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"O, Say Does that Star Spangled Banner Yet Wave,
O'er the Land of the Free, and the Home of the brave?"

disp_os_pole.jpg (11331 bytes) Francis Scott Key asked that question of future generations of Americans when he wrote "The Star Spangled Banner" in 1814.   It is the privilege of every American to answer with a resounding "YES" by flying the Flag at their home or place of business.

(While the Flag Code does not specify how a single U.S. Flag should be flown from the pole at your home, custom indicates that it is preferable for it to be to the RIGHT of the entrance and the left of the viewer.)

When the National Colors are flown on the same halyard (rope) with another flag (state flag, community flag, military flag, or any other flag EXCEPT the flag of another NATION), the U.S. Flag should be flown from the peak,   with any other flag below it.  ( 175c)  It is a violation of International law, however, to fly the flag of one nation over that of any other nation.  For this reason you can not fly the U.S. Flag and the flag of another country on the same staff. disp_os_pole_stacked.jpg (11374 bytes)
disp_os_pole_line.jpg (11501 bytes) When the United States Flag and any other flag are flown from separate staffs, the National Colors always occupy the position to the RIGHT of any other flag.  When the other flag is the colors of another nation of the world, the flag should be of equal size to the U.S. Colors and should be flown at the same height but to the LEFT of the Stars and Stripes.  The only exception allowed under law is at the United Nation's Headquarters. ( 175g)  When one or more flags are flown adjacent to the United States Flag, the National Colors should be the first flag raised in the morning and the last flag lowered at night.  ( 175f)
When state flags, city flags, military flags, and/or flags of clubs or organizations are flown in a group, the Flag of the United States should be at the CENTER of the group, and should rise above the other flags in the group.  ( 175e)  Again remember, the Stars and Stripes should be the first flag raised each morning, and the last flag lowered at night. disp_os_pole_grouped.jpg (13360 bytes)

disp_os_angled.jpg (12634 bytes)

Every United States citizen should be proud to display the flag that represents their freedom.  The flag need not be large or prominently displayed from a pole.  It is entirely within the provisions of the Flag Code to display a small flag from a mounted holder that projects the flag outward at an angle from a window, balcony, or the front of a building.  The one thing to keep in mind is that the UNION (blue field of stars) should always be at the peak of the staff unless the flag is temporarily being flown at half staff by order of the President.  ( 175h)

Flying the Flag over a Street

The flag may be flown suspended over a street or sidewalk subject to the following guidelines:  ( 175j)

  • The flag should be flown in a VERTICAL position.

  • It should be hoisted out UNION first.

  • The UNION should point NORTH on an east/west street.

  • The UNION should point EAST on a north/south street.

disp_os_street_window.jpg (16826 bytes)

Whenever the National Colors are displayed in a common traffic area (whether street, sidewalk, corridor, or large conference hall, where the flag can be viewed from more than one direction, the BLUE UNION should always point either NORTH or EAST.

Display In a Window

You'll notice in the diagram above, there is a flag displayed in a window.   The rules for the direction of the union differ here, and we'll look at that more in a moment.


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