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I Saw a Man

By: E. W. Richardson 

I saw a man in the park today, sitting alone, under a tree, surrounded by a serenity so peaceful and strong, Even the wind's gusty play, meekly respected his tranquility.

The man was writing in a book, whose cover was battered and stained and though he sat some distance away, I could hear the scratch of his pen, an oddly soothing a whisper of someone softly singing a hymn, or reciting from a book of prayer.

Once he raised his eyes from his work, and gazed at something far away and in those eyes were anger and pain and a hardness of once having seen horrors not meant for the eyes of man...

Then I knew him...

He is one of those remarkable men, who has looked the devil in the eye, and laughed, and cried, and survived...only to be forgotten, his sacrifice and contributions ignored or outright denied.

Yet, there he sits, peaceful and calm...enjoying the simplicity of the day perhaps with an understanding of how to open life's many doors, reserved for those who have fought our wars.

Copyright E. W. Richardson 1999

The Sound of Resolve

On the wind,
I hear the sound of sadness...
the soft crying
of mothers
for their children...
lives lost
to those who murder
in the name of religion,
in the name of God.
Bitter tears
fall like rain...
but listen...
in the distance, faintly now
but growing,
comes a keening cry...
mothers with tears
still in their eyes
now filled with fierce resolve.
Hand in hand
from land to land,
their voices can be heard
and the message is clear and sane...
"Beware, workers of iniquity...
you stand on the edge of the abyss
and we come as the whirlwind...
In our voices is the thunder...
in our hands, the lightning...
our aspect is resolute
and there will be no rest
until there is justice
and peace."

copyright E. W. RIchardson, 2001

War Games

When I was young, more years ago than I care to think about now,
my friends and I use to play at war...
Cowboys and Indians
Knights in shining steel
and space marines fighting slimy, bug eyed aliens.

Sometimes we were wounded,
sometimes we died,
but always dramatically
and always heroically.

A decade or less later,
some of us experienced war's reality...
No more games,
No heroics, no drama
No warm, safe bed, surrounded by loved ones, when the fighting was done for the day.

So, I say to you, let the children play...
leave them to their games
Their fantasies
Their imaginary victories and fun...

Reality comes swift enough on icy, thunderous wings.

Copyright, E.W. Richardson, 2001

E.W. Richardson is a former Marine and Vietnam veteran and is editor for Distant Echoes. Raised in Kenton, Ohio, he now makes his home in Van Nuys, CA. His work can be found in a variety of print magazines and e-zines, such as, Niederngasse, Romancing The Skyze, Poet’s Corner, Voice Magazine, The Circle, Bound (a Grey Book Press Journal), The Florida Villager, Waxing and Waning, The Sidewalk’s End and Millennium Shift.

You can find more of his poetry at Viper's Vietnam Veterans Page


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