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"Poor is the Nation that has no heroes, but beggard is that Nation that has and forgets them."

Medal of Honor Recipients
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Recipient's Name Service Home Town KIA Plot Marker
Page, John Upshur Dennis Army St. Paul, MN Yes 4-2743-AB MH-P
Palmer, George Henry Army Monmouth, IL   3-2104 MH-P
Parks, Henry Jeremiah Army Orangeville, NY   2-1200 MH
Peters, Alexander Navy Pennsylvania   8-5300-A MH
Pharris, Jackson Charles Navy California   13-16281 MH
Pipes, James Milton Army Waynesburg, PA   3-1332-A MH-P
Plowman, George H. Army Washington, DC   3-4417-EH MH
Pope, Thomas A. Army Chicago, IL   35-3157 MH
Port, William David Army Harrisburg, PA Yes 7-8120-B MH
Porter, David Dixon USMC Washington, DC   2-3479 MH
Porter, Donn F. Army Baltimore, MD Yes 33-4357 MH
Preston, Arthur Murray Navy Maryland   3-1847-A1 MH-P
Pruitt, John Henry USMC Phoenix, AZ Yes 18-2453 MH
Purman, James Jackson Army Waynesburg, PA   1-615 MH-P
Quinn, Peter H. Army San Francisco, CA   6-9749-SH MH
Rabel, Laszlo Army Minneapolis, MN Yes 52-1326 MH
Ramage, Lawson P. "Red" Navy Vermont   7-A-184 MH-P
Rand, Charles Franklin Army Batavia, NY   1-125-B MH-P
Raub, Jacob F. Army Weaversville, PA   3-1469 MH-P
Raymond, William H. Army Penfield, NY   2-4853-SS MH
Reem, Robert Dale USMC Elizabethtown, PA Yes 6-9376-B MH
Reid, George Croghan USMC Ohio   2-1096-A-LH MH
Rice, Edmund Army Cambridge, MA   3-1875 MH-P
Richmond, James Army Fremont, OH Yes 27-886 MH
Roach, Hampton Mitchell Army Fort Dodge, KS   3-2393-WS MH
Roberts, Charles Duval Army Fort D.A. Russell, WY   2-3670 MH-P
Robinson, Robert Guy USMC Chicago, IL   46-390 MH
Roeder, Robert E. Army Summit Station, PA Yes 12-6116 MH
Rogers, Charles Calvin Army Institute, WV   7-A-99 MH
Romeyn, Henry Army Michigan   3-1750 MH-P
Rose, George Harry Navy Connecticut   7-9978-ES MH
Rush, John see:
Little, Israel 
Navy Washington, DC   17-18768  
Rush, William Rees Navy Pennsylvania   3-3977 MH-P
Russell, Henry Peter Navy New York, NY   31-6377 MH
Ryan, Francis see:  
Gallagher, Frank
Navy Massachusetts   17-21008 MH
Ryan, Jr., Thomas John Navy Louisiana   34-80-A-1 MH
Sage, William Hampden Army Binghamton, NY   2-913 MH-P
Saxton, Jr., Rufus Army Deerfield, MA   1-20-A MH-P
Schilt, Christian Franklin USMC Illinois   2E-151 MH
Schmidt, Jr., Oscar Navy Pennsylvania   11-116-LH MH
Schnepel, Fred Jurgen Navy New York, NY   11-825 MH
Schofield, John McAllister Army Freeport, IL   2-1108  
Schonland, Herbert Emery Navy Portland, ME   7A-168 MH
Schou, Julius Alexis Army Brooklyn, NY   17-21482 MH
Schwan, Theodore Army New York, NY   2-860  
Schwenk, Martin see:  
Martin, George
Army Boston, MA   17-20472 MH
Scott, Alexander Army Winooski, VT   17-18563 MH
Scott, Robert Raymond Navy Ohio Yes 34-3939 MH
Seach, William Navy Massachusetts   11-334-2 MH
Shacklette, William Sidney Navy Virginia   10-10688 MH
Shanahan, Patrick Navy New York, NY   7-10295 MH
Shaw, George Clymer Army Washington, DC   3-4247 MH-P
Shaw, Thomas Army Baton Rouge, LA   27-952-B MH
Shoup, David Monroe USMC Indiana   7A-189 MH
Sickles, Daniel Edgar Army New York, NY   3-1906-WS MH
Sidman, George Dallas Army Owosso, MI   3-2492 MH
Sigler, Franklin Earl USMC Little Falls, NJ   12-2799 MH
Silk, Edward A. Army Johnstown, PA   30-1045-C MH
Sitter, Carl Leonard USMC Pueblo, CO   7A-57-A MH-P
Skaggs, Jr., Luther USMC Kentucky   46-1066-B MH
Skinner, John Oscar Army Maryland   3-1662 MH-P
Skinner, Jr., Sherrod E. USMC East Lansing, MI Yes 3-2032 MH
Slack, Clayton Kirk Army Madison, WI   34-59 MH
Smedley, Larry Eugene USMC Orlando, FL Yes 31-6485 MH
Smith, Charles Henry Army Eastport, ME   1-128-A  
Smith, James Navy New York, NY   45-1485 MH
Smith, John Lucian USMC Oklahoma   3-2503-H-2 MH-P
Smith, Joseph Sewall Army Wiscasset, ME   2-996  
Smith, Sr., Maynard Harrison Army AC Caro, MI   66-7375 MH
Smith, Paul Ray Army Tampa, FL   Photo MH
Snyder, William Ellsworth Navy Pennsylvania   10-10636  
Stahel, Julius H. Army Nw York, NY   2-998 MH-P
Stanley, Robert Henry Navy Aboard USS Vermont,   7-8348  
Staton, Adolphus Navy North Carolina   4-280-A  
Stewart, George Evans Army New York, NY   2-3408-A-RH MH
Stickney, Herman Osman Navy Massachusetts   3-1821  
Stokes, John S. Navy New York, NY   17-20184 MH
Street, George Navy Richmond, VA   7A-130-B MH
Sullivan, Daniel A. J. Navy South Carolina   8-5327-A MH-P
Sutton, Clarence Edwin USMC Washington, DC   17-18847 MH
Swanson, Jon Army Boulder, CO Yes 60-7755  
Swayne, Wager Army Columbus, OH   3-1406  
Thomason, Clyde USMC Georgia Yes 60-8037 MH
Thordsen, William George Navy New York, NY   1-69-W MH
Thorn, Walter Army Camp Nelson, KY   2-3689-WH MH
Tilton, Henry Remsen Army Jersey City, NJ   1-392  
Tominac, John Joseph Army Conemaugh, PA   66-5141 MH
Torgerson, Martin Torinus Navy Virginia   6-8680 MH-P
Townsend, Julius Curtis Navy Athens, MO   6-8590 MH-P
Truell, Edwin M. Army Mauston, WI   13-5274-C MH-P
Turner, Charles William Army Massachusetts Yes 12-7762 MH
Turner, George Benton Army Los Angeles, CA   41-589 MH
Tweedale, John Army Philadelphia, PA   1-470  
Upton, Frank Monroe Navy Colorado   8-55-A MH
Urban, Matt Louis Army Fort Bragg, NC   7A-40 MH-P
Urell, Michael Emmet Army New York, NY   1-51-D MH-P
Van Iersel, Ludovicus M.M. Army Glen Rock, NJ   42-1770 MH
Van Voorhis, Bruce Avery Navy Nevada Yes MI-86 MH
Vance, Wilson J. Army Findlay, OH   3-2360-WS MH
Vandegrift, Alexander Archer USMC Virginia   2-4965-B  
Veazey, Wheelock Graves Army Springfield, VT   2-1026  
Vernay, James David Army Lacon, IL   3-4052-WS MH
Versace, Humbert Roque Army Norfolk, VA Yes MG-108 MH
Vosler, Forrest Lee "Woody" Army AC Rochester, NY   60-4924 MH
Wainwright, John Army West Chester, PA   2-1061 MH-P
Wainwright, IV, Jonathan M. Army Skaneateles, NY   1-358-B  
Walker, Kenneth Newton ArmyAC Denver, CO MIA In Memory
Walsh, Kenneth Ambrose USMC Massachusetts   65-2996 MH
Walsh, William Gary USMC Massachusetts Yes 12-487 MH
Wanton, George Henry Army Paterson, NJ   4-2749 MH
Ware, Keith Lincoln Army Glendale, CA   30-258-3 MH
Watters, Charles Joseph Army Fort Dix, NJ Yes 2E-186-A MH
West, Frank Army Mohawk, NY   1-549  
Westa, Karl Navy New York, NY   11-83-SH MH
Weston, John Francis Army Camp Anderson, KY   2-856  
Wheeler, George Huber Navy Washington, DC   7-10040  
Wheeler, Henry W. Army Bangor, ME   3-1496 MH-P
Whitaker, Edward Washburn Army Hartford, CT   3-1324 MH-P
Whittington, Hulon Brooke Army Bastrop, LA   13-8-W MH-P
Wigle, Thomas W. Army Detroit, MI Yes 34-3307 MH
Wilkinson, Jr., Theodore S. Navy Louisiana   2-3645 MH-P
Willcox, Orlando Bolivar Army Detroit, MI   1-18 MH-P
Williams, Charles Quincy Army Fort Jackson, SC   65-1491 MH
Williston, Edward Bancroft Army San Francisco, CA   1-422  
Wilson, Louis Hugh USMC Mississippi   7A-103B MH-P
Windrich, William Gordon USMC Hammond, IN Yes 31-4856 MH
Wood, Henry Clay Army Winthrop, ME   1-80-A  
Wood, Leonard Army Boston, MA   21-S-10  
Woodall, Zachariah (Zachery) Army Carlisle, PA   22-15788 MH
Woodfill, Samuel Army Bryantsburg, IN   34-642 MH
Young, Frank Albert USMC Wisconsin   17-18979-D MH
Young, Gerald Orren USAF Colorado Springs, CO   7A-87 MH
Zeamer, Jay USAAF Machias, ME   Photo MH

MH Indicates Government Issue Type MOH headstone.
MH-P Indicates a PRIVATE headstone with MOH text or image.


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