December 29, 1845

flag_st_tx.gif (2183 bytes)

"Lone Star State"

The official flag of Texas was adopted in 1839, six years before it became a State.  Only the flag of Hawaii is older as an official state flag, and many Texans would be quick to point out that Hawaii's official flag was modified in 1845 so the banner that represents TEXAS is the OLDEST ORIGINAL official STATE FLAG





















29  IOWA

December 28, 1846

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"Hawkeye State"

The red and white vertical stripes in the flag adopted by the State of Iowa in 1921 are reminiscent of the French Tricolor, and serve as a reminder that Iowa was acquired from France as part of the Louisiana Purchase.  The American Eagle with its blue ribbon are a part of the State Seal, and bear the motto:



























May 29, 1848

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"Badger State"

As you would expect, the "Badger State" has a picture of a badger on its STATE FLAG,   just below the name of the 30th state and a scroll with the words "FORWARD" on it.  The crest  reflects shipping (anchor), mining(pick), farming (plow) and industry (arm and hammer).  At the bottom of the flag adopted as the official STATE FLAG of Wisconsin adopted in 1913 (and modified in 1981) is the year the state entered the Union.























September 9, 1850

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"Golden State"

One June 14, 1846, four years before California became our 31st state, a group of Americans united under the banner of "The Bear Flag Republic" to declare independence from Mexico.  The California state flag was adopted in 1911 and revised in 1953.  A single star represents the statehood of the "Golden State" and the image of a BEAR with the words "California REPUBLIC" are presented in the flag to honor that heritage.























May 11, 1858

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"North Star State"

The STATE FLAG of Minnesota was not adopted until 1957, almost 100 years after it became our 32nd State.   The flag displays the State Seal depicting pioneer life, under a banner with the State's motto "North Star State".  There are 19 stars on the Minnesota, one for each state AFTER the Original Thirteen...Minnesota being the 32nd.
























February 14, 1859

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"Beaver State"

In 1925 the State of Oregon adopted the official STATE FLAGE, part of which is seen here.  More about THAT in a moment.

The flag is navy blue with gold letters and symbols, the colors of the "Beaver State".   Beneath the legend is a shield which is part of the State Seal.  Surrounding the shield are 33 stars to note Oregon's admission to the Union, and below the shield is the date of admission....1859.

The reason that you only see PART of the Oregon State Flag here is because it is the ONLY STATE to have a different design on the reverse side of the flag.  And what would you expect the "BEAVER STATE" to put on the back of its flag?


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