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December 7, 1941 was described as our President as "a date which will live in infamy".  It was a day when America was subjected to a surprise attack that caused the deaths of 2,388 American men and women.  Perhaps no generation until the present can understand so well the tragedy that befell America on that fateful day.  How much do YOU know about Pearl Harbor Day?

The first ship destroyed at Pearl Harbor was: 
1.  The USS Arizona.
2.  The USS Nevada.
3.  The USS Utah.
4.  The USS Vestal.
5.  The USS Oklahoma.
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Fifteen men earned Medals of Honor at Pearl Harbor.  How many survived to wear it?

1.  None Survived.
2.  Only ONE survived.
3.  Nearly HALF of them survived.
4.  FIVE of them survived.
5.  TEN of them survived..
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When the USS Utah rolled over, it carried 58 men to a watery grave, where their bodies remain yet today.  Interred with these sailors and Marines is: 
1.  The body of a Navy nurse.
2.  The body of a Navy Chaplain.
3.  The body of TWO Naval Admirals.
4.  The remains of an infant girl.
5.  A Medal of Honor that was on display aboard the ship.
6.  ALL of the above.
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The Pearl Harbor Flag became a symbol of American resolve.  What historic moment was it later used for?
1.  It was flown at the United Nations Charter Meeting in San Francisco.
2.  It was flown at the Big Three Conference at Potsdam, Germany .
3.  It was flown over the White House when Japan surrendered on Aug 14, 1945.
4.  It was used as a poster during the war..
5.  All of the Above.
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The proper title of the top American Naval Commander on Pearl Harbor Day was: 
1.  CINCPAC (Commander in Chief Pacific).
2.  Admiral of the US Navy .
3.  Pacific Fleet Commander.
4.  CINCUS  (Think about that one for a moment.)

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