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U.S. Coast Guard

Recipients Of 

The Navy Cross

(This listing is as complete as we are able to provide from numerous resources, however it is possible that a few recipients may not be listed.  You can verify if someone received the Navy Cross from this list, but absence of a name should NOT be construed to definitively negate a veteran's claim to this award.)

55 Awards

World War I


    Gillespie Plant Explosion


Interim Award (NC-4 Flight)


World War II



Alphabetical List 

  Bennett, Clifford F. 
  Bennett, William S.
Berry, John G.
*Best, William H.
Billard, Frederick C.
Birkett, Frederick F.
Brown, Fletcher W.
Carmine, George C.
Caveston, William F.
Chiswell, Benjamin M.
Christy, George M.
Clark, Paul Leaman
*Elam, Russell
Evans, Raymond J.
  Gill, Warren Calavan
Gorman, Raymond J.
Grimes, John O.
Grimshaw, Daniel E.
Hearon, Jesse G.
  Henderson, Andrew J.
Hirshfield, James A.
Horton, Albert V.
Howell, Charles F.
Hutson, John J.
Jack, Raymond L.
Jacobs, William V. E.
Jester, Maurice D.
*Marville, P. L.
  Mason, Morrill C.
Molloy, Thomas M.
Mueller, Lee. C.
Munter, William H.
*Nevens, James J.
*Newburry, Carl S.
Noble, F. M.
Ohrlein, Anthony
Osborn, James C.
*Ovesen, Martin M.
Pedersen, Jorge A.
*Prime, William H
Reinberg, Leroy
Ridgeley, Randolph
  Roach, Philip F.
Rose, Earl G.
Ryan, Harry J.
Ryan, Michael J.
*Stellenwerf, Merton
Stika, Joseph E.
Stone, Elmer Fowler
*Tingard, Raymond H.
Walsh, Quentin R.
Walsh, William V.
Wheeler, William J.
Wright, Charles L.
*Zuleger, August

Detailed Chronological List

World War I - 36 Awards
Name Rank Text Date Unit
  Munter, William H. Capt. Sep 3, 17 - Nov 16, 18

USS Ossippee

  Berry, John G. Capt. 1918 USS Lydonia &Yamacraw
  Billard, Frederick C. Capt. 1918 USS Aphrodite
  Carmine, George C. Capt. 1918 USS Algonquin
  Chiswell, Benjamin M. Capt. 1918 USS Algonquin
  Henderson, Andrew J. Capt. 1918 USS Manning
  Howell, Charles F. Capt. 1918 USS Arcturus
  Hutson, John J. Lt. 1918 USS Wanderer
  Jack, Raymond L. Capt. 1918 USS Cythera
  Jacobs, William V. E. Capt. 1918 USS Niagara
  Molloy, Thomas M. 1Lt. 1918 USS Rambler
  Mueller, Lee C. Lt. 1918 USS Emmeline
  Reinberg, Leroy Capt. 1918 USS Druid
  Ridgeley, Randolph, Jr. Capt. 1918 USS Yamacraw & Castine
  Roach, Philip F. Capt. 1918 USS Manning
  Rose, Earl G. Lt. 1918 USS Rambler
  Wheeler, William J. Capt. Apr 25 & Jun 28, 1918 USS Seneca
  19 of the WWI awards were made for the heroic rescue effort by the crew of the USS Seneca following a torpedo attack on the steamship Wellington.  The citations for each recipient are nearly identical:

"For extraordinary heroism as a member of crew of the U.S.S. Seneca in an attempt to save the coal-laden steamer Wellington after that vessel had been torpedoed on September 16, 1918. Immediately after the ship was torpedoed she was abandoned by her crew. Volunteers were called from the Seneca.  He was one of the eighteen who volunteered although there was a high sea running and it was known she was in danger also of further submarine attack. The vessel was kept afloat for some hours but finally sunk. Of the eighteen men who volunteered, only eight were rescued."

The 19th award was to the Lieutenant who lead these eighteen volunteers.

  Brown, Fletcher W. 1Lt. Sep 16, 1918 USS Seneca
*Best, William H. W/Tndr. Sep 16, 1918 USS Seneca
  Christy, George M. Oiler/2c Sep 16, 1918 USS Seneca
*Elam, Russell Cook Sep 16, 1918 USS Seneca
  Gorman, Raymond J. SM Sep 16, 1918 USS Seneca
  Grimshaw, Daniel E. Mach/1c Sep 16, 1918 USS Seneca
*Marville, P. L. GM/2c Sep 16, 1918 USS Seneca
  Mason, Morrill C. E/2c Sep 16, 1918 USS Seneca
*Nevens, James J. Boy 1/c Sep 16, 1918 USS Seneca
*Newburry, Carl S. Cox Sep 16, 1918 USS Seneca
  Ohrlein, Anthony SM Sep 16, 1918 USS Seneca
  Osborn, James C. Cox Sep 16, 1918 USS Seneca
*Ovesen, Martin M. W/Tndr. Sep 16, 1918 USS Seneca
  Pedersen, Jorge A. Cox Sep 16, 1918 USS Seneca
*Prime, William Heermance SM Sep 16, 1918 USS Seneca
  Ryan, Michael J. Mach/1c Sep 16, 1918 USS Seneca
*Stellenwerf, Merton Cox Sep 16, 1918 USS Seneca
*Tingard, Raymond H. W/Tndr. Sep 16, 1918 USS Seneca
*Zuleger, August M/A Sep 16, 1918 USS Seneca
  WWI  ERA -  12 Awards

  Twelve awards were made for heroism after an explosion at the T.A. Gillespie Co. munitions yard in Morgan, NJ. Coast Guardsmen from Perth Amboy responded. When fire threatened a trainload of TNT, these men repaired the track and moved the train to safety, thus preventing further disaster. Two Coast Guardsmen were killed in this effort.

  Bennett, Clifford F. SM/O Oct 4 & 5, 1918 US Coast Guard
  Bennett, William S. Keeper Oct 4 & 5, 1918 US Coast Guard
  Birkett, Frederick J., III Lt. Oct 4 & 5, 1918 US Coast Guard
  Caveston, William F. Bugler Oct 4 & 5, 1918 US Coast Guard
  Grimes, John O. SM Oct 4 & 5, 1918 US Coast Guard
  Hearon, Jesse G. Keeper Oct 4 & 5, 1918 US Coast Guard
  Horton, Albert V. QM Oct 4 & 5, 1918 US Coast Guard
  Noble, Frances. M. M/A Oct 4 & 5, 1918 US Coast Guard
  Ryan, Harry J. Cox Oct 4 & 5, 1918 US Coast Guard
  Stika, Joseph E. 1Lt. Oct 4 & 5, 1918 US Coast Guard
  Walsh, William V. SM Oct 4 & 5, 1918 US Coast Guard
  Wright, Charles L. Gunner Oct 4 & 5, 1918 US Coast Guard
  Interim Award - 1 Award
  Stone, Elmer Fowler Lt. May 8 - 27, 1919 NC-4 Atlantic Flight
   World War II - 6 Awards
  Jester, Maurice D. LCDR May 9, 1942 USS Icarus
  Evans, Raymond J. PO Sep 27, 1942 1/7 Marines, 1st M. Div. (Att.)
  Clark, Paul L. F 1/c Nov 8 - 11, 1942 USS Joseph T. Dickman
  Hirshfield, James A. CMDR Feb 22, 1943 USS Campbell
  Gill, Warren C. Lt.(j.g.) Jul 10, 1943  
  Walsh, Quentin R. LCDR Jun 9, 1944 USN Forces (Europe)



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