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Many of the HERO STORIES, history, citations and other information detailed in this website are, at least for now, available in PRINT or DIGITAL format from AMAZON.COM. The below comprise the nearly 4-dozen  "Home Of Heroes" books currently available.

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Medal of Honor Books

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This series of books contains the citations for ALL Medals of Honor awarded to that branch of service, with brief biographical data and photos of many of the recipients. Some of them also include citations for other awards, analysis of awards, data tables and analysis and more. These are LARGE volumes, each 8 1/2" x 11" and more than 500 pages each. Click on a book to find it on where you can find more details on what is contained in each book, as well as to get a free preview. Each volume is $24.95.

Heroes in the War on Terrorism

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These books contain the citations for nearly all of the awards of the Silve Star and higher to members of each branch of service in the War on Terrorism. Books include photos of most recipients, some biographical data, analysis of awards by rank, unit, date, and more.


With the 5 Medal of Honor volumes above, these compilations comprise a virtual 28-volume ENCYCLOPEDIA of decorated American heroes(15,000 pages)  with award citations, history, tables & analysis, and detailed indexes of ACEs, FLAG OFFICERS, and more. (Click on any book to see it in - $24.95 Each Volume)

United States Army Heroes

Distinguished Service Cross

Distinguished Service Medals
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1873 - 1941 Korea Vietnam 1862 - 1960 RVN - Present

United States Navy Heroes

Navy Cross Silver Star Navy Corpsmen
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1915 - 1941 WWII Korea - Present WWII

United States Marine Corps Heroes

Navy Cross Silver Star
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1915 - WWII Korea - Present 1900 - 1941 WWII 1947 - Korea Vietnam - Present

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The Defining Generation
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Names of the 864 Members of the 27th Maine
Removed from the Honor Roll in the Purge of 1917
Listed By Company

Command Staff: Wentworth, Mark F. - Colonel
Stone, James M. - Lieutenant Colonel
Hill, John D. - Major

Rand, Edward M. - C
aptain & Adjutant
Russell, Otis F. - Chaplain
Kimball, John E.L. - Surgeon
Cross, Charles M. - Assistant Surgeon

Hall, Freeman - Assistant Surgeon
Hayes, Calvin L. - Sergeant Major
O'Brion, Lewis - Q
Burbank, Horace H. - Q
uartermaster Sergeant
Marr, Cyrus G. - Comm
issary Sergeant

 Company A  (90)

Atkins, Charles P. - Pvt
Barker, William B. - Cpl
Barrows, David S. - 1SG
Boynton, Granville M. - Pvt
Bradbury, Charles W. - Pvt
Bradbury, Eben H.C. - Pvt
Bradbury, Edward - Pvt
Bradbury, Henry M. - PVt
Bradbury, Joseph F. - Pvt
Brown, Cyrus - Pvt
Burbank, Arthur C. - Sgt
Burbank, Porter M. - Pvt
Casson, Joseph - Pvt
Chellies, Albion K.P. - Pvt
Clark, Elisha E. - Pvt
Cluff, Samuel - Pvt
Cobb, Charles - Pvt
Connor, John - Pvt
Cousins, Francis J. - Pvt
Davis, William G. - Pvt
Dearborn, Richard - Pvt
Dunn, Alanson - Cpl
Dunn, Daniel - Pvt
Elliott, Isaac - Pvt
Favour, Horace H. - Pvt
Fendersen, Charles W. - Pvt
Floyd, Daniel - Pvt
Fowler, Frank - Pvt
Gallison, Greenleaf W. - Pvt
Googins, William H. - Pvt
Gove, George A. - Pvt
Graffam, Joseph - Sgt
Grant, Elijah M. - Pvt
Gurney, Fred S. - Sgt
Harmon, Frank L. - 2LT
Hasty, Winfield F. - Pvt
Hayes, John C. - Pvt
Henderson, Alvah - Pvt
Hill, Joseph H. - Pvt
Hodgdon, Hiram - Pvt
Hopkins, Jonathan C. - Pvt
Johnson, Daniel E. - Pvt
Jordon, George H. - Sgt
Keay, John F. - Pvt
Knight, Edward F. - Pvt

Lewis, Gilman - Pvt
Libby, Benjamin F. - Pvt
Libby, Charles G. - Pvt
Libby, Fred W. - Cpl
Libby, Samuel H. - 1LT
Lowell, John H. - Pvt
Lowell, Moses - Pvt
Manson, Edwin R. - Pvt
Merrill, Charles H. - Pvt
Miles, George S. - Pvt
Miles, Thomas P. - Cpl
Milliken, John S. - Pvt
Mitchell, Joseph S. - Pvt

Noble, John M. - Pvt
Packard, Charles F. - Pvt
Patterson, Gardiner - Pvt
Patterson, Mark - Pvt
Phillips, Rufus - Pvt
Pike, Charles M. - Pvt
Plumer, William - Pvt
Prescott, Alpheus - Pvt
Prescott, Roswell - Pvt
Prescott, Wallace - Pvt
Ricker, Alonzo F. - Pvt
Ridlon, Henry - Pvt
Ridlon, John - Pvt
Robinson, Edwin A. - Pvt
Rounds, Daniel - Wagoner
Sanborn, Warren G. - Pvt
Sawyer, Obediah - Pvt
Seavey, Frank - Pvt
Small, Lewis L. - Pvt
Smith, James H. - Pvt
Stacy, Uranus - Pvt
Staples, Charles F. - Cpl
Stimpson, Thomas J. - Pvt
Sweetsir, John W. - Cpl
Sweetsir, Stephen E. - Pvt
Tapley, David G. - Pvt
Tapley, William H. - Pvt
Ward, George H. - CPT
Watson, Daniel - Pvt
Wiggin, George A. - Pvt
Wilson, Charles W. - Pvt
Wingate, Jesse B. - Cpl
Company B  (91)
Abbott, George H. - Pvt
Adams, John W. - Musician
Allen, Seth G. - Pvt
Bennett, Augustus - Pvt
Boston, Elijah F. - Pvt
Brackett, David H. - Cpl
Brown, John - Pvt
Came, Frank - Pvt
Carpenter, Whitney R. - Pvt
Carpenter, William H. - Pvt
Chadbourne, Thomas - Pvt
Chaney, Andrew - Pvt
Chaney, Charles II - Pvt

Chase, Joseph T. - 2LT
Cooper, Benjamin F. - Pvt
Dennett, Reuben - Pvt
Dillingham, John L. - Pvt
Dockham, George A. - Pvt
Doe, Joseph D. - Sgt
Durgin, George W. - Pvt
Eldridge, Edward W. - Pvt
Emery, Franklin - Pvt
Fall, Isaac P. - CPT
Goodwin, Charles A. - Cpl
Goodwin, Ivory L. - Pvt
Goodwin, James W. - Wagoner
Gray, John - Sgt
Gray, Sylvester - Pvt
Hanscome, Lyman M. - Pvt
Hanson, John S. - Pvt
Hanson, Lorenzo S. - Pvt
Harmond, Nelson - Pvt
Harvey, Charles A. - Cpl
Harvey, Henry G. - 1SG
Harvey, John W. - Pvt
Hasty, Granville - Pvt
Hatch, James W. - Pvt
Higley, Albert A. - Pvt
Higley, Eben N. - Pvt
Hogan, Edward W. - Pvt
Hooper, William H. - Pvt
Hurd, Moses S. - 1LT
Jellison, Joshua C. - Pvt

Jellison, William H. - Pvt
Jenkins, Charles W. - Sgt
Keays, William W. - Pvt
Kerr, William - Pvt
Lampkin, Gilman H. - Pvt
Libby, Philander H. - Cpl
Littlefield, James H. - Pvt
Littlefield, Jedidiah - Sgt
Littlefield, Thaddeus - Pvt
Manson, John W. - Pvt
Martin, Frank W. - Musician
Mason, Albert D. - Pvt
McLaughlin, Dennis - Pvt
Mills, Elihu J. - Pvt
Moore, George A. - Pvt
Nason, Luther - Pvt
Nason, Robert - Pvt
Neal, John F. - Pvt
Nicholson, Edward P. - Pvt
Norman, Charles S. - Pvt
Perkins, John - Pvt

Pierce, Sylvester - Pvt
Pike, William C. - Cpl
Pray, William H. - Pvt

Ricker, Timothy F. - Pvt
Rowell, Alexander - Pvt

Shory, Henry W. - Pvt
Spencer, Joseph T. - Pvt
Stevens, Charles E. - Pvt
Tompson, William - Pvt
Tucker, Charles H. - Cpl

Tucker, Daniel H. - Pvt
Tufts, John F. - Pvt
Tufts, Wilson C. - Pvt
Twombley, Henry W. - Pvt
Wadleigh, Charles H. - Pvt
Warren, Chadbourne - Pvt
Warren, Nathaniel F. - Pvt
Welch, Wentworth - Pvt
Wentworth, Albert F. - Pvt
Wentworth, Bradford H. - Pvt
Wentworth, Henry - Pvt
Wentworth, Samuel T. - Pvt
Whitehouse, Harrison - Pvt
Wiggin, James E. - Cpl
Wiggin, John H. - Cpl
Willey, Andrew - Pvt
Woodsome, James L. - Pvt

Company C  (81)

Bail, William - Pvt
Bangs, Willard - Pvt
Berry, Edward M. - Pvt
Berry, John - Pvt
Berry, William - Pvt
Boody, Sylvester O. - Pvt
Brown, Phillip A. - Pvt
Carll, William F. - Cpl
Chadbourne, Henry A. - Cpl
Clough, Levi - Wagoner
Cressey, Horace - Pvt
Dearborn, Paul C. - Pvt
Dennett, Alvan A. - Cpl
Doun, Reuben - Pvt
Dow, Simon B. - Cpl
Dunn, John K. - Pvt
Dunn, William S. - Cpl
Dunnell, Samuel - 2LT
Dunnell, Samuel L. - Pvt
Duran, William - Pvt

Dyer, Charles H. - Pvt
Dyer, William - Pvt
Edgerly, George W. - Pvt
Eldridge, Philander - Pvt
Fairfield, Lendol N. - Pvt
Flanders, Daniel C. - Pvt
Foss, Enos L. - Musician
Foster, John B. - Pvt
Garland, John - Pvt
Gould, James H. - Pvt
Graffam, Joseph - Pvt
Guilford, Charles - Pvt
Harmon, Charles H. - Pvt
Harmon, Charles L. - Pvt
Harmon, Samuel C. - Cpl
Hill, Daniel - Sgt
Hodsden, David - Pvt
Hopkinson, James M. - Pvt
Johnson, John - Pvt
Kimball, Lewis - Pvt
Kinrick, Eben S. - Pvt
Knight, John H. - Pvt
Lane, George - Pvt
Leavett, Henry - Sgt
Libby, George H. - Pvt
Manson, Charles H. - Sgt
Marriner, James S. - Pvt
Martin, John - Cpl
Merrill, Frederick A. - Pvt
Merrill, Samuel - Pvt
Millerkin, William - 1LT
Murch, Orrin - Pvt

Nason, Freeman - Pvt
Nason, Nathan P. - Sgt
Nason, Samuel E. - Pvt
Nichols, Franklin - Pvt
Norton, Eben H. - Pvt
Norton, Leonard - Pvt
Owen, Elijah J.C. - Pvt
Owen, Mark L.H. - Pvt
Owen, Melville C. - Pvt
Palmer, James W. - Pvt
Pennell, Horace - Pvt
Redlon, Gideon W.T. - Pvt
Redlon, Isaac - Pvt
Ross, Albert - Pvt
Rounds, Joseph G. - Pvt
Rounds, Melville K. - Pvt
Sanborn, Elias - Pvt
Sawyer, Joseph R. - Pvt
Simpson, Enoch A. - Pvt
Skillings, Daniel - Musician
Smith, Milbury S. - Pvt
Steadfast, Thomas S. - Pvt
Swett, Augustus D. - Pvt
Tarbox, George - Pvt
Thompson, Henry C. - Sgt
Thorn, David - Pvt
Walls, Thomas - Pvt
Warren, Joseph F. - CPT
Wiggin, John W. - Pvt

Company D  (76)

Allen, Samuel L. - Pvt
Bates, Marcus - Pvt
Bean, Lewis L. - Pvt
Benson, James A. - Pvt
Bradeen, Henry - Pvt
Bragdon, Benjamin T. - Pvt
Bryant, Frederick S. - 1LT
Burnes, George - Musician
Butler, Benjamin H. - Pvt
Butler, William N. - Pvt
Clements, Henry - Pvt
Clements, James H. - Pvt
Cochran, Adam - Pvt
Corson, George M. - Pvt
Cotton, Charles - Pvt
Davis, Frank M. - Cpl

Decoff, Charles - Pvt
Eldridge, William H. - Pvt
Emery, John F. - Pvt
Fall, Henry R. - Sgt
Fall, Howard S. - Pvt
Fitzgerald, David - Pvt
Ford, Alvin A. - Pvt
Freeman, John W. - Cpl
Fullerton, David B. - CPT
Gerrish, Alfred J.W. - Pvt
Goodwin, Charles H. - Pvt
Goodwin, James M. - Pvt
Goodwin, Joseph B. - Pvt
Gordon, Charles S. - Pvt
Guptill, John A. - Pvt
Hanscom, William L. - Pvt Co d
Hanson, Lewis B. - Pvt
Hardison, Ezra H. - Pvt
Harvey, Augustus - Pvt
Hayes, Frederick - 2LT
Hayes, Samuel D. - Cpl
Hersom, John H. - Pvt
Hurd, John H. - Wagoner

Hurd, Nathaniel N. - 1SG
Hurd, Thomas S. - Pvt
Hutchins, Charles L. - Cpl
Hutchins, William H. - Pvt
Jeffords, Henry - Pvt
Jennison, Maverick M. - Sgt
Johnson, Solomon - Pvt
Knox, Hosea B. - Cpl
Libby, Aaron R. - Pvt
Lord, Ezekiel S. - Pvt
Lord, George A. - Pvt
Lord, Lyman - Pvt
Lord, Timothy H. - Sgt
Manning, George F. - Pvt
McGuire, Charles - Pvt

Mildram, Frank S. - Pvt
Miller, Mark - Pvt
Nute, Ivory H. - Cpl
Perry, Pharaoh - Pvt
Perry, William R. - Pvt

Pierce, Charles A. - Cpl
Pierce, Henry B. - Cpl
Pray, William A. - Pvt
Quimby, Hosea M. - Sgt
Quinney, James - Pvt
Ramsdell, Pual R. - Pvt
Sanborn, John W. - Pvt
Sanborn, Nelson - Pvt
Shaw, J. Lyman - Pvt
Smith, Woodbury - Pvt
Stillings, Calvin - Pvt
Thurston, Milton - Pvt
Wakefield, George W. - Pvt
Wallingford, Daniel - Pvt
Wilds, Erastus - Pvt
Wilson, Joseph B. - Pvt
Worster, Charles H. - Pvt

Company E  (79)

Allen, Jeddiah - Pvt
Allen, William A. - Cpl
Anderson, Amos S. - Cpl
Anderson, William R. - Pvt
Auld, William M. - Cpl
Banfield, Philip - Pvt
Bartlett, Charles S. - Pvt
Bisbee, Orrin S. - Pvt
Bragdon, James A. - Pvt
Bridges, Joseph - Pvt
Brooks, Nathaniel - Cpl
Butland, Francis - 1SG
Butler, Willis H. - Sgt
Chadbourn, Joseph E. - 1LT
Chaney, Joseph - Pvt
Chapman, William - Pvt
Chase, Josiah - Cpl
Clarvage, Samuel J.C. - Pvt
Cole, George C. - Pvt
Currier, George E. - Pvt
Davis, Charles A. - Wagoner
Day, Benjamin N. - Pvt

Eaton, Walter - Pvt
Edwards, George W. - Pvt
Emery, John H. - Musician
Emery, William R. - Pvt
Ethridge, Stephen L. - Pvt
Frost, Hugh A - Pvt
Gerrish, George W. - Pvt
Getchell, Albert F. - Pvt
Getchell, Emlus J. - Sgt
Getchell, John M. - CPT
Getchell, Marcus M. - Pvt
Getchell, Samuel M. - Pvt
Giles, Jesse - Cpl
Gowen, William B. - Cpl
Grant, Daniel W. - Pvt
Hall, John - 2LT
Hatch, Elmore J. - Pvt
Hatch, Joseph E. - Pvt

Hill, Frederick R. - Sgt
Hilton, John - Pvt
Hubbard, Alonzo - Pvt
Jacobs, Charles - Pvt
Jellison, John W. - Pvt
Johnson, Edward P. - Pvt
Johnson, Ivory - Pvt
Littlefield, Joseph F. - Pvt
Littlefield, Joshua D. - Pvt
Littlefield, Josias - Pvt
Littlefield, Ralph - Pvt
Littlefield, Reuben O. - Pvt
Lord, John W. - Pvt

Martin, Lyman R. - Pvt
Milliken, Charles H. - Pvt
Needham, Frank E. - Pvt
Perkins, James G. - Pvt
Philbrick, Robert S. - Pvt
Phillips, Trafton - Pvt
Pike, George B. - Pvt
Rhodes, Israel K. - Musician
Richardson, Joseph P. - Pvt
Ridley, Joseph - Pvt
Smith, Samuel S. - Pvt
Spencer, Joshua C. - Pvt
Stevens, Herrman - Pvt
Taylor, Calvin M. - Pvt
Taylor, George A. - Pvt
Thompson, Adrial - Pvt
Thompson, George W. - 1SG
Waitt, John H. - Pvt
Wells, Alexander B. - Cpl
Wheelwright, Moses F. - Pvt
Wilkinson, Stephen - Pvt
Winn, Oliver A. - Pvt
York, Enoch - Pvt
York, George H. - Pvt

York, William H. - Pvt
Young, Orileas L. - Pvt

Company F  (83)

Adams, Lucien - Pvt
Andrews, Chase - Cpl
Bailey, Albert - Wagoner
Bisbee, Charles D. - Pvt
Blood, Charles H. - Pvt
Brackett, Lorenzo D. - Sgt
Burnes, James - Pvt
Burnham, Eben - Pvt
Burnham, Elbrifge - Pvt
Burnham, Francis M. - Pvt
Cary, Michael - Pvt
Chadwick, Nathan A. - Pvt
Chapman, Charles - Pvt
Clough, Charles II - Pvt
Clough, George W. - Pvt
Cole, John W. - Pvt
Cole, Robert - Pvt
Crann, Patrick - Pvt
Cribby, George - Pvt
Drew, John - Pvt
Durgin, Albion L. - Sgt
Durgin, Almond C. - Cpl
Elliott, William L. - Pvt
Foss, Edward L. - Pvt
Foss, William A. - Cpl
Fuller, Edwin - Cpl
Gallagher, Edward H. - Pvt

Goodwin, Alonzo - Pvt
Goodwin, Frank - Pvt
Gowen, Walter A. - Pvt
Guptill, Daniel - Pvt
Hadlock, Charles H. - Pvt
Haley, Albert - Pvt
Haley, Thomas - Pvt
Hampson, Charles - Pvt
Harriman, Aaron - Pvt
Hussey, Luther G. - Pvt
Judge, Patrick - Pvt
Kirwin, James - Pvt
Littlefield, George - Pvt
Littlefield, John T. - Pvt

Locke, Thomas D. - Pvt
Lombard, Osbright A. - Pvt
Magrath, George - Pvt
Marston, Charles N. - Pvt
Mason, Joseph T. - Pvt
Miller, Caleb L. - Pvt
Milliken, Moses S. - Pvt
Milliken, Nathaniel M. - Pvt
Mitchell, Deodat - Pvt
Mitchell, Joseph S. - Pvt
Murphy, John B. - Pvt
Nason, Andrew J. - Pvt
Page, Amos W. - 1LT
Parody, John - Pvt
Perkins, John W. - 2LT
Perkins, Samuel - Pvt
Pierce, William B. - Sgt
Plumer, Jeremiah - CPT

Poole, James A. - Pvt
Richards, Orin E. - Pvt

Sampson, Moses T. - 1SG
Scammon, Nicholas - Cpl
Shehan, George R. - Pvt
Skillins, Lorenzo D. - Pvt
Skinner, John B. - Pvt
Small, Roland E. - Pvt
Smith, Atwood F. - Cpl
Smith, Charles B. - Pvt
Smith, Charles F. - Cpl
Smith, Charles T. - Pvt
Smith, William M. - Cpl
Spaulding, Wallis - Pvt
Stevens, Osgood W. - Pvt
Tarbox, Alphonso - Pvt
Tarbox, Thomas B. - Pvt
Tibbetts, Charles H. - Pvt
Watson, George W. - Sgt
Watson, Seth - Pvt
Webber, Alfred C. - Pvt
Webber, Orin B. - Pvt
Whitehead, John - Pvt
York, Charles E. - Pvt

Company G  (90)

Adams, John F. - Pvt
Adlington, Thomas A. - Pvt
Allen, Charles H. - Pvt
Berry, Moses G. - Pvt
Berry, William - Pvt
Blanchard, Jacob S. - Pvt
Bowden, Charles A. - Pvt
Bracey, James F. - Pvt
Briard, Robert - Sgt
Brown, James W. - Pvt
Carr, William T. - Pvt
Chapman, William W. - Cpl
Chase, Romanty E. - Pvt
Chick, Sylvester - Pvt
Clough, Charles - Pvt
Cole, Ai S. - Wagoner
Cottle, Oliver - Pvt

Daymon, George W. - Pvt
Dixon, Edmund A. - CPT
Dixon, Joseph H. - Pvt
Fernald, Alonzo - Cpl
Fernald, Benjamin - Pvt
Fernald, Simon - Pvt
Flanders, George W. - Pvt
Foye, Isaac M. - Pvt
Frisbee, Josiah P. - Pvt

Frost, Harrison T. - Pvt
Gerry, Jotham H. - Cpl
Goodsoe, Herbert - Pvt
Grace, Hiram M. - Pvt
Greenleaf, Edgar - Sgt
Hanscom, Albert - Pvt
Hanscom, John F. - Pvt
Hayes, Charles E. - Pvt
Hayes, George H. - Cpl
Hayes, John W. - 1SG
Hill, John R. - Pvt
Holt, Otis C. - Pvt
Keen, Hamden C. - Pvt
Keen, Josiah E. - Pvt
Kennison, Horace - Cpl
Knight, Roscoe G. - Cpl
Knox, George F. - Pvt
Lawry, Franklin E. - Pvt
Littlefield, Franklin - Pvt

Littlefield, John - Pvt
Lydston, Charles - Pvt
Manson, Albert - Pvt
Manson, Horatio - Pvt
Mealy, John - Pvt
Mitchell, Edwin - Pvt
Mugridge, Samuel - Pvt
Nason, John - Pvt
Otis, William M. - Pvt
Parker, Benjamin F. - Pvt
Parker, Horace B. - Pvt
Parker, Joseph D. - 1LT
Paul, Elbridge R. - Cpl

Paul, Henry M. - Pvt
Pettigrew, Colby H. - Pvt
Pettigrew, John - Cpl
Pickernell, Richard - Pvt
Pierce, Daniel - Pvt
Roberts, John - Pvt
Roberts, Joshua - Pvt
Scriggins, Charles H. - Pvt
Sewall, Joseph A. - Pvt
Shapleigh, Dennis M. - 2LT
Shapleigh, John - Pvt
Shapleigh, Morris G. - Pvt
Shapleigh, Roscoe G. - Pvt
Shapleigh, William H. - Pvt
Smith, William - Pvt
Spinney, James P. - Pvt
Spinney, Nicholas E. - Sgt
Spinney, Stephen S. - Pvt
Staples, William H. - Pvt
Stevenson, William - Pvt
Tobey, Samuel A. - Pvt
Tobey, William W. - Sgt
Trefethern, Horatio W. - Pvt
Tucker, William H. - Pvt
Varney, Elijah - Pvt
Wadleigh, Elisha - Pvt
Wells, John - Pvt
Willey, Frederick L. - Pvt
Williams, Joseph B. - Cpl
Williams, Josiah - Pvt
Wilson, George - Pvt
Young, Augustus D. - Pvt

Company H  (88)

Anderson, William A. - Pvt
Andrews, James E. - Pvt
Ayer, William H. H. - Pvt
Black, George E. - Pvt
Bragdon, Edmund - 2LT
Bragdon, Sumner - Pvt
Brown, Lorenzo T. - Pvt
Burbank, John P. - Pvt
Burbank, Luther S. - Pvt
Burnell, Nathaniel A. - Cpl
Burnham, Thatcher W. - Pvt
Buzzell, Jacob I. - Pvt
Call, Nathan - Pvt
Chute, Albion - Pvt
Clark, John E. - Pvt
Cole, Charles E. - Pvt
Cousins, William A. - Pvt
Davis, Charles - Cpl
Day, Silas - Pvt
Day, Thurston P.M. - Pvt

Dunnells, Loring - Pvt
Eastman, Frank - Pvt
Edgerly, Samuel H. - Pvt
Fly, Stephen S. - Pvt
Foster, Charles H. - Pvt
Garvin, Samuel H. - Sgt

Gerrish, Noah W. - Pvt
Goodwin, John M. - Pvt
Gowell, Benjamin - Pvt
Graffam, William - Pvt
Grant, George W. - Pvt
Hill, Albert G. - Pvt
Hilton, Charles A. - Cpl
Hodgdon, Flanders - Pvt
Hodgdon, Freeman - Pvt
Horn, Rufus A. - Pvt
Huntress, John - Pvt
Hurd, Edwin - Pvt
Hurd, George - Pvt
Hurd, John A. - Pvt
Hurd, Sylvester - Pvt
Hussey, Ralph R. - 1LT
Jewell, Roscoe - Pvt
Johnson, David E. - Pvt
Johnson, John O. - Pvt
Keene, Harrison M. - 1SG
Kidder, George E. - Pvt
Libby, Arthur - Cpl
Lord, Charles E. - Pvt
Lord, Edward - Pvt
Loud, Elbridge - Pvt
McKenney, Abner - Pvt
McKenney, Charles F. - Pvt
McKenney, Enoch - Pvt
Moore, John - Pvt
Morrison, Ivory C. - Pvt
Moulton, Alonzo P. - Pvt
Norton, Clark H. - Pvt
Ordway, Moses - Pvt
Pendexter, Paul - Pvt
Perkins, George D. - Pvt
Philbrick, Ira A. - Pvt
Ridlon, William - Pvt
Rines, George W. - Pvt
Ross, Hough - Pvt
Sadler, Edwin A. - Pvt
Sanborn, Charles P. - Pvt
Sawyer, Isaac - Pvt
Scates, David W.C. - Pvt
Small, Alfred - Cpl
Small, John C. - Pvt
Smart, Almond O. - CPT
Smith, James M. - Pvt
Smith, Ransom E. - Sgt
Smith, Stillman C. - Sgt
Stone, Lewis G. - Pvt
Stover, Eben - Pvt
Varney, Aaron - Pvt
Wadsworth, Alexander - Pvt
Wadsworth, Marshall L. - Cpl
Walker, George M. - Sgt
Weeks, Noah - Pvt
Welch, Charles H. - Pvt
Wentworth, Lewis H. - Pvt
Wentworth, William - Pvt
West, Silas - Cpl
Wiggin, Mark N. - Pvt
Witham, Josiah W. - Pvt

Company I  (87)

Adjutant, George W. - Pvt
Bartlett, Joseph W. - Pvt
Blanchard, Stephen - Cpl
Bracey, John - Pvt
Brown, James H. - Pvt
Bryant, Seth E. - CPT
Burnham, Charles L. - Pvt
Bussell, George - Pvt
Bussell, John C. - Pvt
Butland, Nathaniel - Pvt
Butrick, Benjamin - Pvt
Cluff, George W. - Pvt
Cole, John - Cpl
Cousens, William G. - Pvt
Doieg, Thomas - Pvt
Downs, Archibald S. - Pvt
Downs, David - Pvt
Drown, Alonzo J. - Pvt
Drown, Orlando - Pvt
Emerson, George W. - Pvt
Emery, Isaac M. - Sgt
Emmons, D. Taylor - Pvt
Emmons, George - Pvt
Emmons, George W. - Pvt
Emmons, John - Pvt
Emmons, John G. - Pvt
Garland, Albra - Pvt
Garland, Charles E. - Pvt
Gooch, Charles W. - Pvt
Gooch, Hiram T. - Pvt
Gooch, John B. - Pvt
Gooch, William H. - Pvt
Gordon, George - Pvt
Gordon, Henry - Pvt
Grant, Nicholas - Wagoner
Haley, James C. - Pvt

Hanscom, Charles H. - Pvt
Harmon, Frederick M. - Pvt
Hill, Barnabas R. - Pvt
Hill, Samuel L. - Pvt
Hubbard, Charles S. - Pvt
Hubbard, George - Pvt
Jackson, Anthony - Pvt
Jose, Thomas L. - Pvt

Kimball, Alpheus T. - Pvt
Kimball, Charles - Pvt
Larrabee, Edward N. - Pvt
Littlefield, Emmorson - Pvt
Littlefield, Henry - 2LT
Manson, John S. - Pvt
McCulloch, Adam - Pvt
Merrill, Jonas F. - Pvt
Moody, Charles H. - Pvt
Moody, James E. - Pvt
Moody, William H. - 1SG
Moulton, Charles H. - Pvt
Moulton, Erastus - Sgt
Nason, William H. - Pvt
Okes, George W. - Pvt
Osgood, Henry B. - 1LT

Peavey, Chandler - Pvt
Perkins, Otis W. - Pvt

Ridley, Joseph H. - Pvt
Roberts, Alvah - Pvt
Roberts, Dimond - Cpl
Roberts, George H. - Sgt
Roberts, Luke H. - Cpl
Roberts, William F. - Cpl
Robinson, Emery S. - Pvt
Robinson, George E. - Pvt
Robinson, Horace V. - Cpl

Robinson, Omen W. - Pvt
Stanley, John R. - Pvt
Staples, William M. - Sgt
Taylor, George W. - Pvt
Taylor, Horace - Pvt
Trafton, Osborn - Pvt
Tripp, Charles D. - Cpl
Tripp, Pelatiah R. - Pvt
Wakefield, George W. - Pvt
Wells, Hartley L. - Pvt
Wells, Octavius E. - Pvt
White, Joseph H. - Pvt
Whitehouse, Joseph A. - Pvt
Whitten, John C. - Cpl
Wormwood, John P. - Pvt
Wright, George C. - Pvt

Company K  (85)

Abbott, Charles E. - Pvt
Adams, Clement J. - Sgt
Baker, Albert - Pvt
Barnes, Benjamin - Pvt
Bradeen, Alexander M. - Pvt
Brown, John W. - Pvt
Burbank, Monroe A. - Cpl
Buzzell, Elijah S. - Pvt
Carpenter, John R. - Pvt
Center, John W. - Pvt
Chadbourn, Francis T. - Pvt

Chadbourn, James M. - Pvt
Chadbourne, Nathan - Cpl
Chellis, Frank - Pvt
Chellis, Oscar D. - Pvt
Chick, Hansom D. - Pvt
Collin, Onsville C. - Pvt
Cook, Charles R. - Sgt
Cresnor, George G. - Pvt
Davis, Albert H. - Cpl

Davis, Charles I. - Pvt
Dearborn, Charles - Pvt
Desbon, Elijah B. - Pvt
Dorman, George H. - Cpl
Dunnells, Mark W. - Pvt
Emmons, Joseph R. - Pvt

Ferguson, George A. - Pvt
Fernald, Stephen - Pvt
Flood, Ebenezer T. - Pvt
Fowler, Edward S. - Pvt
Garvin, Paul W. - Cpl
Gilpatrick, William - Pvt
Goodwin, Eben M. - Pvt
Goodwin, Henry J. - 1LT
Grant, Seth - Sgt
Hall, Ivory A. - Sgt
Ham, George C. - Pvt
Ham, Norris S. - Pvt
Ham, Orrin F. - Pvt
Hanscom, Elias - Pvt
Hayes, John M. - Pvt
Hooper, Timothy S. - Pvt
Horn, Reuben - Pvt
Hutchins, Erastus K. - Pvt

Hutchins, Ezra - Pvt
Hutchins, Frank A. - CPT
Hutchins, George - Pvt
Hutchins, Octavus - Pvt
King, Thomas J. - Pvt
Knight, Porter - Pvt

Learned, Peter - Pvt
Littlefield, Charles H. - Pvt
Longee, Lorenzo J. - Pvt
Lunt, John W. - Pvt
Maddox, John F. - Wagoner

McIntire, Henry - Pvt
McKenney, Benjamin R. - Pvt
Mitchell, Charles H. - Pvt
Morgan, William F. - Pvt
Murphy, Joseph W. - Pvt
Newbegin, Luke L. - Pvt
Patch, John - Pvt
Pillsbury, Woodman - Pvt
Piper, Horace L. - 2LT
Pitts, George - Pvt
Reed, George C. - Pvt
Ricker, Phendeus H. - Pvt
Sanborn, Charles P. - Cpl
Small, Arthur L. - Pvt
Smith, Amasa - Pvt
Smith, George L. - 1SG
Smith, James B. - Pvt
Smith, Libby H. - Pvt
Smith, Rice - Pvt
Stone, Simon - Pvt
Taylor, Daniel D. - Cpl
Taylor, Oliver G. - Pvt
Thompson, Caleb - Pvt
Thompson, George F. - Pvt
Thompson, William S. - Pvt
Trafton, Ham N. - Pvt
Webber, William C. - Musician
Wentworth, Enoch J. - Pvt
Wilson, John R. - Cpl
Young, John - Pvt

Company L  (2)

  Foss, James L. - Pvt
Foss, Robert - Cpl


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