November 16, 1907

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"Sooner State"

Born on November 16, 1907, Oklahoma was the first State of the Twentieth Century.     The STATE FLAG was adopted in 1925 and modified in 1941, then changed again in 1988.  The blue background of the flag stands for loyalty.  The shield in the center is a replica of those common among the OSAGE INDIANS and represents defense.   The small crosses on the shield represent LOFTY IDEALS.  Across the face of the shield is an olive branch and calumet (peace pipe), symbols of a dedication to PEACE.

























January 6, 1912

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"Land of Enchantment"

The FLAG of New Mexico was adopted in 1925, thirteen years after statehood was granted.  The red and gold of the flag are the colors of Spain, and symbolize the heritage of the State.   The red symbol in the center of the flag was a graphic used by the Zia tribe of American Indians to represent the sun.

























February 14, 1912

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"Grand Canyon State"

Slightly more than a month after New Mexico was admitted as our 47th state, Arizona was added to the Union as Number 48.  For 47 years, longer than any other State in American history, Arizona's star was the last star on the flag.  (Not until 2007 will Hawaii have the opportunity to break this record.)

The red and yellow of the STATE FLAG adopted in 1917 are the colors of SPAIN and reflect the State's heritage.  The blue base represents the United States of America to which Arizona was joined.  The copper of the single star symbolizes Arizona's rich mineral resources.   The red and yellow streaks are designed to suggest the sun setting over the Arizona desert.

























January 3, 1959

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"The Last Frontier"

In 1927, twenty-two years before statehood was granted to Alaska, a contest was held to design a flag for the Alaska Territory.  Thirteen year old Benny Benson won the contest with his design recalling the dark blue of the Alaska sky and the gold of its bright stars.   Benny's winning design depicted the North Star in the upper right corner of the flag, and the BIG DIPPER in the lower portion of the STATE FLAG.

























August 21, 1959

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"Aloha State"

Hawaii became our 50th State in 1959 however its STATE FLAG may be the oldest.  It was adopted in 1816 and modified in 1845.  The eight red, white and blue stripes represent the EIGHT principal islands of Hawaii.  The UNION JACK recalls the flag presented to King Kamehameha I of Hawaii by Captain George Vancouver in 1793.