Other Conflicts - Distinguished Service Cross

There are 184 U.S. Army and 10 Foreign National recipients who received the Distinguished Service Cross during military campaigns/conflicts as well as peacetimes.  This chronological list of conflicts includes citations for each recipient.

Below you will find links to the names of those recipients, all Army services.

Indian Campaigns
Spanish-American War
Philippine Insurrection
China (Boxer Rebellion)
Mexican Border
1918-1920 North Russia and Siberia

Note: There is the chance that a valid recipient of the Military Cross may NOT be listed herein. Updates to correct any omissions will be made available from time to time.

* Indicates Killed in Action (KIA), Missing in Action (MIA), Prisoner of War (POW), or Died Non-Battle (DNB)

Indian Campaigns

Interim 1871-1898

Spanish-American War