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Alphabetical List of the 864 Members of the
27th Maine Regiment

Who were purged from the Honor Roll in 1917


Abbott, Charles E. - Pvt (Co K)
Abbott, George H. - Pvt (Co B)
Adams, Clement J. - Sgt (Co K)
Adams, John F. - Pvt (Co G)
Adams, John W. - Musician (Co B)
Adams, Lucien - Pvt (Co F)
Adjutant, George W. - Pvt (Co I)
Adlington, Thomas A. - Pvt (Co G)
Allen, Charles H. - Pvt (Co G)

Allen, Jeddiah - Pvt (Co E)
Allen, Samuel L. - Pvt (Co D)
Allen, Seth G. - Pvt (Co B)

Allen, William A. - Cpl (Co E)
Anderson, Amos S. - Cpl (Co E)
Anderson, William A. - Pvt (Co H)
Anderson, William R. - Pvt (Co E)
Andrews, Chase - Cpl (Co F)
Andrews, James E. - Pvt (Co H)
Atkins, Charles P. - Pvt (Co A)
Auld, William M. - Cpl (Co E)
Ayer, William H. H. - Pvt (Co H)


Bail, William - Pvt (Co C)
Bailey, Albert - Wagoner (Co F)
Baker, Albert - Pvt (Co K)
Banfield, Philip - Pvt (Co E)
Bangs, Willard - Pvt (Co C)
Barker, William B. - Cpl (Co A)
Barnes, Benjamin - Pvt (Co K)
Barrows, David S. - 1SG (Co A)
Bartlett, Charles S. - Pvt (Co E)
Bartlett, Joseph W. - Pvt (Co I)
Bates, Marcus - Pvt (Co D)
Bean, Lewis L. - Pvt (Co D)
Bennett, Augustus - Pvt (Co B)
Benson, James A. - Pvt (Co D)
Berry, Edward M. - Pvt (Co C)
Berry, John - Pvt (Co C)
Berry, Moses G. - Pvt (Co G)
Berry, William - Pvt (Co C)
Berry, William - Pvt (Co G)
Bisbee, Charles D. - Pvt (Co F)
Bisbee, Orrin S. - Pvt (Co E)
Black, George E. - Pvt (Co H)
Blanchard, Jacob S. - Pvt (Co G)
Blanchard, Stephen - Cpl (Co I)
Blood, Charles H. - Pvt (Co F)
Boody, Sylvester O. - Pvt (Co C)
Boston, Elijah F. - Pvt (Co B)
Bowden, Charles A. - Pvt (Co G)
Boynton, Granville M. - Pvt (Co A)
Bracey, James F. - Pvt (Co G)
Bracey, John - Pvt (Co I)
Brackett, David H. - Cpl (Co B)
Brackett, Lorenzo D. - Sgt (Co F)
Bradbury, Charles W. - Pvt (Co A)
Bradbury, Eben H.C. - Pvt (Co A)
Bradbury, Edward - Pvt (Co A)
Bradbury, Henry M. - PVt (Co A)
Bradbury, Joseph F. - Pvt (Co A)

Bradeen, Alexander M. - Pvt (Co K)
Bradeen, Henry - Pvt (Co D)
Bragdon, Benjamin T. - Pvt (Co D)
Bragdon, Edmund - 2LT (Co H)
Bragdon, James A. - Pvt (Co E)
Bragdon, Sumner - Pvt (Co H)
Briard, Robert - Sgt (Co G)
Bridges, Joseph - Pvt (Co E)
Brooks, Nathaniel - Cpl (Co E)
Brown, Cyrus - Pvt (Co A)

Brown, James H. - Pvt (Co I)
Brown, James W. - Pvt (Co G)
Brown, John - Pvt (Co B)
Brown, John W. - Pvt (Co K)
Brown, Lorenzo T. - Pvt (Co H)
Brown, Phillip A. - Pvt (Co C)
Bryant, Frederick S. - 1LT (Co D)
Bryant, Seth E. - CPT (Co I)
Burbank, Arthur C. - Sgt (Co A)
Burbank, Horace H. - QM Sgt (QM Sgt)
Burbank, John P. - Pvt (Co H)

Burbank, Luther S. - Pvt (Co H)
Burbank, Monroe A. - Cpl (Co K)
Burbank, Porter M. - Pvt (Co A)
Burnell, Nathaniel A. - Cpl (Co H)
Burnes, George - Musician (Co D)
Burnes, James - Pvt (Co F)
Burnham, Charles L. - Pvt (Co I)
Burnham, Eben - Pvt (Co F)
Burnham, Elbrifge - Pvt (Co F)
Burnham, Francis M. - Pvt (Co F)
Burnham, Thatcher W. - Pvt (Co H)
Bussell, George - Pvt (Co I)
Bussell, John C. - Pvt (Co I)
Butland, Francis - 1SG (Co E)
Butland, Nathaniel - Pvt (Co I)
Butler, Benjamin H. - Pvt (Co D)
Butler, William N. - Pvt (Co D)
Butler, Willis H. - Sgt (Co E)
Butrick, Benjamin - Pvt (Co I)
Buzzell, Elijah S. - Pvt (Co K)
Buzzell, Jacob I. - Pvt (Co H)


Call, Nathan - Pvt (Co H)
Came, Frank - Pvt (Co B)
Carll, William F. - Cpl (Co C)
Carpenter, John R. - Pvt (Co K)
Carpenter, Whitney R. - Pvt (Co B)
Carpenter, William H. - Pvt (Co B)
Carr, William T. - Pvt (Co G)
Cary, Michael - Pvt (Co F)
Casson, Joseph - Pvt (Co A)
Center, John W. - Pvt (Co K)
Chadbourn, Francis T. - Pvt (Co K)
Chadbourn, James M. - Pvt (Co K)
Chadbourn, Joseph E. - 1LT (Co E)
Chadbourne, Henry A. - Cpl (Co C)
Chadbourne, Nathan - Cpl (Co K)
Chadbourne, Thomas - Pvt (Co B)
Chadwick, Nathan A. - Pvt (Co F)
Chaney, Andrew - Pvt (Co B)
Chaney, Charles II - Pvt (Co B)
Chaney, Joseph - Pvt (Co E)
Chapman, Charles - Pvt (Co F)
Chapman, William - Pvt (Co E)
Chapman, William W. - Cpl (Co G)
Chase, Joseph T. - 2LT (Co B)
Chase, Josiah - Cpl (Co E)
Chase, Romanty E. - Pvt (Co G)
Chellies, Albion K.P. - Pvt (Co A)
Chellis, Frank - Pvt (Co K)
Chellis, Oscar D. - Pvt (Co K)
Chick, Hansom D. - Pvt (Co K)
Chick, Sylvester - Pvt (Co G)
Chute, Albion - Pvt (Co H)

Clark, Elisha E. - Pvt (Co A)
Clark, John E. - Pvt (Co H)
Clarvage, Samuel J.C. - Pvt (Co E)
Clements, Henry - Pvt (Co D)

Clements, James H. - Pvt (Co D)
Clough, Charles - Pvt (Co G)
Clough, Charles II - Pvt (Co F)
Clough, George W. - Pvt (Co F)
Clough, Levi - Wagoner (Co C)
Cluff, George W. - Pvt (Co I)
Cluff, Samuel - Pvt (Co A)
Cobb, Charles - Pvt (Co A)
Cochran, Adam - Pvt (Co D)
Cole, Ai S. - Wagoner (Co G)

Cole, Charles E. - Pvt (Co H)
Cole, George C. - Pvt (Co E)
Cole, John - Cpl (Co I)
Cole, John W. - Pvt (Co F)
Cole, Robert - Pvt (Co F)
Collin, Onsville C. - Pvt (Co K)
Connor, John - Pvt (Co A)
Cook, Charles R. - Sgt (Co K)
Cooper, Benjamin F. - Pvt (Co B)
Corson, George M. - Pvt (Co D)
Cottle, Oliver - Pvt (Co G)
Cotton, Charles - Pvt (Co D)
Cousens, William G. - Pvt (Co I)
Cousins, Francis J. - Pvt (Co A)
Cousins, William A. - Pvt (Co H)
Crann, Patrick - Pvt (Co F)
Cresnor, George G. - Pvt (Co K)
Cressey, Horace - Pvt (Co C)
Cribby, George - Pvt (Co F)
Cross, Charles M. - Asst Surg (Asst Surg)
Currier, George E. - Pvt (Co E)


Davis, Albert H. - Cpl (Co K)
Davis, Charles - Cpl (Co H)
Davis, Charles A. - Wagoner (Co E)
Davis, Charles I. - Pvt (Co K)
Davis, Frank M. - Cpl (Co D)
Davis, William G. - Pvt (Co A)
Day, Benjamin N. - Pvt (Co E)
Day, Silas - Pvt (Co H)
Day, Thurston P.M. - Pvt (Co H)
Daymon, George W. - Pvt (Co G)
Dearborn, Charles - Pvt (Co K)
Dearborn, Paul C. - Pvt (Co C)
Dearborn, Richard - Pvt (Co A)
Decoff, Charles - Pvt (Co D)
Dennett, Alvan A. - Cpl (Co C)
Dennett, Reuben - Pvt (Co B)
Desbon, Elijah B. - Pvt (Co K)
Dillingham, John L. - Pvt (Co B)
Dixon, Edmund A. - CPT (Co G)
Dixon, Joseph H. - Pvt (Co G)
Dockham, George A. - Pvt (Co B)

Doe, Joseph D. - Sgt (Co B)
Doieg, Thomas - Pvt (Co I)
Dorman, George H. - Cpl (Co K)
Doun, Reuben - Pvt (Co C)
Dow, Simon B. - Cpl (Co C)
Downs, Archibald S. - Pvt (Co I)

Downs, David - Pvt (Co I)
Drew, John - Pvt (Co F)
Drown, Alonzo J. - Pvt (Co I)
Drown, Orlando - Pvt (Co I)
Dunn, Alanson - Cpl (Co A)
Dunn, Daniel - Pvt (Co A)
Dunn, John K. - Pvt (Co C)
Dunn, William S. - Cpl (Co C)
Dunnell, Samuel - 2LT (Co C)
Dunnell, Samuel L. - Pvt (Co C)
Dunnells, Loring - Pvt (Co H)
Dunnells, Mark W. - Pvt (Co K)
Duran, William - Pvt (Co C)
Durgin, Albion L. - Sgt (Co F)
Durgin, Almond C. - Cpl (Co F)
Durgin, George W. - Pvt (Co B)
Dyer, Charles H. - Pvt (Co C)
Dyer, William - Pvt (Co C)


Eastman, Frank - Pvt (Co H)
Eaton, Walter - Pvt (Co E)
Edgerly, George W. - Pvt (Co C)
Edgerly, Samuel H. - Pvt (Co H)
Edwards, George W. - Pvt (Co E)
Eldridge, Edward W. - Pvt (Co B)
Eldridge, Philander - Pvt (Co C)
Eldridge, William H. - Pvt (Co D)
Elliott, Isaac - Pvt (Co A)
Elliott, William L. - Pvt (Co F)

Emerson, George W. - Pvt (Co I)
Emery, Franklin - Pvt (Co B)

Emery, Isaac M. - Sgt (Co I)
Emery, John F. - Pvt (Co D)
Emery, John H. - Musician (Co E)
Emery, William R. - Pvt (Co E)
Emmons, D. Taylor - Pvt (Co I)
Emmons, George - Pvt (Co I)
Emmons, George W. - Pvt (Co I)
Emmons, John - Pvt (Co I)
Emmons, John G. - Pvt (Co I)
Emmons, Joseph R. - Pvt (Co K)
Ethridge, Stephen L. - Pvt (Co E)


Fairfield, Lendol N. - Pvt (Co C)
Fall, Henry R. - Sgt (Co D)
Fall, Howard S. - Pvt (Co D)
Fall, Isaac P. - CPT (Co B)
Favour, Horace H. - Pvt (Co A)
Fendersen, Charles W. - Pvt (Co A)
Ferguson, George A. - Pvt (Co K)
Fernald, Alonzo - Cpl (Co G)
Fernald, Benjamin - Pvt (Co G)
Fernald, Simon - Pvt (Co G)
Fernald, Stephen - Pvt (Co K)
Fitzgerald, David - Pvt (Co D)
Flanders, Daniel C. - Pvt (Co C)
Flanders, George W. - Pvt (Co G)
Flood, Ebenezer T. - Pvt (Co K)
Floyd, Daniel - Pvt (Co A)

Fly, Stephen S. - Pvt (Co H)
Ford, Alvin A. - Pvt (Co D)
Foss, Edward L. - Pvt (Co F)
Foss, Enos L. - Musician (Co C)
Foss, James L. - Pvt (Co L)
Foss, Robert - Cpl (Co L)
Foss, William A. - Cpl (Co F)
Foster, Charles H. - Pvt (Co H)
Foster, John B. - Pvt (Co C)
Fowler, Edward S. - Pvt (Co K)
Fowler, Frank - Pvt (Co A)
Foye, Isaac M. - Pvt (Co G)
Freeman, John W. - Cpl (Co D)
Frisbee, Josiah P. - Pvt (Co G)
Frost, Harrison T. - Pvt (Co G)
Frost, Hugh A - Pvt (Co E)
Fuller, Edwin - Cpl (Co F)
Fullerton, David B. - CPT (Co D)


Gallagher, Edward H. - Pvt (Co F)
Gallison, Greenleaf W. - Pvt (Co A)
Garland, Albra - Pvt (Co I)
Garland, Charles E. - Pvt (Co I)
Garland, John - Pvt (Co C)
Garvin, Paul W. - Cpl (Co K)
Garvin, Samuel H. - Sgt (Co H)
Gerrish, Alfred J.W. - Pvt (Co D)
Gerrish, George W. - Pvt (Co E)
Gerrish, Noah W. - Pvt (Co H)
Gerry, Jotham H. - Cpl (Co G)
Getchell, Albert F. - Pvt (Co E)
Getchell, Emlus J. - Sgt (Co E)
Getchell, John M. - CPT (Co E)
Getchell, Marcus M. - Pvt (Co E)
Getchell, Samuel M. - Pvt (Co E)
Giles, Jesse - Cpl (Co E)
Gilpatrick, William - Pvt (Co K)
Gooch, Charles W. - Pvt (Co I)

Gooch, Hiram T. - Pvt (Co I)
Gooch, John B. - Pvt (Co I)
Gooch, William H. - Pvt (Co I)
Goodsoe, Herbert - Pvt (Co G)
Goodwin, Alonzo - Pvt (Co F)
Goodwin, Charles A. - Cpl (Co B)
Goodwin, Charles H. - Pvt (Co D)
Goodwin, Eben M. - Pvt (Co K)

Goodwin, Frank - Pvt (Co F)
Goodwin, Henry J. - 1LT (Co K)
Goodwin, Ivory L. - Pvt (Co B)
Goodwin, James M. - Pvt (Co D)
Goodwin, James W. - Wagoner (Co B)
Goodwin, John M. - Pvt (Co H)
Goodwin, Joseph B. - Pvt (Co D)
Googins, William H. - Pvt (Co A)
Gordon, Charles S. - Pvt (Co D)
Gordon, George - Pvt (Co I)
Gordon, Henry - Pvt (Co I)
Gould, James H. - Pvt (Co C)
Gove, George A. - Pvt (Co A)
Gowell, Benjamin - Pvt (Co H)
Gowen, Walter A. - Pvt (Co F)
Gowen, William B. - Cpl (Co E)
Grace, Hiram M. - Pvt (Co G)
Graffam, Joseph - Pvt (Co C)
Graffam, Joseph - Sgt (Co A)
Graffam, William - Pvt (Co H)
Grant, Daniel W. - Pvt (Co E)
Grant, Elijah M. - Pvt (Co A)
Grant, George W. - Pvt (Co H)
Grant, Nicholas - Wagoner (Co I)
Grant, Seth - Sgt (Co K)
Gray, John - Sgt (Co B)
Gray, Sylvester - Pvt (Co B)
Greenleaf, Edgar - Sgt (Co G)
Guilford, Charles - Pvt (Co C)
Guptill, Daniel - Pvt (Co F)
Guptill, John A. - Pvt (Co D)
Gurney, Fred S. - Sgt (Co A)


Hadlock, Charles H. - Pvt (Co F)
Haley, Albert - Pvt (Co F)
Haley, James C. - Pvt (Co I)
Haley, Thomas - Pvt (Co F)
Hall, Freeman - Asst Surg (Asst Surg)
Hall, Ivory A. - Sgt (Co K)
Hall, John - 2LT (Co E)
Ham, George C. - Pvt (Co K)
Ham, Norris S. - Pvt (Co K)
Ham, Orrin F. - Pvt (Co K)
Hampson, Charles - Pvt (Co F)
Hanscom, Albert - Pvt (Co G)
Hanscom, Charles H. - Pvt (Co I)
Hanscom, Elias - Pvt (Co K)
Hanscom, John F. - Pvt (Co G)
Hanscom, William L. - Pvt (Co d)
Hanscome, Lyman M. - Pvt (Co B)
Hanson, John S. - Pvt (Co B)
Hanson, Lewis B. - Pvt (Co D)
Hanson, Lorenzo S. - Pvt (Co B)
Hardison, Ezra H. - Pvt (Co D)
Harmon, Charles H. - Pvt (Co C)
Harmon, Charles L. - Pvt (Co C)
Harmon, Frank L. - 2LT (Co A)
Harmon, Frederick M. - Pvt (Co I)
Harmon, Samuel C. - Cpl (Co C)
Harmond, Nelson - Pvt (Co B)
Harriman, Aaron - Pvt (Co F)
Harvey, Augustus - Pvt (Co D)
Harvey, Charles A. - Cpl (Co B)
Harvey, Henry G. - 1SG (Co B)
Harvey, John W. - Pvt (Co B)
Hasty, Granville - Pvt (Co B)
Hasty, Winfield F. - Pvt (Co A)
Hatch, Elmore J. - Pvt (Co E)
Hatch, James W. - Pvt (Co B)
Hatch, Joseph E. - Pvt (Co E)
Hayes, Calvin L. - SGM (SGM)
Hayes, Charles E. - Pvt (Co G)
Hayes, Frederick - 2LT (Co D)
Hayes, George H. - Cpl (Co G)
Hayes, John C. - Pvt (Co A)

Hayes, John M. - Pvt (Co K)
Hayes, John W. - 1SG (Co G)
Hayes, Samuel D. - Cpl (Co D)

Henderson, Alvah - Pvt (Co A)
Hersom, John H. - Pvt (Co D)
Higley, Albert A. - Pvt (Co B)
Higley, Eben N. - Pvt (Co B)
Hill, Albert G. - Pvt (Co H)
Hill, Barnabas R. - Pvt (Co I)
Hill, Daniel - Sgt (Co C)
Hill, Frederick R. - Sgt (Co E)
Hill, John D. - MAJ (MAJ)
Hill, John R. - Pvt (Co G)
Hill, Joseph H. - Pvt (Co A)
Hill, Samuel L. - Pvt (Co I)
Hilton, Charles A. - Cpl (Co H)
Hilton, John - Pvt (Co E)
Hodgdon, Flanders - Pvt (Co H)
Hodgdon, Freeman - Pvt (Co H)
Hodgdon, Hiram - Pvt (Co A)
Hodsden, David - Pvt (Co C)
Hogan, Edward W. - Pvt (Co B)
Holt, Otis C. - Pvt (Co G)
Hooper, Timothy S. - Pvt (Co K)
Hooper, William H. - Pvt (Co B)
Hopkins, Jonathan C. - Pvt (Co A)
Hopkinson, James M. - Pvt (Co C)
Horn, Reuben - Pvt (Co K)
Horn, Rufus A. - Pvt (Co H)
Hubbard, Alonzo - Pvt (Co E)
Hubbard, Charles S. - Pvt (Co I)
Hubbard, George - Pvt (Co I)
Huntress, John - Pvt (Co H)
Hurd, Edwin - Pvt (Co H)
Hurd, George - Pvt (Co H)
Hurd, John A. - Pvt (Co H)
Hurd, John H. - Wagoner (Co D)
Hurd, Moses S. - 1LT (Co B)
Hurd, Nathaniel N. - 1SG (Co D)
Hurd, Sylvester - Pvt (Co H)
Hurd, Thomas S. - Pvt (Co D)
Hussey, Luther G. - Pvt (Co F)
Hussey, Ralph R. - 1LT (Co H)
Hutchins, Charles L. - Cpl (Co D)
Hutchins, Erastus K. - Pvt (Co K)
Hutchins, Ezra - Pvt (Co K)
Hutchins, Frank A. - CPT (Co K)
Hutchins, George - Pvt (Co K)
Hutchins, Octavus - Pvt (Co K)
Hutchins, William H. - Pvt (Co D)


Jackson, Anthony - Pvt (Co I)
Jacobs, Charles - Pvt (Co E)
Jeffords, Henry - Pvt (Co D)
Jellison, John W. - Pvt (Co E)
Jellison, Joshua C. - Pvt (Co B)
Jellison, William H. - Pvt (Co B)
Jenkins, Charles W. - Sgt (Co B)
Jennison, Maverick M. - Sgt (Co D)
Jewell, Roscoe - Pvt (Co H)
Johnson, Daniel E. - Pvt (Co A)
Johnson, David E. - Pvt (Co H)
Johnson, Edward P. - Pvt (Co E)
Johnson, Ivory - Pvt (Co E)
Johnson, John - Pvt (Co C)
Johnson, John O. - Pvt (Co H)
Johnson, Solomon - Pvt (Co D)
Jordon, George H. - Sgt (Co A)
Jose, Thomas L. - Pvt (Co I)
Judge, Patrick - Pvt (Co F)


Keay, John F. - Pvt (Co A)
Keays, William W. - Pvt (Co B)
Keen, Hamden C. - Pvt (Co G)
Keen, Josiah E. - Pvt (Co G)
Keene, Harrison M. - 1SG (Co H)
Kennison, Horace - Cpl (Co G)
Kerr, William - Pvt (Co B)
Kidder, George E. - Pvt (Co H)
Kimball, Alpheus T. - Pvt (Co I)
Kimball, Charles - Pvt (Co I)
Kimball, John E.L. - Surgeon (Surg)
Kimball, Lewis - Pvt (Co C)
King, Thomas J. - Pvt (Co K)
Kinrick, Eben S. - Pvt (Co C)
Kirwin, James - Pvt (Co F)
Knight, Edward F. - Pvt (Co A)
Knight, John H. - Pvt (Co C)
Knight, Porter - Pvt (Co K)
Knight, Roscoe G. - Cpl (Co G)
Knox, George F. - Pvt (Co G)
Knox, Hosea B. - Cpl (Co D)


Lampkin, Gilman H. - Pvt (Co B)
Lane, George - Pvt (Co C)
Larrabee, Edward N. - Pvt (Co I)
Lawry, Franklin E. - Pvt (Co G)
Learned, Peter - Pvt (Co K)
Leavett, Henry - Sgt (Co C)
Lewis, Gilman - Pvt (Co A)
Libby, Aaron R. - Pvt (Co D)
Libby, Arthur - Cpl (Co H)
Libby, Benjamin F. - Pvt (Co A)
Libby, Charles G. - Pvt (Co A)
Libby, Fred W. - Cpl (Co A)
Libby, George H. - Pvt (Co C)
Libby, Philander H. - Cpl (Co B)
Libby, Samuel H. - 1LT (Co A)
Littlefield, Charles H. - Pvt (Co K)
Littlefield, Emmorson - Pvt (Co I)
Littlefield, Franklin - Pvt (Co G)
Littlefield, George - Pvt (Co F)
Littlefield, Henry - 2LT (Co I)

Littlefield, James H. - Pvt (Co B)

Littlefield, Jedidiah - Sgt (Co B)
Littlefield, John - Pvt (Co G)

Littlefield, John T. - Pvt (Co F)
Littlefield, Joseph F. - Pvt (Co E)
Littlefield, Joshua D. - Pvt (Co E)
Littlefield, Josias - Pvt (Co E)
Littlefield, Ralph - Pvt (Co E)
Littlefield, Reuben O. - Pvt (Co E)
Littlefield, Thaddeus - Pvt (Co B)
Locke, Thomas D. - Pvt (Co F)
Lombard, Osbright A. - Pvt (Co F)
Longee, Lorenzo J. - Pvt (Co K)
Lord, Charles E. - Pvt (Co H)
Lord, Edward - Pvt (Co H)
Lord, Ezekiel S. - Pvt (Co D)
Lord, George A. - Pvt (Co D)
Lord, John W. - Pvt (Co E)
Lord, Lyman - Pvt (Co D)
Lord, Timothy H. - Sgt (Co D)
Loud, Elbridge - Pvt (Co H)
Lowell, John H. - Pvt (Co A)
Lowell, Moses - Pvt (Co A)
Lunt, John W. - Pvt (Co K)
Lydston, Charles - Pvt (Co G)


Maddox, John F. - Wagoner (Co K)
Magrath, George - Pvt (Co F)
Manning, George F. - Pvt (Co D)
Manson, Albert - Pvt (Co G)
Manson, Charles H. - Sgt (Co C)
Manson, Edwin R. - Pvt (Co A)
Manson, Horatio - Pvt (Co G)
Manson, John S. - Pvt (Co I)
Manson, John W. - Pvt (Co B)
Marr, Cyrus G. - Comm Sgt (Comm Sgt)
Marriner, James S. - Pvt (Co C)
Marston, Charles N. - Pvt (Co F)
Martin, Frank W. - Musician (Co B)
Martin, John - Cpl (Co C)
Martin, Lyman R. - Pvt (Co E)
Mason, Albert D. - Pvt (Co B)
Mason, Joseph T. - Pvt (Co F)
McCulloch, Adam - Pvt (Co I)
McGuire, Charles - Pvt (Co D)
McIntire, Henry - Pvt (Co K)
McKenney, Abner - Pvt (Co H)
McKenney, Benjamin R. - Pvt (Co K)
McKenney, Charles F. - Pvt (Co H)
McKenney, Enoch - Pvt (Co H)
McLaughlin, Dennis - Pvt (Co B)
Mealy, John - Pvt (Co G)
Merrill, Charles H. - Pvt (Co A)
Merrill, Frederick A. - Pvt (Co C)

Merrill, Jonas F. - Pvt (Co I)
Merrill, Samuel - Pvt (Co C)
Mildram, Frank S. - Pvt (Co D)

Miles, George S. - Pvt (Co A)
Miles, Thomas P. - Cpl (Co A)
Miller, Caleb L. - Pvt (Co F)
Miller, Mark - Pvt (Co D)
Millerkin, William - 1LT (Co C)
Milliken, Charles H. - Pvt (Co E)
Milliken, John S. - Pvt (Co A)
Milliken, Moses S. - Pvt (Co F)
Milliken, Nathaniel M. - Pvt (Co F)
Mills, Elihu J. - Pvt (Co B)
Mitchell, Charles H. - Pvt (Co K)
Mitchell, Deodat - Pvt (Co F)
Mitchell, Edwin - Pvt (Co G)
Mitchell, Joseph S. - Pvt (Co A)
Mitchell, Joseph S. - Pvt (Co F)
Moody, Charles H. - Pvt (Co I)
Moody, James E. - Pvt (Co I)
Moody, William H. - 1SG (Co I)
Moore, George A. - Pvt (Co B)
Moore, John - Pvt (Co H)
Morgan, William F. - Pvt (Co K)
Morrison, Ivory C. - Pvt (Co H)
Moulton, Alonzo P. - Pvt (Co H)
Moulton, Charles H. - Pvt (Co I)
Moulton, Erastus - Sgt (Co I)
Mugridge, Samuel - Pvt (Co G)
Murch, Orrin - Pvt (Co C)
Murphy, John B. - Pvt (Co F)
Murphy, Joseph W. - Pvt (Co K)


Nason, Andrew J. - Pvt (Co F)
Nason, Freeman - Pvt (Co C)
Nason, John - Pvt (Co G)
Nason, Luther - Pvt (Co B)
Nason, Nathan P. - Sgt (Co C)
Nason, Robert - Pvt (Co B)
Nason, Samuel E. - Pvt (Co C)
Nason, William H. - Pvt (Co I)
Neal, John F. - Pvt (Co B)
Needham, Frank E. - Pvt (Co E)
Newbegin, Luke L. - Pvt (Co K)
Nichols, Franklin - Pvt (Co C)
Nicholson, Edward P. - Pvt (Co B)
Noble, John M. - Pvt (Co A)
Norman, Charles S. - Pvt (Co B)
Norton, Clark H. - Pvt (Co H)
Norton, Eben H. - Pvt (Co C)
Norton, Leonard - Pvt (Co C)
Nute, Ivory H. - Cpl (Co D)


O'Brion, Lewis - QM (QM)
Okes, George W. - Pvt (Co I)
Ordway, Moses - Pvt (Co H)
Osgood, Henry B. - 1LT (Co I)
Otis, William M. - Pvt (Co G)
Owen, Elijah J.C. - Pvt (Co C)
Owen, Mark L.H. - Pvt (Co C)
Owen, Melville C. - Pvt (Co C)


Packard, Charles F. - Pvt (Co A)
Page, Amos W. - 1LT (Co F)
Palmer, James W. - Pvt (Co C)
Parker, Benjamin F. - Pvt (Co G)
Parker, Horace B. - Pvt (Co G)
Parker, Joseph D. - 1LT (Co G)
Parody, John - Pvt (Co F)
Patch, John - Pvt (Co K)
Patterson, Gardiner - Pvt (Co A)
Patterson, Mark - Pvt (Co A)
Paul, Elbridge R. - Cpl (Co G)
Paul, Henry M. - Pvt (Co G)
Peavey, Chandler - Pvt (Co I)
Pendexter, Paul - Pvt (Co H)
Pennell, Horace - Pvt (Co C)
Perkins, George D. - Pvt (Co H)
Perkins, James G. - Pvt (Co E)
Perkins, John - Pvt (Co B)
Perkins, John W. - 2LT (Co F)
Perkins, Otis W. - Pvt (Co I)
Perkins, Samuel - Pvt (Co F)
Perry, Pharaoh - Pvt (Co D)
Perry, William R. - Pvt (Co D)

Pettigrew, Colby H. - Pvt (Co G)
Pettigrew, John - Cpl (Co G)
Philbrick, Ira A. - Pvt (Co H)
Philbrick, Robert S. - Pvt (Co E)
Phillips, Rufus - Pvt (Co A)
Phillips, Trafton - Pvt (Co E)
Pickernell, Richard - Pvt (Co G)
Pierce, Charles A. - Cpl (Co D)
Pierce, Daniel - Pvt (Co G)
Pierce, Henry B. - Cpl (Co D)
Pierce, Sylvester - Pvt (Co B)
Pierce, William B. - Sgt (Co F)
Pike, Charles M. - Pvt (Co A)
Pike, George B. - Pvt (Co E)
Pike, William C. - Cpl (Co B)
Pillsbury, Woodman - Pvt (Co K)
Piper, Horace L. - 2LT (Co K)
Pitts, George - Pvt (Co K)
Plumer, Jeremiah - CPT (Co F)
Plumer, William - Pvt (Co A)
Poole, James A. - Pvt (Co F)
Pray, William A. - Pvt (Co D)
Pray, William H. - Pvt (Co B)
Prescott, Alpheus - Pvt (Co A)
Prescott, Roswell - Pvt (Co A)
Prescott, Wallace - Pvt (Co A)


Quimby, Hosea M. - Sgt (Co D)
Quinney, James - Pvt (Co D)


Ramsdell, Pual R. - Pvt (Co D)
Rand, Edward M. - CPT (Adj.)
Redlon, Gideon W.T. - Pvt (Co C)
Redlon, Isaac - Pvt (Co C)
Reed, George C. - Pvt (Co K)
Rhodes, Israel K. - Musician (Co E)
Richards, Orin E. - Pvt (Co F)
Richardson, Joseph P. - Pvt (Co E)
Ricker, Alonzo F. - Pvt (Co A)
Ricker, Phendeus H. - Pvt (Co K)
Ricker, Timothy F. - Pvt (Co B)
Ridley, Joseph - Pvt (Co E)
Ridley, Joseph H. - Pvt (Co I)
Ridlon, Henry - Pvt (Co A)
Ridlon, John - Pvt (Co A)
Ridlon, William - Pvt (Co H)

Rines, George W. - Pvt (Co H)
Roberts, Alvah - Pvt (Co I)
Roberts, Dimond - Cpl (Co I)
Roberts, George H. - Sgt (Co I)
Roberts, John - Pvt (Co G)
Roberts, Joshua - Pvt (Co G)
Roberts, Luke H. - Cpl (Co I)
Roberts, William F. - Cpl (Co I)
Robinson, Edwin A. - Pvt (Co A)
Robinson, Emery S. - Pvt (Co I)
Robinson, George E. - Pvt (Co I)
Robinson, Horace V. - Cpl (Co I)
Robinson, Omen W. - Pvt (Co I)
Ross, Albert - Pvt (Co C)
Ross, Hough - Pvt (Co H)
Rounds, Daniel - Wagoner (Co A)
Rounds, Joseph G. - Pvt (Co C)
Rounds, Melville K. - Pvt (Co C)
Rowell, Alexander - Pvt (Co B)
Russell, Otis F. - Chap (Chaplain)


Sadler, Edwin A. - Pvt (Co H)
Sampson, Moses T. - 1SG (Co F)
Sanborn, Charles P. - Cpl (Co K)
Sanborn, Charles P. - Pvt (Co H)
Sanborn, Elias - Pvt (Co C)
Sanborn, John W. - Pvt (Co D)
Sanborn, Nelson - Pvt (Co D)
Sanborn, Warren G. - Pvt (Co A)
Sawyer, Isaac - Pvt (Co H)
Sawyer, Joseph R. - Pvt (Co C)
Sawyer, Obediah - Pvt (Co A)
Scammon, Nicholas - Cpl (Co F)
Scates, David W.C. - Pvt (Co H)
Scriggins, Charles H. - Pvt (Co G)
Seavey, Frank - Pvt (Co A)
Sewall, Joseph A. - Pvt (Co G)
Shapleigh, Dennis M. - 2LT (Co G)
Shapleigh, John - Pvt (Co G)
Shapleigh, Morris G. - Pvt (Co G)
Shapleigh, Roscoe G. - Pvt (Co G)
Shapleigh, William H. - Pvt (Co G)
Shaw, J. Lyman - Pvt (Co D)
Shehan, George R. - Pvt (Co F)
Shory, Henry W. - Pvt (Co B)
Simpson, Enoch A. - Pvt (Co C)
Skillings, Daniel - Musician (Co C)
Skillins, Lorenzo D. - Pvt (Co F)
Skinner, John B. - Pvt (Co F)
Small, Alfred - Cpl (Co H)
Small, Arthur L. - Pvt (Co K)
Small, John C. - Pvt (Co H)
Small, Lewis L. - Pvt (Co A)
Small, Roland E. - Pvt (Co F)
Smart, Almond O. - CPT (Co H)
Smith, Amasa - Pvt (Co K)
Smith, Atwood F. - Cpl (Co F)
Smith, Charles B. - Pvt (Co F)

Smith, Charles F. - Cpl (Co F)
Smith, Charles T. - Pvt (Co F)
Smith, George L. - 1SG (Co K)
Smith, James B. - Pvt (Co K)
Smith, James H. - Pvt (Co A)
Smith, James M. - Pvt (Co H)
Smith, Libby H. - Pvt (Co K)
Smith, Milbury S. - Pvt (Co C)
Smith, Ransom E. - Sgt (Co H)
Smith, Rice - Pvt (Co K)
Smith, Samuel S. - Pvt (Co E)
Smith, Stillman C. - Sgt (Co H)
Smith, William - Pvt (Co G)
Smith, William M. - Cpl (Co F)
Smith, Woodbury - Pvt (Co D)
Spaulding, Wallis - Pvt (Co F)
Spencer, Joseph T. - Pvt (Co B)
Spencer, Joshua C. - Pvt (Co E)
Spinney, James P. - Pvt (Co G)
Spinney, Nicholas E. - Sgt (Co G)
Spinney, Stephen S. - Pvt (Co G)
Stacy, Uranus - Pvt (Co A)
Stanley, John R. - Pvt (Co I)
Staples, Charles F. - Cpl (Co A)
Staples, William H. - Pvt (Co G)
Staples, William M. - Sgt (Co I)
Steadfast, Thomas S. - Pvt (Co C)
Stevens, Charles E. - Pvt (Co B)
Stevens, Herrman - Pvt (Co E)
Stevens, Osgood W. - Pvt (Co F)
Stevenson, William - Pvt (Co G)
Stillings, Calvin - Pvt (Co D)
Stimpson, Thomas J. - Pvt (Co A)
Stone, James M. - LTC (LtCol)
Stone, Lewis G. - Pvt (Co H)
Stone, Simon - Pvt (Co K)
Stover, Eben - Pvt (Co H)
Sweetsir, John W. - Cpl (Co A)
Sweetsir, Stephen E. - Pvt (Co A)
Swett, Augustus D. - Pvt (Co C)


Tapley, David G. - Pvt (Co A)
Tapley, William H. - Pvt (Co A)
Tarbox, Alphonso - Pvt (Co F)
Tarbox, George - Pvt (Co C)
Tarbox, Thomas B. - Pvt (Co F)
Taylor, Calvin M. - Pvt (Co E)
Taylor, Daniel D. - Cpl (Co K)
Taylor, George A. - Pvt (Co E)
Taylor, George W. - Pvt (Co I)
Taylor, Horace - Pvt (Co I)
Taylor, Oliver G. - Pvt (Co K)
Thompson, Adrial - Pvt (Co E)
Thompson, Caleb - Pvt (Co K)
Thompson, George F. - Pvt (Co K)
Thompson, George W. - 1SG (Co E)

Thompson, Henry C. - Sgt (Co C)
Thompson, William S. - Pvt (Co K)
Thorn, David - Pvt (Co C)
Thurston, Milton - Pvt (Co D)
Tibbetts, Charles H. - Pvt (Co F)
Tobey, Samuel A. - Pvt (Co G)
Tobey, William W. - Sgt (Co G)
Tompson, William - Pvt (Co B)
Trafton, Ham N. - Pvt (Co K)
Trafton, Osborn - Pvt (Co I)
Trefethern, Horatio W. - Pvt (Co G)
Tripp, Charles D. - Cpl (Co I)
Tripp, Pelatiah R. - Pvt (Co I)
Tucker, Charles H. - Cpl (Co B)
Tucker, Daniel H. - Pvt (Co B)
Tucker, William H. - Pvt (Co G)
Tufts, John F. - Pvt (Co B)
Tufts, Wilson C. - Pvt (Co B)
Twombley, Henry W. - Pvt (Co B)


Varney, Aaron - Pvt (Co H)
Varney, Elijah - Pvt (Co G)


 Wadleigh, Charles H. - Pvt (Co B)
Wadleigh, Elisha - Pvt (Co G)
Wadsworth, Alexander - Pvt (Co H)
Wadsworth, Marshall L. - Cpl (Co H)
Waitt, John H. - Pvt (Co E)
Wakefield, George W. - Pvt (Co D)
Wakefield, George W. - Pvt (Co I)
Walker, George M. - Sgt (Co H)
Wallingford, Daniel - Pvt (Co D)
Walls, Thomas - Pvt (Co C)
Ward, George H. - CPT (Co A)
Warren, Chadbourne - Pvt (Co B)
Warren, Joseph F. - CPT (Co C)
Warren, Nathaniel F. - Pvt (Co B)
Watson, Daniel - Pvt (Co A)
Watson, George W. - Sgt (Co F)
Watson, Seth - Pvt (Co F)
Webber, Alfred C. - Pvt (Co F)
Webber, Orin B. - Pvt (Co F)
Webber, William C. - Musician (Co K)
Weeks, Noah - Pvt (Co H)
Welch, Charles H. - Pvt (Co H)
Welch, Wentworth - Pvt (Co B)
Wells, Alexander B. - Cpl (Co E)
Wells, Hartley L. - Pvt (Co I)
Wells, John - Pvt (Co G)
Wells, Octavius E. - Pvt (Co I)
Wentworth, Albert F. - Pvt (Co B)
Wentworth, Bradford H. - Pvt (Co B)
Wentworth, Enoch J. - Pvt (Co K)
Wentworth, Henry - Pvt (Co B)

Wentworth, Lewis H. - Pvt (Co H)
Wentworth, Mark F. - COL (COL)
Wentworth, Samuel T. - Pvt (Co B)
Wentworth, William - Pvt (Co H)
West, Silas - Cpl (Co H)
Wheelwright, Moses F. - Pvt (Co E)
White, Joseph H. - Pvt (Co I)
Whitehead, John - Pvt (Co F)
Whitehouse, Harrison - Pvt (Co B)
Whitehouse, Joseph A. - Pvt (Co I)
Whitten, John C. - Cpl (Co I)
Wiggin, George A. - Pvt (Co A)
Wiggin, James E. - Cpl (Co B)
Wiggin, John H. - Cpl (Co B)
Wiggin, John W. - Pvt (Co C)
Wiggin, Mark N. - Pvt (Co H)
Wilds, Erastus - Pvt (Co D)
Wilkinson, Stephen - Pvt (Co E)
Willey, Andrew - Pvt (Co B)
Willey, Frederick L. - Pvt (Co G)
Williams, Joseph B. - Cpl (Co G)
Williams, Josiah - Pvt (Co G)
Wilson, Charles W. - Pvt (Co A)
Wilson, George - Pvt (Co G)
Wilson, John R. - Cpl (Co K)
Wilson, Joseph B. - Pvt (Co D)
Wingate, Jesse B. - Cpl (Co A)
Winn, Oliver A. - Pvt (Co E)
Witham, Josiah W. - Pvt (Co H)
Woodsome, James L. - Pvt (Co B)
Wormwood, John P. - Pvt (Co I)
Worster, Charles H. - Pvt (Co D)
Wright, George C. - Pvt (Co I)


York, Charles E. - Pvt (Co F)
York, Enoch - Pvt (Co E)

York, George H. - Pvt (Co E)
York, William H. - Pvt (Co E)

Young, Augustus D. - Pvt (Co G)
Young, John - Pvt (Co K)
Young, Orileas L. - Pvt (Co E)


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