The Brotherhood of Soldiers at War

Brotherhood is more than biological, it is fraternal. It develops quickly among men and women in uniform, both in peacetime and during time of war, simply by virtue of the call to duty they share in common. There is a sense of family among those in uniform, a common bond to look out for each other.

Here are stories of that bond.

Cher Ami – The Carrier Pigeon

Pigeons served many purposes during the war, racing through the skies with airplanes, or even being fitted with cameras to take pictures of enemy positions. But one of the most important roles they served as were messengers.

The Sullivan Brothers

“The Navy Department deeply regrets to inform you that your sons Albert, Francis, George, Joseph and Madison Sullivan are missing in action in the South Pacific.”

No Greater Love

During three and a half years of captivity as a prisoner of war, Lieutenant Antrim would prove to be not only courageous, but ingenious.

      Andy’s Scar

Young Andy drew himself up to his full adolescent height, looked the officer in the eyes and replied, “Sir, I am a prisoner of war, and claim to be treated as such.”

The Four Chaplains

Said one of the survivors, “It was the finest thing I have ever seen this side of heaven.”

Meet Me on the Beach

“We’ll meet up on the beach,” they promised, then went their separate ways to join 170,000 other soldiers as they loaded the ships that would take them across the channel to attack Normandy.

The McGovern Brothers

“Close in Life, the 2 McGovern Boys are Buried Side by Side”

Not Without My Lieutenant

But as night fell over the northern corps of South Vietnam, Lieutenant Colonel Hambleton was alone, on the ground, and completely surrounded by one of the largest enemy offensives of the Vietnam War.

Jaime’s Story

“X-ray, X-ray, this is 75, 75, Contact, Contact, Contact,” I could hear our radio man Specialist Four Jaime Pacheco yell into the radio.

Delbert Schmeling

“If you can put together something this big, maybe you can help me with a project I am working on…”

USMC Birthday Feature

“What would you like for Christmas?” His simple answer echoed the hope of so many young Marines facing a hopeless situation at the Chosin Reservoir. He replied: “Give Me Tomorrow.”

No Man Should Die Alone

“If I don’t make it,” he whispered, “Please tell Daisy I love her.”

Family Feud

It was becoming increasingly apparent that, despite the promises of the American President, there would be no relief force for the Philippine Islands. They were expendable…