The Flag of Freedom

President George Washington once said, "If we desire peace it must be known at all times that we are ready for war."

Since 1776, no generation of Americans has been spared the responsibility of defending freedom through armed conflict with the forces of tyranny and oppression. More than 40 million men and women have put on the uniform of a United States soldier, sailor, Marine, Coast Guardsman, or pilot. Of these, more than one million paid the price of freedom with their lives.

The Pledge of Allegiance

On September 8, 1892 a Boston-based youth magazine "The Youth's Companion" published a 22-word recitation for school children to use during planned activities the following month to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Columbus' discovery of America. Under the title "The Pledge to the Flag", the composition was the earliest version of what we now know as the Pledge Of Allegiance.

Old Glory

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Doug Sterner The Author

Doug Sterner is a decorated former Army Combat Engineer who served two tours of duty in Vietnam. He is a Life Member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and in 2012 was enrolled as an Honorary Life Member of the Legion of Valor. In 1998, Doug launched Home of Heroes to document the citations and biographies of our Nation’s Medal of Honor recipients. In 2018 our company, Legal Help for Veterans, PLLC assumed the role of website administration. Read More

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