ashley D. - (SUB)
  Agraz, John - (SUB)
  Ahlfors, William - (SUB)
  Alderman, Harry B. - (AR)
  Aldrich, Robert Wesley - (SR)
  Alexander, James T. - (CDY)
  Alford, Thalbert N. - (CDY)
*Alicke, Rudolph - (SR)
  Allen, Burrell G. - (CDY)
  Allen, Ezra G. - (CDY)
  Allen, Millard E. - (CDY)
  Allen, William R. - (CDY)
  Almour, George W. - (AVN)
  Almy, Edmund D. - (ADM)
  Althouse, Adelbert - (ADM)
  Amsden, William F. - (MIS)
  Anderson, Lorain - (CDY)
  Anderson, Milton H. - (ADM)
  Anderson, Niles - (AR)
  Arey, Garrison R. - (MIS)
  Armstrong, Eldred B. - (CDY)
  Arnold, Clarence L. - (CDY)
  Arnold, Elmer D. - (SUB)
  Asserson, William C. - (CDY)
  Atwood, George D. - (CDY)
  Auld, George P. - (ADM)
*Ausburne, Charles L. - (SR)
  Aveilhe, Darwin J. - (SUB)
  Avery, Charles E. - (SR)
  Aymar, Robert W. - (SR)


  Babcock, C. J. - (ADM)
  Badger, Oscar Charles - (CDY)
  Bagley, James A. - (SUB)
  Bailey, Fred C. - (SR)
  Bakenhus, Reuben C. - (ADM)
  Baker, Asher C. - (ADM)
  Baldridge, Harry A. - (CDY)
  Ball, Ernest B. - (CCM)
  Ball, William W. - (CDY)
  Barber, Wayne - (CCM)
  Barker, George N. - (CDY)
  Barker, Leonard M. - (CCM)
  Barleon, J. S. - (CDY)
  Barnes, Guy C. - (CDY)
  Barnhart, Edward - (SUB)
  Barr, Eric Lloyd, Sr. - (CDY)
  Barrett, Alfred A. - (CCM)
  Bartholow, Benjamin G. - (CDY)
  Bartlett, Harold T. - (AVN)
  Bartlett, Owen - (CDY)
  Bassett, Charles C. - (AVN)
  Bassett, Prentice P. - (CDY)
  Battle, Charlton E. - (AR)
  Baxter, Thomas - (CDY)
Beach, Charles F. - (AVN)
  Beach, Edward Latimer, Sr. - (ADM)
  Beary, Donald B. - (CDY)
  Beckman, Fred W. - (CDY)
  Beerman, Thomas James - (SUB)
  Beglin, William J. - (SR)
  Belknap, Charles, Jr. - (ADM)
  Bell, Darl B. - (AR)
  Benjamin, Charles G. - (CDY)
  Benjamin, Henry R. - (AVN)
  Bennett, Andrew C. - (MIS)
  Bennett, Ernest L. - (ADM)
  Bennett, Kenneth M. - (CDY)
  Bennett, Morton L. - (CCM)
  Benson, Howard H. - (CDY)
  Benson, William E. - (MCL)
  Berg, Holger E. - (SUB)
  Bernstein, Dudley - (AVN)
Berrien, Thomas G. -
  Berry, Fred T. - (CDY)
  Bertholf, Wallace - (MIS)
  Beswick, Howard A. - (AVN)
  Betzig, Harry E. - (MCL)
  Beuret, John D. - (ADM)
  Beverley, John M. - (CDY)
  Bickford, Archie M. - (SR)
  Biel, Robert James - (SUB)
  Bierer, Bion B. - (MIS)
  Billings, Asa W. K. - (ADM)
  Billings, Harold G. - (CDY)
  Bingham, Donald C. - (ADM)
  Blackburn, Charles T. - (CDY)
  Blackwood, James D. - (CCM)
  Blackwood, Norman J. - (CCM)
  Blair, William M. - (AVN)
  Blakely, John R. Y. - (CDY)
  Blamer, DeWitt - (ADM)
  Blau, Thomas - (SR)
  Block, Claude C. - (CDY)
  Blumenthal, Hugo W. - (CDY)
  Boetcher, Arthur H. - (ADM)
  Bogert, Edward S. - (CCM)
  Bohan, John F. - (SUB)
  Boness, Paul W. - (CDY)
  Bonnell, Henry P. - (CDY)
  Boot, Frank John - (SR)
  Booth, Richard H. - (CDY)
  Borden, John - (CDY)
  Borgeson, Oscar - (CDY)
  Borgman, Henry - (AR)
  Bostwick, Charlie S. - (AR)
  Bostwick, Lucius Allyn - (CDY)
  Bouchard, John M. - (SR)
  Bousch, Clifford J. - (ADM)
  Bowen, John - (AR)
  Bowman, Alvin Lester - (CCM)
  Boyd, David F. - (ADM)
  Bracken, William J. - (CCM)
  Brady, John J. - (CCM)
  Brandt, William J.
Bratton, M. Gans -
  Breck, Edward - (ADM)
  Brennan, Richard C. - (CDY)
  Bresnaham, Michael J. - (MCL)
  Brewer, William C., Jr. - (CDY)
  Briggs, Theodore C. - (AR)
  Brinser, Harry L. - (CDY)
  Briscoe, Benjamin - (ADM)
  Bristol, Arthur L. - (ADM)
  Brittain, Carlo B. - (ADM)
  Broderick, George F. - (MCL)
  Brogden, Ronald - (CCM)
  Bronson, Amon, Jr. - (CDY)
  Brotherton, William D. - (MIS)
  Brown, Henry C. - (SR)
*Brown, Raymond R. - (CCM)
  Brown, Wilson, Jr. - (CDY)
  Brownell, John A. - (CDY)
  Bruckman, Otto F. - (AR)
  Brumbeloe, Algernon G. - (CCM)
  Brunssen, Louis F. - (SR)
  Bryan, George S. - (ADM)
  Bryan, Henry F. - (CDY)
  Bryant, Samuel Wood - (CDY)
  Buchanan, Allen - (CDY)
  Bulmer, Bayard T. - (ADM)
  Bunkley, Joel W. - (MIS)
  Burch, William E. - (SR)
  Burd, George E. - (ADM)
  Burg, Robert A. - (MIS)
*Burke, Raymond P. - (SR)
  Burnett, Charles - (SR)
  Burnham, Addision C., Jr. - (AVN)
  Burns, Francis D. - (CDY)
  Burns, Frank T. - (SR)
  Burrage, Guy H. - (MIS)
  Bye, Levi B. - (MIS)
  Byrne, John Francis - (CDY)
  Byrnes, James C., Jr. - (SR)


  Callan, John L. - (AVN)
  Campanaro, Fred F. - (AR)
  Campbell, Edward H. - (CDY)
  Campbell, Hugh G. - (AVN)
  Candy, Henry A. T. - (CDY)
  Cargill, George B. - (SR)
  Carhart, Joseph C. - (ADM)
  Carpenter, Ducley Newcomb - (CCM)
  Carpenter, Hobart C. - (AVN)
  Carraher, Mortimer B. - (MCL)
  Carson, Julian F. - (AVN)
  Carter, Andrew F. - (ADM)
  Carter, James F. - (MIS)
  Carter, James P. - (SR)
  Cary, Robert Webster - (AR)
  Caskey, Gardiner L. - (ADM)
  Castleman, Kenneth G. - (MIS)
  Caudell, John Henry - (SR)
  Causey, William I., Jr. - (ADM)
  Chadwick, Francis L. - (CDY)
  Chambers, Henry R. - (SUB)
  Chambers, Hilary R. - (CDY)
  Chambers, Raymond - (SR)
  Chandler, Lloyd H. - (MIS)
  Chandler, William D., Jr. - (CDY)
  Chaplin, Vance D., Jr. - (CDY)
  Chase, Howard A. - (AR)
  Chasen, William - (AR)
  Chastain, E. Artimas - (AR)
  Chenault, E. A. - (AR)
  Childress, Paul - (SR)
*Childs, Earl W. F. - (MIS)
  Chord, Amos - (AVN)
  Clark, Frank H. - (MIS)
  Clark, Joseph A. - (MCL)
  Clark, Rensselaer W. - (ADM)
  Clark, Robert H. - (AVN)
  Clark, Sidney P. - (CDY)
  Clark, William John - (SUB)
  Clarke, Vincent A., Jr. - (CDY)
  Claude, Abraham - (CDY)
  Clement, Emory F. - (CDY)
  Coash, Russell F. - (AVN)
  Cobb, Calvin H. - (CDY)
  Cobb, Charles K., Jr. - (CDY)
  Cobb, Hugh L. - (MCL)
  Cobb, Oliver E. - (ADM)
  Coburn, Fred G. - (ADM)
  Cody, James H. - (AR)
  Coffey, Mathew -  (CDY)
  Cogswell, Francis - (CDY)
  Cole, Cyrus W. - (CDY)
  Coleman, Daniel Joseph - (SR)
*College, H. H. - (MIS)
  Collier, Francis M. - (CDY)
  Coman, Vaughan Kimball - (CDY)
  Compo, George L. - (AVN)
  Comstock, Lewis W. - (CDY)
  Conger, Franklin P. - (CDY)
  Connett, William B. - (CDY)
  Connolly, James T. - (SR)
  Connolly, Richard L. - (SR)
  Conover, Gardiner - (SR)
  Conroy, J. J. - (SR)
  Conroy, Thomas M. - (CDY)
  Constein, Thomas Theodore - (CDY)
  Conway, John P. - (AR)
  Cook, Frederick L. - (SR)
  Cook, Harold E. - (CDY)
  Cook, Norman S. - (MCL)
  Cooke, Henry D. - (SUB)
  Coon, Marvin L. - (SR)
  Cooper, George F. - (ADM)
  Copassaki, Andrew - (SR)
  Cornell, Walter - (SUB)
  Correy, William M. - (AVN)
  Cortright, Arthur B. - (CDY)
  Corwin, Arie A. - (CDY)
  Cottrell, Roy M. - (MCL)
  Courtney, Charles E. - (CDY)
  Cowie, Thomas J. - (ADM)
  Cox, John F. - (CDY)
  Craft, Ralph P. - (CDY)
  Cram, George E. - (SR)
  Crenshaw, Arthur - (MIS)
  Cronan, William P. - (CDY)
  Crone, Christian - (MCL)
  Crosby, Paul T. - (CCM)
  Crose, William M. - (MIS)
  Crosley, Walter S. - (ADM)
  Crouch, Joseph L. - (SUB)
  Crowley, Florence - (SUB)
  Culbert, Frederick P. - (AVN)
  Cullen, Gregory - (MCL)
  Cummings, Damon E. - (MIS)
  Cuneen, Frank J. - (CDY)
  Curl, Holton C. - (CCM)
  Cutting, Lewis Henry - (MCL)


  Dahuff, Enos - (MCL)
  Danenhower, Sloan - (ADM)
  Danielak, Stanley - (MCL)
  Dann, Henry R. - (CDY)
  Darche, Harris A. - (CCM)
  Davidson, Walter Sherman - (CDY)
  Davis, John Leo - (SR)
  Davis, Louis P. - (CDY)
  Davis, Milton S. - (CDY)
  Davison, F. Trubee - (ADM)
  Davison, Harry P. - (AVN)
  Dawes, Robert A. - (CDY)
  Day, George Calvin - (CDY)
  Day, Roy Elmer - (SR)
  Dayton, John H. - (MIS)
  DeBarr, Harry - (MCL)
  DeCernea, Edward - (AVN)
  Decker, Benton C. - (ADM)
  Defrees, Joseph R. - (CDY)
  Delaney, James - (SR)
  Delano, Harvey - (ADM)
  Delano, Merrill P. - (AVN)
  Delavey, Edmond - (MCL)
  Dell, Frank A. - (AR)
  Demarest, John - (SUB)
  Desgranges, Harry E. - (AVN)
  Dessez, Paul T. - (CCM)
  Devalin, Charles M. - (CCM)
  Dibrell, Aquilla G. - (MIS)
  Dick, Evans R., Jr. - (SUB)
  Dickinson, Dwight, Jr. - (CCM)
  Dickson, George L. - (MIS)
  Dierdorff, Ross A. - (AR)
  Dillingham, Albert C. - (ADM)
  Dodd, Edwin H. - (CDY)
  Dole, George S. - (MCL)
  Donahue, Watson D. - (CDY)
  Donaldson, Norman V. - (CDY)
  Donley, Charles Frederick - (SR)
  Donnelly, Bernard Patrick - (SUB)
  Dormandy, Raymond L. - (SUB)
  Dortch, Isaac F. - (CDY)
  Dougherty, Horace DeB. - (MCL)
  Downer, Delavan B. - (CDY)
  Doyle, James M. - (SR)
  Doyle, Robert M., Jr. - (CDY)
  Doyle, Stafford H. R. - (CDY)
  Dressel, Alger H. - (ADM)
  Driver, Orvil - (AR)
  Drustup, Neils - (MCL)
  DuBoise, Eugene F. - (AR)
  DuBose, William G. - (ADM)
  Duffett, Wayne - (AVN)
  Duffy, Paul Thomas - (SR)
  Dufie, Roe C. - (MCL)
  Dunbar, Palmer Hall, Jr. - (ADM)
  Dyson, Charles W. - (ADM)


  Eager, Charles F. - (MCL)
  Earle, George H. - (AR)
  Earle, Norman P. - (SUB)
  Easley, Robert L. - (AR)
  Easterwood, Jesse L. - (AVN)
  Eastman, Ray - (SR)
  Eccleston, Howard R. - (SR)
*Edwards, John D. - (AR)
  Edwards, Walter Atlee - (ADM)
  Eller, Roscoe A. - (SR)
  Ellis, Otis B. - (AR)
  Ellison, Walter A. - (SR)
  Ellyson, Theodore G. - (ADM)
  Elmore, William L. - (AR)
  Emmet, Robert R. Ml - (MIS)
  Emrick, Roy P. - (CDY)
  English, Huntington - (SUB)
  English, Robert H. - (CDY)
  English, Robert H. - (AR)
  Eshom, Clifford W. - (CDY)
  Eslinger, Ross - (AR)
  Essery, Carl V. - (CDY)
  Evans, Cornelius Henry - (CDY)
  Evans, Franck T. - (MIS)
  Evans, John E. - (AR)
  Evans, Waldo - (CDY)
  Everson, John H. - (CDY)


  Fabbri, Allesandro - (ADM)
  Fabris, John - (SUB)
  Fahey, Charles - (AVN)
  Fairfield, Arthur P. - (SUB)
  Fallon, Henry N. - (SUB)
  Fallon, Nugent - (AVN)
  Farley, Louis C. - (CDY)
  Farquhar, Allan S. - (SUB)
  Farwell, Earl T. - (SUB)
  Farwell, Wray G. - (CCM)
  Fechteler, august F. - (ADM)
  Fellers, William M. - (AVN)
  Ferguson, John N. - (ADM)
  Fernandez, George E. - (AR)
  Ferris, Lawrence W. - (AR)
  Fisher, Charles W. - (ADM)
  Fisher, Frank R. - (SR)
  Fiske, Charles N. - (CCM)
  Fitzsimmons, Frank L. - (CCM)
  Flanigan, Howard A. - (CDY)
  Flaut, Jesse A. - (SR)
  Fletcher, Frank Jack - (CDY)
  Flink, Charles - (SR)
  Floe, Sanford M. - (SR)
  Flowers, Frank - (MIS)
  Flowers, Stacy R. - (AR)
  Follis, John Joseph - (SR)
  Ford, Halsey L. - (CDY)
  Ford, Patrick J. - (MCL)
  Forgus, Harry H. - (MIS)
  Foster, Harold F. - (CDY)
  Foster, Murphy J. - (CDY)
  Fox, Harry Victor - (AR)
  Fraenzel, Albert C. - (MCL)
  Francis, Tappan E. - (MCL)
  Frank, Harold M. - (SR)
  Franklin, William B. - (ADM)
  Frazer, Hugh Carroll - (MIS)
  Freed, Albert E. - (MCL)
  Freedman, Louis W. - (SR)
  Freeman, Charles S. - (CDY)
  Freeman, George F. - (CCM)
  Fremgen, William - (MCL)
  Fremont, John C. - (CDY)
  Friedell, DuPree, Jr. - (CDY)
  Friedell, Wilhelm L. - (MIS)
  Froas, Paul E. - (AVN)
  Frost, Holloway H. - (ADM)
  Frothingham, Philip B. - (AVN)
  Fullam, William F. - (ADM)
  Fuller, Henry G. - (CDY)
  Furer, Julius A. - (ADM)
  Fyffe, Joseph - (ADM)


  Gade, John A. - (ADM)
  Galbraith, William W. - (CDY)
  Gardner, Alfred - (AVN)
  Garrison, Columbus R. - (SR)
  Garrison, Harry A. - (CCM)
  Garvey, Edward T. - (AVN)
  Garvey, Frank B. - (SR)
  Gaston, William - (AVN)
  Gates, Carroll W. - (AVN)
  Gates, Edwin G. - (SR)
*Gates, Horatio D. - (CCM)
  Gay, Jesse B. - (CDY)
  Gelm, George E. - (MIS)
  George, Harry - (ADM)
  Gherardi, Walter R. - (CDY)
*Gibson, Harry L. - (SR)
  Giffen, Robert C. - (CDY)
  Giles, William J. - (CDY)
  Gill, James E. - (CCM)
  Gill, William A. - (ADM)
  Gill, William T., Jr. - (CCM)
  Gillis, Irvin V. - (ADM)
  Gilmer, William W. - (MIS)
  Gilmore, Morris D. - (MIS)
  Ginns, Michael J. - (AR)
  Glann, Archie E. - (SUB)
  Gleason, Henry M. - (ADM)
  Glennon, James H. - (ADM)
  Goldsmith, Fred O. - (MCL)
  Goodwin, Francis - (CDY)
  Goodwin, Oscar Sexton - (CCM)
  Gordon, John - (SR)
  Goss, Nelson H. - (CDY)
  Gould, Jay - (ADM)
  Grady, John - (CDY)
  Grady, Ronan C. - (ADM)
  Graham, Andrew T. - (CDY)
*Grantham, James H. - (CCM)
  Grayson, Cary T. - (ADM)
  Greeley, Joseph M. - (SR)
  Greer, William B. - (CCM)
  Greig, Stuart O. - (MIS)
  Greis, Joseph H. - (AR)
  Gresham, William Fuller - (SUB)
  Griffin, Francis H. - (SR)
Griffin, Robert M. (ADM)
  Grimland, Gordon A. - (CCM)
  Griswold, Ralph M. - (CDY)
  Gross, James L. - (CDY)
  Grossman, Walter P. - (CDY)
*Groves, Benjamin H. - (SUB)
  Grow, Eugene J. - (CCM)
  Gudger, Emmett C. - (MIS)
  Gullickson, Olaf J. - (SUB)
  Gumz, Ludwig W. - (CDY)
  Gundlach, Francis K. - (SR)
  Gunther, Ernest L. - (CDY)



  Haas, Walter S. - (MIS)
  Haggart, Robert S. - (CDY)
  Haines, Gordon W. - (MIS)
  Hale, David C. - (AVN)
  Hale, Raymond W. - (SR)
  Hall, Irwin C. - (CDY)
  Hall, Richard W. - (CDY)
  Hall, Walter A., Jr. - (CDY)
  Halliwill, Birney O. - (MCL)
  Halsey, William F.., Jr. - (CDY)
  Halstead, Alexander S. - (ADM)
  Hamblen, Tyler E. - (AR)
  Hamm, Horace L. - (SUB)
  Hammond, Edgar T. - (MCL)
  Hanberry, Reuel V. - (AR)
  Hancock, John M. - (ADM)
  Hancock, Lewis, Jr. - (SUB)
  Hannigan, John G. - (CDY)
  Hansen, Samuel - (SUB)
  Hanson, Edward W. - (MIS)
  Hardaway, Corwin P. - (MIS)
  Harlow, Hamilton - (SUB)
  Harmer, Jesse L. - (MCL)
  Harrill, William K - (ADM)
  Harrington, Fred - (SR)
  Harris, Charles H. - (CDY)
  Harris, Frederick R. - (ADM)
  Harris, Haven F. - (SR)
  Harris, Ira L. - (AR)
  Harris, William O. - (SR)
  Hart, Lauren D. - (MCL)
  Hartenstein, William - (MCL)
  Hartley, Herbert - (CDY)
  Hasbrouck, Raymond D. - (CDY)
  Hatch, William G. B. - (CDY)
  Hatten, Earl R. - (CDY)
  Haviland, Willis B. - (AVN)
  Haw, Curtis H. - (MCL)
  Hazard, Erskine - (CDY)
  Hazzard, Norman K. - (SR)
  Headly, Alfred C. - (MCL)
  Heartt, Phillip T. - (CDY)
  Heath, William A. - (SR)
  Heil, Edward J. - (SUB)
  Hein, Herbert R. - (MIS)
  Heller, John C. - (SR)
  Hellweg, Julius F. - (CDY)
  Helm, James M. - (ADM)
  Henderson, Ernest Lee - (CCM)
  Henderson, Robert - (CDY)
  Hennessey, William J. - (SR)
  Henry, Walter O. - (SUB)
  Herbster, Victor D. - (SUB)
  Herrman, Bernard W. - (CCM)
  Hersey, Mark L., Jr. - (CDY)
  Hewitt, Henry Kent - (CDY)
  Hicks, Donald M. - (MIS)
  Hicks, Thomas H. - (ADM)
  Higbee, Lenah Sutcliff - (CCM)
  Higgins, Michael - (MCL)
  Hilton, James C. - (ADM)
  Hinckley, Robert M. - (CDY)
  Hinds, Alfred W. - (CDY)
  Hines, Harold K. - (ADM)
  Hines, John Fore - (CDY)
  Hinkamp, Clarence N. - (MCL)
  Hodapp, John D. P. - (MIS)
  Hodge, James - (SR)
  Hodges, A. F. - (AR)
  Hodges, Charles E. - (AVN)
  Hodgman, William A. - (CDY)
  Hoffman, George - (SR)
  Hogg, Frank T. - (CDY)
  Holcomb, Richmond C. - (CCM)
  Holland, John - (SUB)
  Holliday, Thomas C. - (AVN)
  Hollyday, James E. - (MCL)
  Homiak, Steif - (SR)
  Hoogewerff, John A. - (ADM)
  Hook, Frederick R. - (CCM)
  Hooper, Stanford C. - (CDY)
  Hoover, Earl E. - (SR)
  Hoover, George H. - (CDY)
  Horne, Frederick J. - (ADM)
  Howard, Douglas L. - (CDY)
  Howard, Joseph H. P., Jr. - (CDY)
  Howard, William L. - (MIS)
  Howe, Alfred G. - (CDY)
  Howe, Arthur W. - (CDY)
  Howie, Eben D. - (CDY)
  Hoyt, Henry W. - (AVN)
  Hubbell, Louis B. - (MCL)
  Hudson, Ben Francis - (SR)
  Huey, Sidney L. - (AVN)
  Huffman, Lester D. - (CCM)
  Hulings, Garnet - (CDY)
  Hull, Roy E. - (CCM)
  Hunsaker, Jerome C. - (ADM)
  Hunt, Frank C. - (AR)
  Hunt, Walter M. - (CDY)
  Hupp, John B. - (MCL)
  Hurell, William A. - (SUB)
  Hussey, Charles L. - (CDY)
  Huston, Myron E. - (SR)
  Hutchins, Charles T., Jr. - (CDY)
  Hutchison, Benjamin F. - (MIS)




  Ihrig, Russell M. - (SR)
  Ingalls, Davis S. - (AVN)
  Ingersoll, Royal E. - (ADM)
  Ingram, Jonas Howard - (ADM)
  Irwin, Noble Edward - (ADM)
  Iverson, Louis - (AR)
  Ives, George A. - (CDY)
  Jackson, John P. - (CDY)
  Jackson, Richard H. - (ADM)
  James, Alvah L. - (AVN)
  James, Charles M. - (MIS)
  Jarvis, Harry W. - (CCM)
  Jayne, Joseph L. - (ADM)
  Jennings, Benjamin B. - (CDY)
  Jennison, Charles S. - (CCM)
  Jensen, Johannes F.  - (SUB)
  Jessen, Frederick A. - (CDY)
  Johansen, Elmer L. - (AVN)
  Johnson, Albert R. - (AVN)
  Johnson, Irvin - (SR)
  Johnson, Isaac C., Jr. - (CDY)
*Johnson, Joseph S. - (CCM)
  Johnson, Lee P. - (CDY)
  Johnson, Niels A. - (CDY)
  Johnston, Marbury - (ADM)
  Johnston, Robert A. - (SR)
  Johnston, Rufus Zenas - (CDY)
  Johnstone, Roger - (SR)
  Jones, Charles E. - (SR)
  Jones, George A. - (CCM)
  Jones, Hayden H. - (SR)
  Jones, Jay Rucker - (AVN)
  Jones, Vincent W. - (CDY)
  Jordan, Leland J., Jr. - (CDY)
  Judd, David E. - (AVN)
  Junkin, George B. - (CDY)
  Jurgensen, Frank - (MCL)


  Kaga, Raymond - (CCM)
  Kalbfus, Edward C. - (CDY)
  Kane, William A. - (SUB)
  Karleson, Frank E. - (CDY)
  Kasper, Laddie J. - (SR)
  Kauffman, James L. - (CDY)
  Kautz, Austin - (CDY)
  Kearney, Thomas A. - (ADM)
  Keiser, Carl E. - (ADM)
  Keisker, Herman E. - (CDY)
  Keleher, Timothy J. - (CDY)
  Kelley, Andrew J. - (CDY)
  Kellogg, Edward Stanley - (CDY)
  Kelly, James A. - (SUB)
  Kelly, John J. - (SR)
  Kelly, Lawrence J. - (SR)
  Kelly, Philip J. - (CDY)
  Kempff, Clarence S. - (CDY)
  Kennedy, Charles W. - (AVN)
  Kennedy, Robert M. - (CCM)
  Kennedy, Thomas - (MCL)
  Kennedy, William R. - (SUB)
  Kent, Silas S. - (CDY)
  Kenyon, George W. - (CDY)
  Keranen, Emil A. - (MIS)
  Kerrick, Charles S. - (CDY)
  Kerrigan, Patrick John - (SUB)
  Kersten,Charles - (SUB)
  Kessler, William C. - (AR)
  Keyes, Frederick G. - (MCL)
  Keyes, Kenneth B. - (AVN)
  Kilmer, Oliver P. - (AVN)
  Kimball, Lucian F. - (MIS)
  King, Albert L. - (CDY)
  King, Ernest J. - (ADM)
  King, Joseph C. - (AR)
  King, Ogden Doremus - (CCM)
King, Wallace A. -
  Kinkle, Clyde A. - (CCM)
  Kipp, Walter Douglas - (CDY)
  Kirkman, Van L., Jr. - (CDY)
  Kittelle, Summer E. W. - (MIS)
  Kittinger, Theodore A. - (CDY)
  Klein, George F. - (CCM)
  Klein, Jacob H., Jr. - (SR)
  Klemann, John V. - (CDY)
  Kline, George W. - (ADM)
  Knott, George - (CDY)
  Knowles, George W. - (AVN)
  Knox, Dudley W. - (ADM)
  Knox, Forney M. - (CDY)
  Koehler, Hugo W. - (ADM)
  Koester, Oscar W. - (ADM)
  Kurtz, Thomas R. - (ADM)


  Labelle, Gregorie F. J. - (MCL)
  Lackey, Henry E. - (ADM)
  Lake, George E. - (CDY)
  Lally, William F. - (CDY)
  Lamberton, Roy F. - (SR)
  Land, Emory S. - (ADM)
  Landenberger, George - (MIS)
  Lane, George H. - (CDY)
  Lang, Edward K. - (CDY)
  Langner, Frederick W. - (SUB)
  Laning, Harris - (ADM)
  Lannon, James Patrick - (CDY)
  Larimer, Edgar B. - (CDY)
  LaRoche, Francis A. - (CDY)
  Lassing, Walter H. - (CDY)
  Latimer, Julian L. - (MIS)
  Law, George B. - (CCM)
  Lawler, Robert J. - (CCM)
  Lawrence, Arthur N. - (AVN)
  Laws, George W. - (MIS)
  Lawton, Sanford - (CDY)
  Layton, Lester K. - (CCM)
  Leahy, Lamar R. - (SUB)
  Leahy, William D. - (CDY)
  Leary, Clarence F. - (AR)
  Leary, Herbert F. - (CDY)
  LeBas, Harry E. - (CCM)
  Lebreton, David McD. - (CDY)
  LeConte, Robert G. - (CCM)
  Lee, Benjamin - (AVN)
  Lee, Lewis H. - (AVN)
  Lee, Oscar H. - (SR)
  Lee, Walter Francis - (SR)
  Lee, William H. - (CDY)
  Leeck, Walter Arthur - (SR)
  Lehan, Ralph A. - (AVN)
  Leonhardt, Eugene F. - (SR)
  Leovy, George Julian, Jr. - (CDY)
  Leutriz, Gustav A. C. - (MCL)
  Lewis, S. J. - (CCM)
  Lewis, Spencer S. - (CDY)
  Libby, Charles J. - (AR)
  Lincoln, Gatewood S. - (CDY)
  Lind, Wallace L. - (SR)
  Lindberg, John C. - (MCL)
  Lindholm, William - (SR)
  Linn, Winfield S. - (CDY)
*Litchfield, John R. - (CCM)
  Little, Charles G. - (AVN)
  Little, Leon M. - (SUB)
  Littlefield, William L. - (CDY)
  Litton, George R. - (AR)
  Locy, Francis E. - (CCM)
  Logan, George C. - (CDY)
  Logan, James J. - (AR)
  Logan, Marion B. - (SR)
  Lohrke, James L. - (CDY)
  Loomis, Daniel David - (SUB)
  Loomis, Ralph Lane - (AVN)
  Lovett, Robert A. - (AVN)
  Luby, John M. - (CDY)
  Ludlow, George H. - (AVN)
  Lufkin, Hall N. - (CCM)
  Lupton, Roland W. - (CDY)
  Lutomski, Stanley F. - (SR)
  Lynch, Francis R. V. - (AVN)
*Lynch, Roscoe - (SR)
  Lyon, Frank - (MIS)
Lyons, Charles John - (SR)
  Lyons, David - (CDY)


  MacArthur, Arthur - (CDY)
  MacCormack, Edward C. - (CDY)
  MacDougall, William D. - (CDY)
  MacFarlane, Fred H. C. - (AR)
  Mack, Cornelius H. - (CCM)
  MacKenzie, John - (AR)
*MacLeisch, Kenneth - (AVN)
  MacNair, James D. - (CCM)
  Madison, Zachariah H. - (CDY)
  Maennale, Frederick William - (CDY)
  Magruder, Cary W. - (CDY)
Maguire, William A. - (CCM)
  Malone, Michael J. - (SR)
  Mangold, Merton Henry - (CCM)
  Manley, George C. - (CCM)
  Manly, Matthias E. - (CDY)
  Mann, Joseph R., Jr. - (MIS)
  Manning, James Eugene - (CCM)
  Marcio, Joseph - (AR)
  Marcus, Arnold - (CDY)
  Marks, John H. - (CCM)
  Marray, Denis - (SR)
  Martin, Carl C. - (SR)
  Martin, Charley Francis - (SR)
  Martin, Hal Eugene - (CCM)
  Martin, Ralph - (CDY)
  Martin, Walter A. - (CDY)
  Marvell, George R. - (MIS)
  Mathias, Frank M. - (SR)
  Mauk, Benjamin J. - (AR)
  Maury, Sifrein P. - (CDY)
  Maxfield, Lewis H. - (AVN)
*Maxwell, David M. - (CCM)
  Maxwell, Thomas A. - (CDY)
  May, Christie M. - (AR)
  Mayer, Frederick J. - (MCL)
  Mayes, Frederick T. - (MCL)
  McArthur, R. E. - (AR)
  McBride, Lewis B. - (ADM)
  McCabe, George C. - (SR)
  McCabe, Harold E. - (SR)
  McCandless, Byron - (CDY)
  McCandlish, Benjamin V. - (CDY)
  McCann, Edward Mitchell - (SR)
  McCann, John Erwin - (AR)
  McCargo, William T. - (MCL)
  McCauley, Edward, Jr. - (CDY)
McCauley, George S. - (SR)
  McCausland, Edward Norton - (SUB)
  McClaren, John Walter - (SR)
  McCloy, John - (MCL)
  McCluen, Elmer J. - (CDY)
  McClure, Harry A. - (CDY)
  McCormack, Alexander A. - (AVN)
  McCown, Henry Y. - (MCL)
  McCrary, Frank R. - (AVN)
  McCready, George H. - (CDY)
  McCullough, Frank E. - (CCM)
  McCullough, Robert - (CDY)
  McDonald, Frederick J. - (AR)
  McDonald, John D. - (ADM)
  McDonnell, Edward O. - (AVN)
  McDowell, Clyde S. - (ADM)
  McElroy, George w. - (ADM)
  McGlasson, Archibald A. - (MCL)
  McHugh, George E. - (MCL)
  McIlwaine, Archibald G., Jr. - (AVN)
  McKean, John R. - (MCL)
  McKee, Howard A. - (MCL)
  McKenney, Leroy M. - (CCM)
  McKinley, Andrew - (SR)
  McKinnon, Thomas N. - (AVN)
  McKittrick, Harold V. - (CDY)
  McLea, W. D. - (AR)
  McLean, Ridley - (MIS)
  McLendon, Preston Alexander - (CCM)
  McNair, Frederick Vallette, Jr. - (CDY)
  McNair, Laurence N. - (CDY)
  McNamara, John F. - (AVN)
  McNamee, Luke R. - (ADM)
  McNeely, Robert W. - (MIS)
  McPherson, Kenneth A. - (MCL)
  McWhorter, Ernest D. - (MIS)
  Medkirk, Forest T. - (CCM)
  Meier, Edward - (AR)
  Mentch, William A. - (SUB)
  Mentz, George F. - (MCL)
  Merill, Robert T. - (ADM)
  Messier, Henry J. - (SR)
  Metcalf, Martin K. - (SR)
  Meyer, Frederick - (MCL)
  Meyer, Robert D. - (CDY)
  Meyers, George J. - (MIS)
  Michael, Herbert H. - (CDY)
  Michael, William H. - (CCM)
  Miller, Alfred L. - (AR)
  Miller, Cyrus R. - (CDY)
  Miller, Hans O. L. - (SR)
  Miller, William S. - (CDY)
  Mills, Schuyler - (MIS)
  Mimms, Sam, Jr. - (SR)
  Mitchell, Willis G. - (CDY)
  Moffatt, Alexander W. - (CDY)
  Moffitt, W. J. - (AR)
  Moll, Joseph J. - (CCM)
  Moody, Roscoe C. - (MIS)
  Moore, Charles J. - (CDY)
  Moore, Clarence C. - (AR)
  Moorhead, John R. - (SR)
  Morgan, David P. - (AVN)
  Moring, Travis Stansel - (CCM)
  Moro, Charles L. - (SUB)
  Morris, Paul E. - (SR)
  Morris, Robert - (CDY)
  Morse, George P. - (CDY)
  Morse, John P. - (CDY)
  Morton, James P. - (MIS)
  Moseley, George C. - (AVN)
  Moses, Radford - (ADM)
  Mueller, Robert - (CCM)
  Muller, Ekard - (CCM)
  Muller, Frank L. - (SR)
  Muller, Frederick - (MCL)
  Mulligan, Arthur I. - (SR)
  Multanen, Emil H. - (AVN)
  Mundy, Joseph H. - (CDY)
  Murdock, James P. - (CDY)
  Murphy, James V. - (CCM)
  Murphy, Joseph A. - (ADM)
  Murphy, William Joseph - (SR)
  Murray, Cecil D. - (AVN)
  Murray, Charles P. - (AVN)
  Music, Wallace F. - (SR)
  Myers, John R. - (SR)





  Nash, Malcom P. - (AR)
  Neal, Albert Alphonse - (AVN)
  Neal, George F. - (CDY)
  Neargardt, Henry A. L. - (SUB)
  Nelson, Daniel W. - (MCL)
  Nelson, Fred H. - (CDY)
  Newhall, Thomas - (ADM)
  Newton, John H. - (CDY)
  Nichols, N. E. - (CDY)
  Nielson, Charles Marienius - (SR)
  Nisbet, James A. - (AVN)
  Nordquist, E. E. - (SUB)
  Noyes, Leigh - (ADM)
  Nulton, Louis - (MIS)
  Nuttall, John Robert - (SR)
  Oats, Eugene T. - (CDY)
  O'Brien, Robert C. - (MCL)
  O'Brien, William F. - (SR)
  O'Connor, Cornelius J. - (AVN)
  O'Douherty, James Patrick - (SR)
  Oehl, Alfred H. - (SR)
*O'Gorman, Matthew E. - (AVN)
  Old, Edward H. H. - (CCM)
  Oliver, James H. - (ADM)
  Olsen, Frederick A. - (MCL)
  Olsen, Norman - (SR)
  Oman, Charles M. - (CCM)
  Oman, Joseph W. - (CDY)
  Opperud, Edward - (SR)
  Osterhaus, Hugo - (ADM)
  Osterhaus, Hugo W. - (SUB)
  Osterhouse, Harry - (SR)
  Otis, James S. - (AVN)
  Ott, Wilden A. - (CDY)
  Overstreet, Luther M. - (CDY)
  Owens, Charles T. - (CDY)
  Owens, Rufus Wallace - (SR)


  Page, Schuyler C., Jr. - (AVN)
  Page, Thomas N. - (CDY)
  Palmer, Clyde N. - (AVN)
  Pardee, Wilford H. - (SUB)
  Park, Albert N. - (CCM)
  Parker, Austin - (AVN)
  Parker, Jacob Stanley - (SR)
  Parker, Ralph C. - (CDY)
*Parrot, George F. - (AR)
  Parsons, Archibald L. - (ADM)
*Patterson, William C. - (SR)
  Payne, Garrison - (CDY)
  Pearson, Ross C. - (ADM)
  Pedeson, Olaf - (SR)
  Pence, Harry L. - (MIS)
  Pennington, John D. - (ADM)
  Peoples, Christian J. - (ADM)
  Perkins, Fred M. - (ADM)
  Peterman, Walter G. - (SR)
  Peterson, Axel - (SUB)
  Pettengill, George T. - (MIS)
  Phelps, William W. - (CDY)
  Phillips, Bennie C. - (MCL)
  Phillips, Charles H. - (CDY)
  Picking, Sherwood - (MIS)
  Piercey, Ernest R. - (CDY)
  Pilkerton, Alvin W. - (CCM)
  Pitt, Clarence B. - (CDY)
  Pollock, Edwin T. - (CDY)
  Poole, Charlie C. - (AR)
  Poole, Leland C. - (AR)
  Pope, Ralph E. - (SUB)
  Porter, William B. - (CDY)
  Poteet, Fred Halstead - (CDY)
*Potter, Steven - (AVN)
*Pou, Edwin S. - (AVN)
  Powers, Frederick D. - (CDY)
  Pownall, Charles A. - (CDY)
  Pratt, Lester L. - (CCM)
  Pratt, Malcom L. - (CCM)
  Preston, Charles F. - (CDY)
  Price, Henry B. - (MIS)
  Pryor, William L. - (ADM)
  Puleston, William D. - (CDY)
  Purdy, Herbert McLean - (AVN)
  Purdy, Warren F. - (CDY)
  Purnell, William R. - (CDY)
  Pye, William S. - (ADM)


  Raby, James J. - (CDY)
  Rafferty, Albert W. - (AR)
  Raguet, Edward C. - (ADM)
  Ranney, Lew D. - (SUB)
  Ransom, Philip C. - (SUB)
  Read, F. Allerton, Jr. - (CDY)
  Read, Oliver M., Jr. - (CDY)
  Read, Russell B. - (ADM)
  Reed, Allen B. - (CDY)
  Reese, Walter W. - (SUB)
  Reeves, Joseph M. - (MIS)
  Reifsnider, Laurence F. - (MIS)
  Reinicke, Frederick G. - (CDY)
  Reinlein, Frank G. - (SR)
  Reister, Junius E. - (CCM)
  Reiter, Joseph E. - (SUB)
  Reno, Walter E. - (MIS)
  Reynaud, Claude F. - (SUB)
  Rice, Emery - (CDY)
  Rice, Estill L. - (CCM)
  Rice, J. L. - (AR)
  Richardson, Thomas P. - (CDY)
  Richardson, William A. - (CDY)
  Richmond, Kenneth Calvin - (MCL)
  Rickey, William Stephen - (SR)
  Riddle, William K. - (CDY)
  Riebe, Herbert B. - (CDY)
  Riefkohl, Frederick L. - (SUB)
  Riis, Sergius M. - (ADM)
  Riley, Edward C. - (AR)
  Riley, Joseph - (SR)
  Ringelman, gustave A. - (SR)
  Roach, John - (AR)
  Robbins, T. H., Jr. - (CDY)
  Robbins, Walter - (SR)
  Roberts, Frank H. - (ADM)
  Roberts, Harold C. - (CCM)
  Roberts, William J. - (CDY)
  Robertson, Ashley H. - (ADM)
  Robinette, Edward B. - (ADM)
  Robinson, Ernest F. - (MIS)
  Robinson, Francis M. - (MIS)
  Robison, John K. - (CDY)
  Robison, Samuel S. - (ADM)
  Rock, George H. - (ADM)
  Rockwell, Francis W. - (CDY)
  Rockwell, Sherburne B. - (SR)
  Rodemich, Lorraine F. - (CCM)
  Rodgers, William L. - (ADM)
  Roe, George T. - (AVN)
  Rogers, John W. - (SR)
  Rogers, Robert E. - (CDY)
  Rohange, Robert - (MCL)
  Roil, John R. - (MCL)
  Rollhaus, Philip Edward - (AVN)
  Roman, Stanley F. - (SR)
  Romspert, John W. - (AR)
  Rood, George A. - (MIS)
  Roper, Walger G. - (CDY)
  Ropke, Harry A. - (AVN)
  Ross, Charles C. - (CDY)
  Ross, George G. - (CCM)
  Rouseau, Harry H. - (ADM)
  Rowcliff, Gilbert J. - (ADM)
  Royall, Hilary H. - (CDY)
  Rubinkam, Nathaniel - (CDY)
  Rundquist, Karl - (MCL)
  Rush, William R. - (ADM)
  Russell, Charles F. - (CDY)
  Russell, John S. - (AR)
  Russell, Thomas Nathan - (CCM)
  Ryan, Claude H. - (SR)
  Ryan, Patrick Thomas - (MCL)
  Ryeberg, Richard E. - (AR)


  Sadler, Frank H. - (CDY)
  Sammons, Benjamin F. - (MCL)
  Samuelson, Albert F. - (SR)
  Sanders, David T. - (SR)
  Sanghove, Clifford J. - (SR)
  Saunders, James A. - (SR)
  Sayles, William R. - (CDY)
  Schaperow, James H. - (SR)
  Schieffelin, John J. - (AVN)
  Schlosberg, Philip - (SUB)
  Schmidt, William H. - (SUB)
  Schofield, Frank H. - (ADM)
  Schoonmaker, Earl - (AVN)
  Schroeder, William H. - (SR)
  Schuyler, Garret L. - (MIS)
  Schwimmer, Charles Edwin - (SR)
  Scott, Harry Alonza - (SR)
  Scott, Randolph Wilson - (CDY)
  Sears, Claire G. - (SR)
  Seibert, Walter - (AR)
  Seiler, Edwin J. - (SUB)
  Seiler, Walter L. - (AVN)
  Seligman, Morton T. - (MCL)
  Seligman, William H. - (SUB)
  Sellers, David F. - (CDY)
  Semple, Robert - (MCL)
  Senn, Thomas J. - (MIS)
  Setliff, Guy Murlen - (AR)
  Sexton, Walton R. - (ADM)
  Seymour, Philip - (SUB)
  Shabouth, Anthony - (SR)
  Shackford, Chauncey - (CDY)
  Shafroth, John F., Jr. - (CDY)
*Sharkey, William J. - (AR)
  Shatto, Lawrence - (SR)
  Shaw, George W. - (AVN)
  Shaw, Harold D. - (MCL)
  Shaw, Howard R. - (SUB)
  Shaw, William T. - (CDY)
  Shea, John F. - (MCL)
  Shea, Patrick Francis - (SR)
  Shea, Richard O. - (CCM)
  Sherer, William H. - (SUB)
  Sherman, Frederick Carl - (CDY)
  Shoemaker, Harry E. - (CDY)
  Shoemaker, William R. - (ADM)
  Shonerd, Henry G. - (AR)
  Shoup, Aubrey K. - (MIS)
  Shuey, Ralph Waldo E. - (SR)
  Simmer, Tony - (CCM)
  Simmons, Joseph Stephen - (CDY)
  Simons, Manley H. - (CDY)
  Simpson, C. Isaac - (SR)
  Simpson, Edward - (ADM)
  Simpson, George W. - (CDY)
  Sistare, Reginal W. - (AVN)
  Slayton, Charles C. - (CDY)
  Slingluff, Frank, Jr. - (CDY)
  Smart, Alexander - (CDY)
  Smith, A. K. - (AVN)
  Smith, Alvin W. - (AVN)
  Smith, Charles D. - (CDY)
  Smith, Charles E. - (CDY)
  Smith, Charles Weldon - (CDY)
  Smith, Edward M. - (SUB)
  Smith, Eugene M. - (AVN)
  Smith, Joseph M. B. - (CDY)
  Smith, Kenneth R. - (AVN)
  Smith, Martin X. - (MCL)
  Smith, Roy Campbell - (ADM)
  Smith, Stuart Farrar - (ADM)
  Smith, Thomas Ray - (CCM)
  Smitha, Carl Thomas - (SR)
  Snow, Herbert E. - (SR)
  Snowden, Thomas - (ADM)
  Snyder, Charles J. - (CDY)
  Snyder, Charles P. - (CDY)
  Sorensen, Peter K. - (SR)
  Sowell, Ingram C. - (CDY)
  Speaker, Albert - (MCL)
  Spear, Evans F. - (SR)
  Spear, Ray - (ADM)
  Spear, William R. - (MCL)
  Speicher, Paul E. - (CDY)
  Sprague, William G. - (AVN)
  Springer, Paul - (CDY)
  Stanbaugh, Mortimer G. - (SR)
  Stanford, Homer R. - (ADM)
  Stanley, Henry A. - (MCL)
  Stanley, John - (AVN)
  Stapler, John T. G. - (MIS)
  Staton, Adolphus C. - (SR)
  Staton, Ennis Calvin - (CCM)
  Staub, John F. - (AVN)
  Stawitzki, John F. - (SR)
  Steckel, Abner M. - (CDY)
  Steele, George W., Jr. - (CDY)
  Steffen, Joseph, Jr. - (SUB)
  Stephens, John H. - (SR)
  Stephenson, Grant T. - (CDY)
  Stewart, Ralph R. - (MIS)
  Stickney, Herman Osman - (MIS)
  Stirling, Archibald G. - (CDY)
  Stirling, Yates, Jr. - (CDY)
  Stitt, Edward R. - (CCM)
  Stocker, Robert - (ADM)
  Stocker, Robert M. - (AVN)
  Stone, Andrew J. - (ADM)
  Stone, Emory A. - (AVN)
  Stone, George L. P., Sr. - (MIS)
  Strader, Ralph N. - (ADM)
  Strahan, Philip J. - (AR)
  Strine, Howard F. - (CCM)
  Strott, George G. - (CCM)
  Stuart, Kimberley - (AVN)
*Sturtevant, Albert D. - (AVN)
  Suberg, Fred Henry - (AR)
  Sullivan, James Eugene - (SUB)
  Sullivan, Thomas P. - (SR)
  Swasey, George T., Jr. - (CDY)
  Sweet, George C. - (ADM)
  Symington, Powers A. - (MIS)



  Taber, Leslie R. - (AVN)
  Taggart, John E. - (AVN)
  Talbot, Albert B. - (AVN)
  Talliaferro, Albert P. - (AVN)
  Tappan, Benjamin - (ADM)
  Tarbell, George E. - (CDY)
  Tarpey, Martin F. - (CDY)
  Taylor, Charles R. - (CDY)
  Taylor, Elmer B. - (AVN)
  Taylor, Gus L. - (CCM)
  Taylor, Leslie Robert - (CCM)
  Taylor, Mosely - (AVN)
  Templeton, Percy V. - (CCM)
*Tenley, Eugene H. - (CCM)
  Terry, Jack S. - (CCM)
  Thebaud, Leo H. - (SUB)
*Thomas, Clarence C. - (SR)
  Thomas, Hurley A. - (AR)
  Thompson, Buford Gary - (CCM)
  Thompson, Edgar - (ADM)
  Thompson, Henry L. - (CDY)
  Thompson, Richard Codwell - (MCL)
  Thompson, Robert R. - (CDY)
  Thompson, Terry B. - (MIS)
  Thompson, Thadeus A. - (CDY)
  Thompson, Walter G. - (CDY)
  Tice, Roswell L. C. - (AVN)
  Timmons, John W. - (MIS)
  Tinkham, Edward D. - (AVN)
  Tisdale, Mahlon Street - (ADM)
  Tod, Robert E. - (ADM)
  Todd, David W. - (ADM)
  Todd, Walter Homer - (SR)
  Tomb, William V. - (CDY)
  Tompkins, John T. - (MIS)
  Towers, John H. - (ADM)
  Tozer, Charles M. - (MIS)
  Train, Charles R. - (ADM)
  Trainor, Harold W. - (SR)
  Trask, Stephen S. - (AR)
  Traut, Frederick A. - (MIS)
  Trautner, Joseph B. - (SR)
  Trayer, James S. - (MIS)
  Trench, Martin E. - (ADM)
  Trever, George Al - (MIS)
  Trovel, Emil W. - (AR)
  Trudeau, Frank J. - (AR)
  Turnbull, Archibald D. - (CDY)
  Twining, Robert B. - (SUB)
  Tydeman, Stephen J. - (CDY)




  Udolfsky, David - (SR)
  Underwood, Austin M. - (AVN)
  Underwood, Harold Pierce - (MCL)
  Underwood, Herbert W. - (CDY)
  Upham, Frank B. - (CDY)
  Usher, Nathaniel R. - (ADM)
  Van de Carr, James C. - (MIS)
  Van der Veer, N. R. - (CDY)
  Van Hook, Clifford E. - (CDY)
  Van Horn, Evans C. - (SR)
  Van Vliet, William C. - (AVN)
  Vanderwall, Archie - (CDY)
  Varini, Giochino - (AVN)
  Vogelgesang, Carl T. - (ADM)


  Wacker, Vincent M. - (SR)
  Waddington, Harold A. - (CDY)
  Wadman, Harold A. - (CDY)
  Waggoner, Clarence V. - (MCL)
  Wainwright, John D. - (CDY)
  Walcott, Fredman J. - (MCL)
  Walker, Daniel - (SR)
  Walker, Lloyd - (SR)
  Walker, Reuben L. - (CDY)
  Wall, Charles - (SUB)
  Wallace, Henry G. S. - (CDY)
  Wallace, James H. - (AR)
  Wallace, Kenneth R. R. - (CDY)
  Walling, Ralph G. - (CDY)
  Walton, Arthur S. - (CDY)
  Walton, Mark W. - (AVN)
  Ware, Bruce R. - (SUB)
  Warren, Gregory A. - (SR)
  Wassberg, Hilding F. - (SR)
  Waterhouse, Harry - (SR)
  Waters, Peter J. - (AR)
  Watson, Adolphus E. - (MIS)
  Watson, Edward H. - (MIS)
  Watt, Richard M. - (ADM)
  Watts, William C. - (CDY)
  Weaver, John E. - (MCL)
  Weber, John - (AR)
  Weber, John - (SR)
*Weed, Walker Ten Eyke - (AVN)
  Weichbrodt, Edward Henry - (SR)
  Wellbrock, John H. - (CDY)
  Welles, Roger - (ADM)
  Wells, Chester - (CDY)
*Welty, Frank G. - (CCM)
  Wentworth, Emerson B. - (SR)
  Wentworth, Harry A. - (MCL)
  Werner, Richard - (SUB)
  West, W. Malcom - (AVN)
  Wetherill, Samuel J. - (CDY)
  Wetmore, Charles A. - (SUB)
  Wettengel, Ivan C. - (MIS)
  Whalen, Levesque L. - (CCM)
  Wheeler, Walter H. - (CDY)
  White, George L. - (CCM)
  White, Harold A. - (CDY)
  White, Richard D. - (AR)
  White, Walter - (AVN)
  Whitehouse, William P. - (AVN)
  Whiting, Kenneth - (AVN)
  Whitlock, Frederick S. - (CDY)
  Whitmarsh, Ross P. - (SR)
  Wilcox, Harold M. - (AVN)
  Wilcox, John W. - (ADM)
  Wilder, Edwin V. - (MCL)
  Wilder, H. Kenneth - (CDY)
  Wiley, Harry K. - (CCM)
  Wilkinson, Michael J. - (MCL)
  Willard, Arthur L. - (ADM)
  Williams, Charles S. - (ADM)
  Williams, George W. - (CDY)
  Williams, Henry John - (SUB)
  Williams, Hilary - (CDY)
  Williams, James - (MCL)
  Williams, Mendarus G. - (SUB)
  Williams, Obed E. - (AVN)
  Williams, Philip - (CDY)
  Williams, Raleigh C. - (CDY)
  Williams, Roger - (CDY)
  Williams, Walter Meade - (AR)
  Williams, Yancey S. - (MIS)
*Williamson, William D. - (AR)
  Willoughby, Edward J. - (SR)
  Willson, James D. - (CDY)
  Wilson, Harold R. - (SR)
  Wilson, Pierre L. - (CDY)
  Wilson, Russell - (ADM)
  Windsor, Charles Clifford - (SR)
  Wixon, R. A. - (AR)
  Wolf, George W. - (CDY)
  Wolfe, Murray - (MCL)
  Wood, Duncan M. - (CDY)
  Wood, Spencer S. - (MIS)
  Wood, Valentine - (MIS)
  Woodward, Clark H. - (MIS)
  Woodward, Douglas C. - (MIS)
  Woodward, Vaughn V. - (ADM)
  Worsham, Thomas York - (AR)
  Wortman, Ward K. - (CDY)
  Wotherspoon, William W. - (ADM)
  Wright, Percy T. - (CDY)
  Wroghton, Edwin R. - (MCL)
  Wurtsbaugh, Daniel W. - (MIS)
  Wyeth, Maxwell - (ADM)
  Wygant, Benyaurd B. - (CDY)
  Wyse, Fred E. - (CCM)




  Yarnall, John B. - (CDY)
  Yarnell, Harry E. - (ADM)
  Yost, Frederick P. - (SUB)
  Zeller, Louis - (CCM)
  Zemke, Eric F. - (CDY)
  Ziegemeier, Henry J. - (MIS)
  Zielinski, Walter F. - (MCL)
  Zogbaum, Rufus F. - (CDY)


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