Displaying the Flag Indoors

There can be no finer part of "interior decorating" than the proud display of the United States Flag. Schools, churches, auditoriums, stores, just about any inside area is an appropriate place to "Show Your Colors".  Sadly, the United States Flag is no longer a universal fixture in our country's Classrooms.

When the National Colors are displayed on a staff mounted to the wall of a room, it should be flown to the right at the front of the room (in a classroom this means to the teacher's right), and any other flags displayed from separate staffs should be to the U.S. Flag's left. If several flags are flown from the same mounting, the National Colors should be centered and hold prominence. When displayed against a wall with another flag on crossed staffs, the National Colors should be in its own right, and the staff of the U.S. Flag should be in front of the staff of any other flag so displayed.

Displaying the Flag on a Platform

When the flag is mounted on a staff that sits on a platform, the National Colors are placed to the speaker's right (the audience's left), and any other flag(s) similarly displayed on the platform should be to the left of the U.S. Flag. In some occasions, the flags are displayed off the platform and in front of the speaker (making them a part of the audience). In such situations, the position of the U.S. Colors has occasionally been reversed with the National Flag placed to the audience's right. The practice has fallen to general disuse, and such reversal of placement was a matter of custom not specified in the flag code. Should you see such a display, it is not necessarily erroneous.

To avoid confusion, however, we normally recommend the practice of always placing the flag to the speaker's right.

The flag may also be displayed flat against a wall at the head of a room. The important thing to remember about such a display is the position of the Union (blue field of stars). The flag thus displayed should be positioned so that the Union is always to the flag's own right, or to the left of the viewer. If you are not sure, stand in the entrance to the room and look at the flag, making sure that from your position the Union is to your own left-hand side.

Displaying the Flag in a Hall or Corridor

When the flag is suspended vertically from a corridor, the field of blue should be to the left of persons as they enter the corridor or hall. If there are multiple entrances to the corridor or hall, then the union should be either facing North (in an east/west corridor), or East (in a north/south corridor).

Displaying the Flag in a Window

When the flag is displayed in the window, keep in mind that you are showing your patriotism to people outside your building they are the "audience". This means that the blue field of stars (The Union) should be to the flag's own right when viewed from the street or sidewalk. To make sure you have displayed the flag properly in your window, walk outside and look at it. If the Union is to your left as the observer, your display is properly and correctly done.