World War II - Distinguished Service Cross

There are over 5,000 recipients of the Distinguished Service Cross awarded for service during World War II. We are completing the transition to the new website format and will have this information delivered to you through the links provided below.

Note: There is the chance that a valid recipient of the Military Cross may NOT be listed. Updates to correct any omissions will be made available from time to time.

Here's the breakdown.

  • 3,984 Army
  • 762  Army Air Corps
  • 31 Marine Corps
  • 21 Navy
  • 258 Foreign Service Members
  • 3 Civilian

Below you will find links to the names of those recipients by Branch and within Branch by Last Name.

Additional Resources

Home of Heroes continues to update our website content for online visitors. Here is a resource that can help you find a Distinguished Service Cross Recipient. This information is provided in a PDF document which enables you to search the content by several search terms - name, branch of service, war/conflict.