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"Poor is the Nation that has no heroes, but beggard is that Nation that has and forgets them."

Medal of Honor Recipients
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Recipient's Name Service Home Town KIA Plot Marker
Gallagher, Frank 
  (aka: Francis Ryan)
Navy Massachusetts   17-21008 MH
Garlington, Ernest Albert Army Athens, GA   3-1735-B  
Gaujot, Julien Edmund Army Williamson, WV   6-8423-BH MH
Gause, Isaac Army Canfield, OH   17-19595 MH
Gere, Thomas Parke Army Fort Snelling, MN   1-361 MH
Gerstung, Robert E. Army Chicago, IL   66-6152 MH
Gilmore, John Curtis Army Potsdam, NY   1-270  
Godfrey, Edward Settle Army Ottawa, OH   3-5175-E  
Grace, Peter Army Berkshire, MA   3-2556 MH-P
Grady, John Navy Massachusetts   4-2723-2-RH MH
Graham, James Albert USMC Prince Georges, MD Yes 13-8576-F MH
Grant, Joseph Xavier Army Boston, MA Yes 30-1648-2 MH-P
Greely, Adolphus Washington Army Louisiana   1-129  
Greer, Allen James Army Memphis, TN   1-701-B MH
Hagen, Loren Douglas Army Fargo, ND Yes 28-1204 MH
Hall, William Preble Army Huntsville, MO   1-653 MH-P
Hamberger, William Francis Navy New Jersey   6-9164  
Hammond, Francis Colton Navy Alexandria, VA Yes 33-9011 MH
Hansen, Hans Anton Navy California   17-18576 MH
Hardaway, Benjamin Franklin Army Fort Totten, Dak. Terr.   2-1044-1 MH-P
Harner, Joseph Gabriel Navy Ohio   17-21199-B2 MH
Harrington, David Navy Washington, DC   17-23162-D MH
Harris, James H. Army Great Mills, MD   27-985-H MH
Harrison, William Kelly Navy Texas   2-1080  
Hartigan, Charles Conway Navy Norwich, NY   3-2194-B  
Harvey, Raymond Army Pasadena, CA   6-8360-B-LH MH
Hatch, John Porter Army Oswego, NY   1-133-C  
Hawthorne, Harry Leroy Army Kentucky   3-1952 MH
Hayden, David Ephraim Navy Texas   35-1864 MH
Hays, George Price Army Okarche, OK   11-540-2 MH
Henderson, Joseph Army Leavenworth, KS   20-50042 MH
Henry, Guy Vernor Army Reading, PA   2-990  
Heyl, Charles Pettit Heath Army Camden, NJ   1-135-B-WH MH
Hill, Walter Newell USMC Boston, MA   6-9646-BC  
Hobson, Richmond Pearson Navy New York, NY   6-5014 MH-P
Holland, Milton Murray Army Albany, OH   23-21713  
Hooper, Joe Ronnie Army Los Angeles, CA   46-656-17 MH
Horner, Freeman Victor Army Shamokin, PA   11-338-2 MH
Houghton, Charles H. Army Ogdensburg, NY   3-2411 MH
Howard, James Howell Army AC St. Louis, MO   34-2571 MH
Hughes, John Arthur USMC New York, NY   8-5265  
Hulbert, Henry Lewis USMC California   3-4309  
Humphrey, Charles Frederic Army Buffalo, NY   4-3113 MH-P
Huse, Henry M. Pinckney Navy New York   2-4889  
Ingram, Jonas Howard Navy Indiana   30-643  
Jacobson, Douglas T. USMC New York   CB-5-H-17-2 MH
Jennings, Delbert Army San Francisco, CA   7A-157 MH
Izac, Edouard Victor Michel Navy Illinois   3-4222-16 MH
Jardine, Alexander Navy Ohio   12-4280 MH
Joel, Lawrence Army New York, NY   46-15-1 MH
Johanson, John Peter Navy Maryland   6-9768 MH
Johansson, Johan J. Navy New York, NY   13-720 MH
Johnson, Dwight Hal Army Detroit, MI   31-471 MH
Johnson, Henry Army Detroit, MI   23-16547 MH
Johnson, James Edmund USMC Washington, DC Yes MH-451

Memory Marker

Johnson, Joseph Esrey Army Philadelphia, PA   3-2278  
Johnson, Leon William Army AC Moline, KS   7A-209 MH-P
Johnson, William Navy New York, NY   23-16648-32 MH
Johnston, Gordon Army Birmingham, AL   7-10092 MH-P
Johnston, Rufus Zenas Navy North Carolina   2-3645-RH MH
Jones, Claud Ashton Navy West Virginia   11-546 MH-P
Kane, John Riley Army AC Shreveport, LA   7A-47 MH
Keefer, Philip Bogan Navy Washington, DC   11-527-SH MH
Kelley, Leverett Mansfield Army Rutland, IL   2-3756  
Kelly, Thomas Joseph Army Brooklyn, NY   7-A-125 MH
Kennedy, John Thomas Army Orangeburg, SC   7-10076 MH-P
Kerr, John Brown Army Hutchinson Station, KY   3-1950  
Kerr, Thomas R. Army Pittsburgh, PA   3-1623 MH-P
Kilbourne, Jr., Charles Evans Army Portland, OR   3-1705 MH-P
Kingsley, David Richard Army AC Portland, OR Yes 34-4786 MH
Kirby, Dennis Thomas Army St. Louis, MO   1-334 MH
Koelsch, John Kelvin Navy Los Angeles, CA Yes 30-1123-RH MH
Langhorne, Cary Devall Navy Virginia   11-868 MH-P
Lannon, James Patrick Navy Virginia   8-6410-B MH-P
Latham, John Cridland Army Rutherford, NJ   35-1127 MH
Lawson, Gaines Army Rogersville, TN   1-37-A  
Lawton, Henry Ware Army Fort Wayne, IN Yes 2-841  
Leims, John Harold USMC Chicago, IL   2-1132-2 MH
Levitow, John Lee USAF New Haven, CT   66-7107 MH
Libby, George Dalton Army Waterbury, CT Yes 34-1317 MH
Lipscomb, Harry Navy Washington, DC   3-2481  
Israel Little,
  (aka: John Rush)
Navy Washington, DC   17-18768  
Loman, Berger Holton Army Chicago, IL   37-4909 MH
Lower, Cyrus B. Army New Castle, PA   17-19971 MH
Ludgate, William Army New York, NY   3-1488  
Lyle, Alexander Gordon Navy Massachusetts   2-1114-1  
MacArthur, Jr., Arthur Army Milwaukee, WI   2-845-A MH-P
MacGillivary, Charles A. Army Boston, MA   45-568 MH
Maclay, William Palmer Army Altoona, PA   7-9008-F MH
Martin, George
  (aka: Martin Schwenk)
Army Boston, MA   17-20472 MH
Mathias, Clarence Edward USMC Pennsylvania   6-8681 MH
Maus, Marion Perry Army Tennallytown, MD   3-3886-B  
Mausert, III, Frederick W. USMC Dresher, PA Yes 12-5559 MH
McBryar, William Army New York, NY   4-2738-B MH
McCampbell, David Navy West Palm Beach, Fl   60-3150 MH
McCarthy, Joseph J. USMC Chicago, IL   30-1716 MH
McClernand, Edward John Army Springfield, IL   3-1931 MH-P
McCloy, John Navy New York, NY   8-5246 MH-P
McConnell, James Army Detroit, MI   7-8317 MH
McDonnell, Edward Orrick Navy Maryland   2-4955-4 MH-P
McGonagle, William L. Navy Thermal, CA   34-208 MH
McGovern, Robert Milton Army Washington, DC Yes 3-1212  
McGrath, Hugh Jocelyn Army Eau Claire, WI Yes 1-315  
McGuire, Jr., Thomas B. Army AC Sebring, FL Yes 11-426-SH MH
McGunigal, Patrick Navy Ohio   6-8674 MH
McMahon, Martin Thomas Army California   2-1101  
Meagher, John William Army Jersey City, NJ   64-1701 MH
Merriam, Henry Clay Army Houlton, ME   1-114-B  
Miles, Nelson Appleton Army Roxbury, MA   3-1873  
Miller, Archie Army St. Louis, MO   1-200 MH-P
Miller, Willard D. Navy Massachusetts   46-15 MH
Mindil, George Washintgon Army Philadelphia, PA   3-1568  
Mitchell, Alexander H. Army Hamilton, PA   3-2515 MH-P
Moffett, William Adger Navy Charleston, SC   3-1655-A  
Monegan, Walter Carleton USMC Seattle, WA Yes 34-4513 MH
Morelock, Sterling Lewis Army Oquawka, IL   35-1824 MH
Morgan, George Horace Army Minneapolis, MN   3-2053 MH-P
Morgan, John Cary "Red" Army AC London, England   59-351 MH
Muller, Frederick Navy Massachusetts   8-6036 MH-P
Murphy, Audie Leon Army Dallas, TX   46-366-11 MH
Murphy, Robinson Barr Army Oswego, IL   6-9747 MH-P
Myers, Fred Army St. Louis, MO   13-14034 MH
Myers, Reginald USMC Boise, ID   60-884 MH
Neville, Wendell Cushing USMC Virginia   6-8409  
Nordsiek, Charles Luers Navy New York, NY   7-10230 MH
Nordstrom, Isador A. Navy New York, NY   7-8273 MH-P
Novosel, Michael Army Kenner, LA   7A=178C MH
O'Connor, Timothy Army New Creek, VA   MF-10-3 MH-IMO
Ogden, Carlos Army Fairmount, IL   65-533 MH
O'Kane, Richard Hetherington Navy Durham, NH   59-874 MH-P
Osborne, John Navy Louisiana   17-19689 MH
Ostermann, Edward Albert USMC Ohio   46-521 MH

MH Indicates Government Issue Type MOH headstone.
MH-P Indicates a PRIVATE headstone with MOH text or image.


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