CSM Robert M. Patterson
US Army/Retired
Medal of Honor, Vietnam



On September 11, 2001 America sat and watched a deplorable attack on its citizens.  These citizens were not part of a military unit, police organization or anything of that nature.  They were ordinary people just going to work.  They had done nothing to this organization.  Their only crime was "THEY WERE AMERICAN". 

Most of the countries around the world have condemned the attack and have given their support to the actions America will take against these cowards.  It is time for all America to announce around the world,  "We will not be driven into hiding so you can have your way".

These cowards claim their actions were in the name of religion. THEY WERE NOT.  Their cowardly acts are self-serving and ONLY self-serving.  They do not truly represent any religious group.  They are nothing more than a band of criminals heaping their crimes on the countries around the world who do not kneel to their desires.

It is now time for America to show these cowards, who only attack unarmed men, women and children, that they will pay for their crimes.  It is time for America to unleash all the power we have on these cowards and put an end to this kind of conduct around the world. 

I believe in America and our way of life.  I, for one, will not surrender my freedoms to these cowards and their kind.  I will fight to my dying breath to put an end to them and protect our way of life and citizens.  We and our friends can defeat these cowards and drive them from the face of the earth.  It is once again time to stand up and say, "I'm an American and proud of it.  You cannot have my freedoms or put your requirements on me."

Robert M Patterson
Medal of Honor

Specialist 4th Class Robert Patterson received the Medal of Honor for his heroism in Vietnam on May 6, 1968.  With two comrades he destroyed 2 enemy bunkers that had pinned down his platoon, then  single-handedly destroyed yet a third that threatened his fellow soldiers.

A very special thanks to Theresa Kratz of KratzKreations for the moving and patriotic graphic image tributes throughout these pages.



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