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"Poor is the Nation that has no heroes, but beggard is that Nation that has and forgets them."

Medal of Honor Recipients
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Buried in Ohio

Go HERE for Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus and Dayton

Burial City Recipient's Name Service Cemetery KIA Home Town   Marker
Akron Woodford, Howard E. Army Greenlawn Memorial Park Yes Barberton, OH Photo MH
Akron Bradley (Bonner), Alexander Navy Holy Cross   Massachusetts Photo MH
Akron Schaffner, Dwite H. Army Rose Hill   Falls Creek, PA Photo MH
Alliance Greenawalt, Abraham Army City   Salem, OH Photo MH
Amesville North, Jasper N. Army Wrightstown   Amesville, OH Photo MH
Bellaire Bishop, Daniel Army Greenwood   Wheeling, WV Photo MH
Bellefontaine Pratt, James N. Army Bellefontaine   Bellefontaine, OH Photo MH
Bethel Aston, Edgar R. Army Tate Township   Cincinnati, OH Photo MH-P
Blackfork Long, Donald Russell Army Union Baptist Church Yes Ashland, KY Photo MH
Blaine Deleau, Emile Army Linwood Yes Blaine, OH Photo MH
Bloomingburg Casey, Henry Army Bloomingburg   Bloomingburg, OH Photo MH
Bowling Green Wilson, John Alfred Army Union Hill   Perrysburg, OH Photo MH
Brock Dickey, Douglas E. USMC Brock Yes Cincinnati, OH Photo MH
Bucyrus Martin, Harry Linn USMC Oakwood Yes Ohio Photo MH
Byesville Christian, Herbert F. Army Greenwood Yes Steubenville, OH Photo MH-P
Caldwell Harris, Sampson Army Olive   Olive , OH Photo MH
Caldwell Thompson, Freeman Army Olive   Marietta, OH Photo MH
Centerburg Allen, Abner Peeler Army Centerburg   Bloomington, IL Photo MH
Chillicothe Enderlin, Richard Army Grandview   Chillicothe, OH Photo MH
Clyde McCleary, Charles H. Army McPherson   Clyde, OH Photo MH
Clyde Young, Rodger W. Army McPherson Yes Clyde, OH Photo MH-P
Coalton Cumpston, James M.
  AKA: (Compston)
Army Coalton   Portsmouth, OH Photo
Covington Pitsenbarger, William Air Force Miami Memorial Park  Yes Piqua, OH Photo  
Damascus Gaunt, John C. Army Gurney & Friends   Damasville , OH Photo MH
Defiance Hagerty, Asel Army Riverside   New York, NY Photo MH
Delaware Swegheimer, Jacob (John) Army Oak Grove   Paducah, KY Photo MH
Dowling Brown, Wilson W. Army New Bellville Ridge   Findlay, OH Photo MH
East Liverpool Surles, William H. Army Riverview   Steubenville, OH Photo MH
East Palestine Davis, Joseph Army Boatman   East Palestine, OH Photo MH
Elyria Butts, George Navy Ridgelawn   Cleveland, OH Photo MH
Frazeysburg Mayfield, Melvin Army Frazeysburg   Nashport, OH Photo MH
Fremont Hayes, Webb Cook Army Spiegal Grove Estate Park   Fremont, OH Photo MH-P
Gallipolis McElhinny, Samuel O. Army Pine Street   Point Pleasant, WV Photo MH
Galloway Brookin (Brookins), Oscar Army Sunset   Green County, OH Photo MH
Gettysburg Bell, James Bennett Army Gettysburg   Troy, OH Photo MH
Good Hope Jones, David Army Good Hope   Washington Cthouse, OH Photo MH
Grandville Shellenberger, John Army Welsh Hill   Perryopolis, PA Photo MH
Harrison Baugh, William B. USMC Glen Haven Yes Harrison, OH Photo MH
Hanoverton Wood, Robert B. Navy Grove Hill Yes New Garden, OH Photo MH
Jackson Wollam, John Army Fairmount   Jackson, OH Photo MH-P
Kent Hall, Newton H. Army Standing Rock   Brimfield, OH Photo MH
Kenton Morey, Delano Army Grove   Kenton, OH Photo MH
Kenton Parrott, Jacob Army Grove   Kenton, OH Photo MH
Kings Creek Heller, Henry Army Kings Creek Baptist Church   Urbana, OH Photo MH
Lancaster Davidson, Andrew Army Forest Rose   Cincinnati, OH Photo MH
Lebanon Burns, James Madison Army Lebanon   Wellsbrook, WV Photo MH
Leetonia Dias, Ralph Ellis USMC Oakdale Yes Pittsburgh, PA Photo MH-P
Lima Metzger, William E. Army AC Woodlawn Yes Lima, OH Photo MH
Lithopolis Gregg, Joseph Olds Army Lithopolis   Columbus, OH Photo MH
Logan Younker, John L. Army Oak Grove   Lancaster, OH Photo MH
Longbottom Barringer, William H. Army Mount Olive   Mason City, WV Photo MH
Lorain Berry, Charles Joseph USMC Elmwood Yes Ohio Photo MH
Magnolia Hastings, Joe R. Army Magnolia Yes Magnolia, OH Photo MH
Mansfield Hedges, Joseph S. Army Mansfield City   Mansfield, OH Photo MH
Mansfield Larimer, Smith Army Marlow   Columbus, OH Photo MH
Mansfield Winder, David Francis Army Mansfield Memorial Park Yes Columbus, OH Photo MH
Massillon Pinn, Robert A. Army City   Massillon, OH Photo MH
Massillon Richardson, William R. Army City   Washington, OH Photo MH
McComb Bensinger, William Army Union   McComb, OH Photo MH
McComb Porter, John Reed Army Union   McComb, OH Photo MH
Mechanicsburg Thompson, Thomas W. Army Maple Grove   Urbana, OH Photo MH
Middleport Stewart, Jimmy Army Riverview


Ashland, KY Photo MH
Middleport VanMatre, Joseph Army Hill   Middleport, OH Photo MH
Middletown Kessler, Patrick L. Army Woodside Yes Middletown, OH Photo  
New Paris Guinn, Thomas Army Springlawn   Oxford, OH Photo MH
Newark Beasley, Harry C. Navy Cedar Hill   Ohio Photo MH
Newark Inscho, Leonidas H. Army Cedar Hill   Ohio Photo MH
Norwalk Stacey, Charles Army Woodlawn (Mausoleum)   Norwalk, OH Photo MH
Norwalk Williams, Jay P. Navy Woodlawn   Ohio Photo MH
Oberlin Steele, John Whedon Army Westwood   Oberlin, OH Photo MH
Oxford Dewitt, Richard Willis Army Oxford   Oxford, OH Photo MH
Painesville Treat, Howell B. Army Evergreen   Painesville, OH Photo MH
Pemberville Mason, Elihu H. Army Pemberville   Pemberville, OH Photo MH
Pomeroy Schorn, Charles Army Sacred Heart Catholic   Mason City, WV Photo MH
Port Clinton Shepard, Louis C. Navy Lakeview   Ohio Photo MH
Reading Albert, Christian Army Reading   Cincinnati, OH Photo  
Reynoldsburg Hall, Lewis R. Army Glenrest Memorial Estate Yes Columbus, OH Photo MH
Roseville Ransbottom, Alfred Army Roseville   Nashport, OH Photo MH
Sandusky Carr, William Louis USMC Ohio Veteran's Home   Boston, MA Photo MH
Sandusky Jardine, James Army Ohio Veteran's Home   Hamilton County, OH Photo MH
Shelby Cockley, David L. Army Oakland   Columbus, OH Photo MH
Springfield Walker, James C. Army Ferncliff   Springfield, OH Photo MH
Springfield Ward, James Navy Ferncliff Yes Springfield, OH Photo MH
Stryker Knight, William J. Army Oakwood   Farmers Center, OH Photo MH
Sugar Creek Blickensderger, Milton Army Eastlawn   Shanesville, OH Photo MH
Sylvania Craig, Robert Army Toledo Memorial Park Yes Toledo, OH Photo MH-P
Tiffin Yeager, Jacob F. Army Greenlawn   Tiffin, OH Photo MH
Toledo Kilmartin (Gilmartin), John Army Calvary   Philadelphia, PA Photo MH
Toledo Kountz, John S. Army Calvary   Maumee, OH Photo MH
Toledo Halstead, William W. Navy Forest   New York, NY Photo MH
Toledo Wood, Mark Army Forest   Portage, OH Photo MH-P
Toledo Torgler, Ernest R. Army Woodlawn   Toledo, OH Photo MH
Troy Green, George Army Riverside   Columbus, OH Photo MH
Upper Sandusky Sears, Cyrus Army Oak Hill   Bucyrus, OH Photo MH
Wapakoneta Schnell, Christian Army Greenlawn   Wapakoneta, OH Photo MH
Washington Courthouse Carmin (Carman), Isaac Harrison Army Washington   New Lexington, OH Photo MH
Washington Courthouse McMillen, Francis M. Army Washington   Piqua, OH Photo MH
Waynesburg Cicchetti, Joseph J. Army Sandy Valley Yes Waynesburg, OH Photo MH
Wellsville Newlin, Melvin Earl USMC Spring Hill Yes Cleveland, OH Photo MH
West Liberty Seaman, Elisha B. Army Mount Tabor   Logan County, OH Photo MH
West Milton Lapointe, Joseph Guy Army Riverside Yes Cincinnati, OH Photo MH
Williamsburg Wageman, John H. Army Clover   Amelia, OH Photo MH
Woodstock Colwell, Oliver Army Woodstock   Columbus, OH Photo MH
Youngstown Logan, John A. Army Oak Hill Yes Youngstown, OH Photo MH
Zanesville Belcher, Ted Army Greenwood Yes Huntington, WV Photo MH-P
Zanesville Brown, Robert Burns Army Greenwood   Zanesville, OH Photo MH
MH Indicates Government Issue Type MOH headstone.
MH-P Indicates a PRIVATE headstone with MOH text or image.




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