Where Was God?




Our World Is Grieving

A letter was sent to me asking 
" If there really is a God how
could He allow this to happen 
where was He ? "

Many of us have heard that 
question " Where was your God 
when the World Trade Center 
and the Pentagon was attacked ? " 
I know where God was the morning 
of September 11, 2001 and He was
very busy. He was trying to 
discourage anyone from taking 
those flights. The four planes 
held over 1000 passengers and 
there were only 266 aboard.

He was on 4 commercial flights 
giving terrified passengers the 
ability to stay calm. Not one 
of the family members who were 
called by a loved one on any of 
the high-jacked planes said that
passengers were screaming in the
background. On one of the flights
He was giving wisdom
& strength 
to passengers to try and overtake
the high-jackers so that others 
might be spared.

He was busy trying to create 
obstacles for employees at the 
World Trade Center .. After all,
only around 20,000 were at the 
towers when the 1st jet hit.
Since the buildings held over 
50,000 workers this was a 
miracle in itself.
How many of the people who were 
employed at the World Trade Center 
told the media that they were late 
for work or or they were stuck 
due to traffic delays.

He was holding up Two 110 story 
buildings so that 2/3 of the 
workers could get out. It was
so amazing that the top of the 
towers didn't topple as the jets
impacted. And when they did fall
they fell inward. God didn't allow
them to topple over as many more
lives would have been lost.

And when the buildings did 
collapse God picked up thousands 
of His brave children and carried
them home with Him ...Reassuring 
His other frightened children that
they were safely in His care.

He sat down and cried that 19 
of His children could have so 
much hate in their hearts.

He sent His children, that are 
best trained for this kind of 
disaster to save the few that 
were still alive. And then sent
many others from all different 
cultures to help in anyway that
they were needed.

And He still is not finished. 
He holds the loved ones that 
are left behind in His arms
He comforts them daily. His other
children are given the strength 
to reach out to them and to help
them in any way they can.

And I believe He will continue
to help us in what is yet to come.
He will give the people in charge
the strength and the wisdom to 
do the right things. He would never
leave us in our time of need.

So if anyone asks, Where was your 
God on September 11,2001 ... 
you can say everywhere ...
And although this is without a 
doubt the worst thing I have 
seen in my life, I can see God's 
miracles in every bit of it.
I keep praying for those who don't 
believe that there is a God.
I can't imagine going through such
a difficult time and not believing 
in God ... Life would seem hopeless.

May God Bless Our World .......
With consideration and love 
We must all live respecting others
Because we really are all one ... 


Midi "No Other Love" is used 
with permission and is copyright
2000 Bruce DeBoer

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