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This series of books contains the citations for ALL Medals of Honor awarded to that branch of service, with brief biographical data and photos of many of the recipients. Some of them also include citations for other awards, analysis of awards, data tables and analysis and more. Click on a book to find it on where you can find more details on what is contained in each book, as well as to get a free preview. Each volume is $24.95.

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These books contain the citations for nearly all of the awards of the Silve Star and higher to members of each branch of service in the War on Terrorism. Books include photos of most recipients, some biographical data, analysis of awards by rank, unit, date, and more.


With the 5 Medal of Honor volumes above, these books comprise a virtual 28-volume ENCYCLOPEDIA of decorated American heroes(15,000 pages)  with award citations, history, tables & analysis, and detailed indexes of ACEs, FLAG OFFICERS, and more. (Click on any book to see it in - $24.95 Each Volume)

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Tokyo  Raiders

Official Roster


Eighty men in five-man crews piloted the 16 B-25 bombers that bombed Japan on April 18, 1942.  None of the bombers was shot down but all sixteen were lost:

  • The crews of 11 bombers bailed out over China

  • One crew make a wheels-up crash landing in a rice paddy

  • Three bombers ditched in the waters off the China coast

  • One bomber landed in the Soviet Union where it was confiscated

Of the 80 men who flew with Lieutenant Colonel Doolittle:

3 were killed exiting their aircraft on the night of the raid
8 were captured by the Japanese

3 POWs were executed by their captors on October 15, 1942
1 POW died of malnutrition and mistreatment while confined
4 POWs were repatriated at the end of WWII after 40 months of captivity
Following the mission most of the raiders went on to fly other combat missions.  Before the war ended:
10 raiders were killed in action in Europe, North Africa, and Indo-China
 4  were shot down and interred as German prisoners of war
As of January 1, 2014 only FOUR of the raiders are still living.  They are:
Richard Cole Robert Hite
Edward Saylor David Thatcher

A Special Thanks to Raider Official Historian Carroll V. Glines for his assistance in developing this list.

The Raider Roster

Take Off Order
Tail # 40- 2344
Target: Tokyo

Lieutenant Colonel Doolittle's bomber was the first over Japan and the first to drop its bomb load.  The four incendiaries fell at 12:30 p.m. (Tokyo time) to incinerate a large factory.  Doolittle then flew west to reach the coast of China after dark.  By 9:30 fuel was low and unable to find an airfield in the heavy fog, Doolittle ordered his crew to bail out among the mountains of China.  He then followed them into the night, his B-25 crashing on a nearby mountainside.  The only injury sustained by any of the crew was a sprained ankle. Local Chinese escorted the Americans to Chuchow from where they eventually returned home safely.

LTC Doolittle

 Position  Rank  Name Home Town


 Date of Death

 Pilot LTC  James H. Jimmy Doolittle  Alameda, CA    Sep 27, 1993  
 Co-Pilot Lt.  Richard E. Cole  Dayton, OH    
 Navigator Lt.  Henry A. Hank Potter  Pierre, SD   May 27, 2002  
 Bombardier S/Sgt  Fred Anthony Braemer  Seattle, WA   Feb 02, 1989   
 Eng/Gunner S/Sgt  Paul John Leonard  Roswell, NM


 Jan 05, 1943  
 *Sergeant Leonard was killed in action in Africa nearly two years after the Tokyo raid.


Take Off Order
Tail # 40- 2292
Target: Tokyo

Lieutenant Hoover lifted off five minutes behind Jimmy Doolittle and caught up to the lead aircraft en route to Japan.  His B-25 followed Doolittle's until it reached the shoreline, at which time Hoover veered off to bomb his own targets, two factory buildings and storehouses.  He then trailed Doolittle most of the way to China where he managed to make a wheels-up crash-landing in a soft rice paddy.  The crew was uninjured and walked for three days before friendly local guerilla fighters found them.  On April 22 they went by boat to Sungyao, then traveled by train and by foot to arrive in Chungking on May 14.

Lt. Hoover

 Position  Rank  Name Home Town


 Date of Death

 Pilot Lt.  Travis Hoover  Melrose, NM   Jan 17, 2004   
 Co-Pilot Lt.  William N. Fitzhugh  Temple, TX   Aug 31, 1981   
 Navigator Lt.  Carl Richard Wildner  Holyoke, MA   Mar 07, 1994   
 Bombardier Lt.  Richard Ewing Miller  Fort Wayne, IN


Jan 22, 1943   
 Eng/Gunner Sgt  Douglas V. Radney  Mineola, TX   Jan 28, 1994   
 *Lieutenant Miller was killed in action in Africa nearly two years after the Tokyo raid.


Take Off Order
Tail # 40- 2270
Target: Tokyo

Lieutenant Gray flew his B25 through antiaircraft fire to drop his bombs on industrial areas of Tokyo and straffe a military barracks before flying on to China.  He ordered his crew to bail out when fuel ran out.  During evacuation of the airplane Gunner Leland Faktor became the first casualty of the raid.  Gray's navigator injured a leg upon landing and his copilot cut a hand while attempting to make a water bag out of his parachute's rubber cushion.  The four survivors were assisted by local Chinese in reaching Chuhsien.  The crew remained in the theater to conduct bombing missions. Robert Gray Field at Fort Hood, TX is named for the pilot of this B25 who was later killed in action.

Lt. Gray

 Position  Rank  Name Home Town


 Date of Death

 Pilot Lt.  Robert Manning Bob Gray  Kileen, TX


 Oct 18, 1942  

 Co-Pilot Lt.  Jacob Earl Shorty Manch  Staunton, VA   Mar 24, 1958   
 Navigator Lt.  Charles John Ozuk  Vesta Heights, PA  

Oct 9, 2010 

 Bombardier Sgt.  Aden Earl Jones  Flint, MI   Mar 09, 1983   
 Eng/Gunner Cpl.  Leland D. Faktor  Plymouth, IA


Apr 18, 1942   
*Lieutenant Gray remained in China and was KIA after a bombing raid against Burma six months after the Tokyo raid. 


Take Off Order
Tail # 40- 2282
Target: Tokyo

 Shortly after takeoff Lieutenant Holstrom's rear gunner advised that the turret would not function, leaving the bomber protected only by a single .30-caliber nose-gun.  This became critical as the bomber approached land just south of Tokyo and was jumped by four Japanese fighter planes.  Holstrom ordered his bombs salvoed into Tokyo Bay before racing on to China.  His crew bailed out over land when their fuel was expended. The crewmembers, with the exception of Lt. McCool, remained in Indo-China to conduct missions until late 1943,  Holstrom commanding the 11th Bombardment Squadron.  Lieutenant McCool went on to fly missions in the European Theater.

Lt. Holstrom

 Position  Rank  Name Home Town


 Date of Death

 Pilot Lt.  Everett Wayne Brick Holstrom  Cottage Grove, OR   Dec 02, 2000   
 Co-Pilot Lt.  Lucian Nevelon Youngblood  Pampa, TX   Feb 28, 1949   
 Navigator Lt.  Harry C. McCool  La Junta, CO   Feb 01, 2003   
 Bombardier Cpl.  Robert J. Stephens  Hobart, OK   Apr  13, 1959   
 Eng/Gunner Cpl.  Bert M. Jordan  Covington, OK   Apr 03, 2001   


Take Off Order
Tail # 40- 2283
Target: Tokyo

Captain Jones took off safely despite a leak in the bomb bay gas tank and proceeded to Tokyo.  His bombs scored direct hits on a power station, oil tanks and a large manufacturing plant.  Continuing on to China, he flew on instruments until he estimated he was in the vicinity of Chuhsien.  His entire crew bailed out without injury and was the first of the raiders to reach Chuhsien.  Two of the crew remained in Indo-China while Captain Jones and Lieutenant Truelove went on to fly in Europe.  Though all five members of the crew survived the Tokyo raid, two were killed in action before the war ended and Captain Jones spent time in a German POW camp.

Cpt. Jones

 Position  Rank  Name Home Town


 Date of Death

 Pilot Cpt.  David M. Jones  Marshfield, OR  POW1

Nov 25, 2008

 Co-Pilot Lt.  Rodney Ross Wilder  Taylor, TX   Jun 07, 1964   
 Navigator Lt.  Eugene Francis McGurl  Belmont, MA KIA2 Jun 03, 1942   
 Bombardier Lt.  Denver Vernon Truelove  Clermont, GA KIA3 Apr 05, 1943   
 Eng/Gunner Cpl.  Joseph W. Manske  Gowanda, NY   Apr 04, 1998   
 1Captain Jones served in the European Theater where he was shot down and spent 2 1/2 years as a German POW
 2Lieutenant McGurl
was KIA six weeks after the raid when his plane crashed into a mountain while returning from a bombing mission.
3Lieutenant Truelove was KIA over Italy two years after the Tokyo raid.


Take Off Order
Tail # 40- 2298
Target: Tokyo

Lieutenant Hallmark dropped his bombs on a steel mill north of Tokyo but not no damage assessment could be made until after the war when the one surviving crewman was repatriated.  The two enlisted members of the crew drowned when the pilot ditched his bomber in the ocean just off the coast of China after fuel ran out. Lt. Hallmark was slightly injured but swam to shore to meet up with the other two survivors. The following day they buried the bodies of Dieter and Fitzmaurice and then tried to reach safety with the help of friendly local Chinese.  All three men were captured and interred as POWs.  Of the 5-man crew, only Lt. Nielsen survived the war, the highest casualty rate of the raid.

Lt. Hallmark

 Position  Rank  Name Home Town


 Date of Death

 Pilot Lt.  Dean Edward Hallmark  Robert Lee, TX


 Oct 15, 1942   
 Co-Pilot Lt.  Robert John Meder  Cleveland, OH POW/KIA1 Dec 01, 1943   
 Navigator Lt.  Chase Jay Nielsen  Hyrum, UT  POW2 Mar 23, 2007
 Bombardier Cpl.  William J. Dieter  Vail, IA  KIA3 Apr 18, 1942   
 Eng/Gunner Sgt  Donald E. Fitzmaurice  Lincoln, NE  KIA3  Apr 18, 1942   
 1Cpl. Dieter and Sgt. Fitzmaurice drowned when their B-25 ditched off the China Coast following the bombing raid.
 2Lieutenant Nielson survived the crash of the B-25, was captured and held POW until 1945.
 3Lieutenants Hallmark and Meder were captured with Lt. Nielsen.  Lt. Hallmark was executed by the Japanese on October 15, 1942.
    Lieutenant Meder died of malnutrition and abuse  in a Japanese prison camp 18 months after the raid.


Take Off Order
Tail # 40- 2261
Target: Tokyo

Ted Lawson and his crew successfully dropped their bombs on industrial factories in downtown Tokyo before withdrawing to fly on to China.  Lawson was forced to ditch in the water just off the coastline and was severely injured in the crash. Only the aircraft gunner was uninjured and Lt. McClure  had to remain hospitalized until 1943. The injuries of the crew were treated by Doc White who got himself included in the raid as a gunner on the 15th aircraft.  He had to amputate Lawson's leg in the field before either man could join the raiders at Chuhsien.  Upon his return home Lawson authored the first story of the raid in the book Thirty Seconds over Tokyo.

Lt. Lawson

 Position  Rank  Name Home Town


 Date of Death

 Pilot Lt.  Ted W. Lawson  Fresno, CA    Jan 19, 1992  
 Co-Pilot Lt.  Dean Davenport  Spokane, WA   Feb 14, 2000   
 Navigator Lt.  Charles L. McClure  St. Louis, MO   Jan 01, 1999   
 Bombardier Lt.  Robert Stevenson Clever  Portland, OR   Nov 20, 1942*  
 Eng/Gunner Cpl.  David J. Thatcher  Bridger, MT    
 *Robert Clever was killed in an airplane crash near Versailles, OH just six months after the Tokyo raid.


Take Off Order
Tail # 40- 2244
Target: Tokyo

Captain York's B25 had suffered engine problems prior to the loading of the aircraft on the Hornet, and the flight to Japan compounded this.  Despite heavy fuel consumption by both engines, York continued on course to drop his bombs on their assigned targets.  Throughout the run the aircraft was defenseless with a top turret that failed to work.  Without enough fuel to reach China, Cpt. York elected to fly the shorter distance to Russia where he landed at a field near Vladivostok in hopes of refueling to reach China.  Instead, the still neutral Soviets confiscated the bomber and interred the crew for thirteen months.  The crew returned home in May 1943 after escaping into Persia. 

Cpt. York

 Position  Rank  Name Home Town


 Date of Death

 Pilot Cpt.  Edward J. Ski York  Batavia, NY   Aug 31, 1984   
 Co-Pilot Lt.  Robert G. Emmens  Medford, OR   Apr 02, 1992   
 Nav./Bomb. Lt.  Nolan Anderson Herndon  Greenville, TX  

Oct 7, 2007

 Engineer Sgt.  Theodore H. Laban  Kenosha, WI   Sep 16, 1978   
 Gunner Sgt.  David William Pohl  Boston, MA   Feb 18, 1999   


Take Off Order
Tail # 40- 2303
Target: Tokyo

Lieutenant Watson and his crew conducted a highly effective bombing of the Tokyo Gas and Electric Company on the shore of Tokyo Bay before flying on to China.  Arriving over land after dark and in a heavy rain, Watson ordered his crew to bail out 100 miles south of Pyong Lake.  Lieutenant Watson was the only member of the crew injured, and was carried to Hengyang in a porter by friendly Chinese.  He was returned home where he remained hospitalized at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C. until the summer of 1944. Sgt. Bissell returned home to take pilot training and earn his wings and a commission in 1943.  S/Sgt Scott also later earned a commission

Lt. Watson

 Position  Rank  Name Home Town


 Date of Death

 Pilot Lt.  Harold Francis Doc Watson  Buffalo, NY   Sep 14, 1991  
 Co-Pilot Lt.  James N. Parker  Houston, TX   Jun 19, 1991  
 Navigator Lt.  Thomas C. Griffin  Pierre, SD  POW* Feb 26, 2013   
 Bombardier Sgt  Wayne Max Bissell  Walker, MN   Jan 09, 1997   
 Eng/Gunner S/Sgt  Eldred V. Scott  Atlanta, GA   Jul 31, 1978   
*Lieutenant Griffin was shot down in North Africa in 1943.  He was captured and spent the remainder of the war in a German POW camp.  


Take Off Order
Tail # 40- 2250
Target: Tokyo

This aircraft originally intended to take off from the Hornet two days after leaving California to test the bomber's ability to safely lift off.  That mission was cancelled and Joyce and crew joined the raid to bomb the Japan Special Steel Company and other targets.  The mission was highly successful despite heavy AA fire and an attack by nine enemy fighters.  It was the only plane to suffer any major damage over Japan (an 8" hole in the fuselage), but continued on to China where the crew safely bailed out.  Local Chinese assisted the crew in reaching Chuhsien in only four days and the entire crew remained in Indo-China to conduct missions well into 1943.

Lt. Joyce

 Position  Rank  Name Home Town


 Date of Death

 Pilot Lt.  Richard Outcalt Dick Joyce  Lincoln, NE   Feb 13, 1983   
 Co-Pilot Lt.  J. Royden Stork  Frost, MN   May 02, 2002   
 Navigator Lt.  Horace Ellis Sally Crouch  Columbia, SC   Dec 21, 2005
 Bombardier S/Sgt  George Elmer Larkin, Jr.  New Haven, KY


Oct 18, 1942   
 Eng/Gunner S/Sgt  Edwin Weston Horton, Jr.  North Eastham, MA  

Nov 26, 2008

*Sergeant Larkin was KIA six months after the raid when his airplane crashed near Assam, India.


Take Off Order
Tail # 40- 2249
Target: Tokyo

Upon reaching Japan Captain Greening's bomber inadvertently flew over an active enemy air base, and ten minutes later came under attack from four fighters. The gunner believed he shot down one of the enemy fighters and damaged another before the B25 reached its targets to bomb a large oil refinery and storage area.  The crew also fired on three enemy patrol boats at the mouth of Tokyo Harbor before heading west to China.  The crew bailed out 200 miles inland from the coast.  Lt. Reedy broke his kneecap and suffered a scalp wound and Sergeant Gardner sprained both ankles.  The entire crew made it safely to Chuhsien where the two men received treatment.

Cpt. Greening

 Position  Rank  Name Home Town


 Date of Death

 Pilot Cpt.  Charles Ross Greening  Carroll, IA


Mar 29, 1957   
 Co-Pilot Lt.  Kenneth E. Reddy  Bowie, TX   Sep 03, 1942   
 Navigator Lt.  Frank Albert Kappeler  San Francisco, CA  

June 23, 2010

 Bombardier Sgt  William L. Birch  Calexico, CA  

Nov 18, 2006

 Eng/Gunner Sgt  Melvin J. Gardner  Mesa, AZ


 Jun 02, 1942   
1Captain Greening was shot down over North Africa and captured on July 17, 1943.  He escaped after two months and evaded for another six six months before he was re-captured and held until the end of the war.
2Sergeant Gardner remained in the Indo-China theater and was KIA returning from a bombing mission on June 2, 1942.


Take Off Order
Tail # 40- 2278
Target: Yokohama

 Lieutenant Bower and crew successfully bombed the Ogura refinery, two factories and a large warehouse along the docks at Yokohama.  This they accomplished despite two enemy fighters that trailed them inland, and a series of barrage balloons over their target.  On their flight to reach China flew over a Japanese weather boat.  They strafed and sank it before flying on to bail out over China  Sergeant Duquette broke his foot when he parachuted to the ground and was transported in a sedan carried by local Chinese as the entire crew traveled to join up with Lieutenant Joyce's crew from the 10th aircraft.  Both crews reached Chuhsien four days later.

Lt. Bower

 Position  Rank  Name Home Town


 Date of Death

 Pilot Lt.  William M. Bill Bower  Ravenna, OH  

Jan 10, 2011

 Co-Pilot Lt.  Thadd Harrison Blanton  Archer City, TX   Sep 27, 1961   
 Navigator Lt.  William R. Pound, Jr.  Milford, UT   Jul 13, 1967   
 Bombardier Sgt  Waldo J. Bither  Houlton, ME   Feb 25, 1988   
 Eng/Gunner Sgt  Omer Adelard Duquette West Warwick, RI


 Jun 03, 1942   
*Sergeant Duquette was KIA six weeks after the raid when his plane crashed into a mountain while returning from a bombing mission.


Take Off Order
Tail # 40- 2247
Target: Yokohama

Despite heavy anti-aircraft fire Lieutenant McElroy and crew attacked the Yokosuka Naval Base to bomb enemy shipping and supplies.  One Japanese ship took a direct hit and was seen to fall over on its side, and a second was sheathed in flames when the B25 continued west towards China.  The crew successfully bailed out over land and the only injury was a wrenched knee suffered by Sergeant Williams.  The crew arrived at Chuhshei three days later thanks to help from local friendly Chinese.  The entire crew remained in Indo-China to fly missions for more than a year, and all five crew members survived the war despite an enviable record of combat missions.  

Lt. McElroy

 Position  Rank  Name Home Town


 Date of Death

 Pilot Lt.  Edgar E. McElroy  Ennis, TX   Apr 04, 2003   
 Co-Pilot Lt.  Richard A. Knobby Knobloch  Milwaukee, WI   Aug 13, 2001   
 Navigator Lt.  Clayton J. Campbell  St. Maries, ID   Nov 17, 2002   
 Bombardier Sgt.  Robert C. Bourgeois  Lecompte, LA   Nov 13, 2001   
 Eng/Gunner Sgt  Adam Ray Williams  Gastonia, NC   Nov 30, 1993   


Take Off Order
Tail # 40- 2297
Target: Yokohama

Major Hilger observed a Japanese patrol plane within hours of his takeoff, but the enemy apparently never saw the incoming bomber.  The B25 continued west without incident to drop bombs on a military barracks at Nagoya Castle and the Mitsubishi Aircraft Plant south of Nagoya.  The effectiveness of their aim was evident as the airplane continued westward.  More than 30 miles from one of their targets, they could still see a plume of smoke rising a mile into the sky.  The crew safely bailed out of their bomber inside China, and were able to reach Chuhsien within two days.  Part of the crew remained in Indo-China and others went on to serve in Europe.

Maj. Hilger

 Position  Rank  Name Home Town


 Date of Death

 Pilot Maj.  John A. Jack Hilger  Sherman, TX   Feb 03, 1982   
 Co-Pilot Lt.  Jack A. Sims  Kalamazoo, MI  

June 9, 2007

 Nav/Bomb. Lt.  James Herbert Herb Macia, Jr.  Tombstone, AZ  

Dec 20, 2009

 Engineer Sgt  Jacob Eirman  Baltimore, MD   Jan 16, 1994   
 Gunner Sgt  Edwin V. Bain  Greensboro, NC


 Jul 19, 1943   
*Sgt. Bain was KIA on July 19, 1943 when his plane crashed in the Tyrhenian Sea while returning from combat mission near Rome, Italy.


Take Off Order
Tail # 40- 2267
Target: Kobe

Lieutenant Smith and his crew were assigned to bomb targets in Kobe, southwest of Tokyo.  They successfully dropped their payload on a large aircraft factory as well as around the dock yards, before flying on towards China.  Smith decided to ditch his bomber in the waters near a small island near Sangchow.  All crew members safely exited the aircraft before it sank, and paddled to shore in a life raft.  For days the Japanese hunted the area for the American raiders, but evaded them in a Chinese junk.  En route to Chuchow Smith learned of Ted Lawson's serious injuries and the evaders traveled on to meet up with him so Lieutenant White could render medical aid.

Lt. Smith

 Position  Rank  Name Home Town


 Date of Death

 Pilot Lt.  Donald G. Smith  Oldham, SD


Nov 12, 1942   
 Co-Pilot Lt.  Griffith Paul Williams  Chicago, IL


Jul 14, 1998   
 Nav/Bomb. Lt.  Howard Albert Sessler  Boston, MA   Feb 09, 2001   
 Engineer Sgt  Edward Joseph Saylor  Brusett, MT     
Gunner/Physician Lt.  (Dr.) Thomas Robert Doc White Haiku, Maui, HI


 Nov 29, 1992   
1Lieutenant Smith died of injuries sustained in an airplane crash in Western Europe seven months after the Tokyo raid.
2Lieutenant Williams was shot down in North Africa in July 1943 and was held as a German POW until the end of the war.


Take Off Order
Tail # 40- 2268
Target: Kobe

The last B25 left the deck of the Hornet 59 minutes after Doolittle, facing the prospect of a forewarned Japanese defense.  During takeoff a sailor slipped and fell into the propeller of one engine and lost an arm.  The ill-fated crew successfully bombed oil storage tanks and an aircraft factory despite enemy fighter attacks, then headed on to China.  Due to low fuel, Lieutenant Farrow instructed his crew to bail out even though he knew they were close to enemy-held Nanchang city.  Within an hour Lt. Barr was captured and before noon all five crewmen became Prisoners of War. 

Lt. Farrow

 Position  Rank  Name Home Town


 Date of Death

 Pilot Lt.  William G. Bill Farrow  Darlington, SC POW/KIA* Oct 15, 1942   
 Co-Pilot Lt.  Robert L. Hite  Odell, TX  POW1  
 Navigator Lt.  George Barr  Brooklyn, NY  POW1 Jul 12, 1967   
 Bombadier Cpl.  Jacob Daniel DeShazer  West Stayton, OR  POW1 Mar 15, 2008 
 Eng/Gunner Sgt.  Harold A. Spatz  Lebo, KS


Oct 15, 1942   
1Lieutenants Hite and Barr and Cpl. DeShazer were held as POWs until liberated on August 20, 1945 at the war's end.
2Lt. Farrow and Sgt. Spatz were executed by the Japanese along with Lt. Hallmark of the 6th bomber on Oct. 15, 1942.


Doolittle Raider B-25 Crews

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For more information on the Doolittle Raid we highly recommend the website maintained by the son of raider Richard Joyce.  Click on the button at right to visit this comprehensive and well-done tribute to the Tokyo raid. 

We also highly recommend both of the books shown here (click on them for order information).  Both are written by official Raider historian and Doolittle biographer Carroll V. Glines.  


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