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"Poor is the Nation that has no heroes, but beggard is that Nation that has and forgets them."

Medal of Honor Recipients
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Buried in California

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Burial City Recipient's Name Service Cemetery KIA Home Town Photo Marker
Altadena Ellsworth, Thomas Army Mountain View   Boston, MA Photo  
  Haney, Milton Lorenzi Army Mountain View   Bushnell, IL Photo  
Arroyo Grande Smith, Otis W. Army Arroyo Grande   Champaign, OH Photo MH
Banning Morris, William Powers Army San Gorgonio   Philadelphia, PA Photo  
Benicia Barracks Foley, John H. Army Post (As Unknown)   Boston, MA Photo  
Colma Austin, William Grafton Army Cypress Lawn   New York, NY Photo  
  Katz, Phillip Carl Army Cypress Lawn   San Francisco, CA Photo MH
  Shiels, George Franklin Army Cypress Lawn   California Photo MH
  Chapman, John
AKA: Charles Kauffmann
Army Holy Cross   Limerick, ME Photo MH
Compton Anderson, James USMC Lincoln Memorial Park Yes Los Angeles, CA Photo MH-P
Corning Silva, France USMC Sunset Hill   San Francisco, CA Photo MH
Eureka Viale, Robert M. Army Ocean View Yes Ukiah, CA Photo MH
Fairfield Buckles, Abram J. Army Fairfield   Muncie, IN Photo MH
Fallbrook Pittinger, William Army Odd Fellows   Steubenville, OH


Fresno Kelso, Jack William USMC Washington Colony Yes Caruthers, CA Photo MH
  Nishimoto, Joe Army Washington Colony Yes Fresno, CA Photo MH
  Otani, Kazuo Army Veterans Liberty Yes Visalia, CA Photo MH
Glendale Bates, Norman Francis Army Forrest Lawn   Grinnell, IA Photo MH
  Campbell, Albert Ralph USMC Forest Lawn    Pennsylvania Photo MH
  Deignan, Osborn W. Navy Forest Lawn    Iowa Photo  
  Salomon, Ben Army Forest Lawn   Milwaukee, WI Photo MH
Glendora Evans, Donald Ward Army Oakdale Memorial Park Yes Covina, CA Photo MH
Hayward McDonald, Robert Army Lone Tree   Newport, KY


Hollywood Titus, Calvin Pearl Army Forest Lawn    Iowa Photo MH
  Biegler, George Wesley Army Hollywood   Terre Haute, IN Photo  
  Francis, Charles Robert USMC Hollywood   Philadelphia, PA Photo  
  Hilliker, Benjamin F. Army Hollywood   Waupaca Tnship, WI Photo MH
  Lyon, Edward Eugene Army Hollywood   Amboy, WA Photo  
Inglewood Bryan, William C. Army Inglewood   St. Louis, MO Photo  
  Myers, George S. Army Inglewood Park   Tiffin, OH Photo  
  Shepherd, Warren J. Army Inglewood Park   Westover, PA Photo MH
  Wilson, Charles Army Inglewood Park   Springfield, IL Photo  
Long Beach Ward, Nelson W. Army Sunnyside   Rutland, OH Photo MH
See also Los Angeles National Cemetery
Los Angeles Denham, Austin Navy Calvary   New York, NY Photo MH
  Gonzales, David M. Army Calvary Yes Pacoima, CA Photo MH
  McGann, Michael A. Army Calvary   St. Louis, MO Photo MH
  Obregon, Eugene A. USMC Calvary Yes Los Angeles, CA Photo MH
  Trogden, Howell G. Army Calvary   St. Louis, MO Photo MH
  Hayashi, Joe Army Evergreen Yes Pasadena, CA


  Munemori, Sadao S. Army Evergreen Yes Los Angeles, CA


  Muranaga, Kiyoshi Army Evergreen Yes Los Angeles, CA Photo MH
  Sturgeon, James K. Army Evergreen   Lancaster, OH Photo  
  Tanouye, Ted Army Evergreen Yes Torrance, CA


  Fall, Charles S. Army I.O.O.F.   Hamburg, MI Photo  
  Shaffer (Schaffer), William Army I.O.O.F.   Cincinnati, OH Photo MH
  Whitehead, Patton G. Army New Calvary   Louisville, KY Photo MH
  Fraser, William W. Army Odd Fellows   Alton, IL Photo  
  Young, Benjamin F. Army Odd Fellows   Detroit, MI Photo  
  Baker, Edward Lee Army Angelus-Rosedale   Cincinnati, OH Photo  
  Beauford, Clay
  AKA: Welford Bridwell
Army Angelus-Rosedale   Nashville, TN Photo  
  Bowen, Elmer Army Rosedale   Hampshire, IL Photo  
  Connell, Trustrim Army Rosedale   Port Kennedy, PA Photo  
  Mayes, William B. Army Rosedale   DeWitt, IA Photo  
Mokelumne Hill Hanford, Edward R. Army Mokelumne Hill Protestant   Cortland, NY Photo MH
Napa Barrett, Carlton W. Army Napa Valley Memorial Gardens   Albany, NY Photo MH
  Heisch, Henry W. USMC Tulocay   California Photo MH
North Hollywood Pierce, Charles H. Army Valhalla Memorial Park   Delaware City, DE


Oakland Swap, Jacob E. Army Evergreen   Springs, PA Photo  
  Huggins, Eli Lundy Army Mountain View   Minnesota Photo MH
  Johns, Henry T. Army Mountain View   Hinsdale, MA Photo MH
  Long, Oscar Fitzalan Army Mountain View   Utica, NY Photo  
  Weissel, Adam Navy Mountain View   New York, NY    
  Ehle, John Walter Navy St. Mary's   Nebraska Photo MH
Ontario Ross, Frank Fulton Army Bellevue   Langdon, ND Photo MH
Petaluma Penry, Richard Allen Army Cypress Hills    Oakland, CA Photo MH
Pomona Davis, Harry Clay Army Pomona   Columbus, OH Photo MH
See also Riverside National Cemetery
Riverside Ingalls, George Alan Army Crestlawn Memorial Park Yes Los Angeles, CA Photo MH
  Smith, Cornelius C. Army Evergreen Memorial Park   Helena, MT Photo MH
Sacramento Simkins, Lebbeus Navy I.O.O.F.   New York, NY Photo MH
  Gould, Newton Thomas Army Sacramento City   Elk Grove, IL Photo MH
Salinas Cayer, Ovila Army Garden of Memory Park   Malone, NY Photo MH
San Bernardino Ellis, William Army County PAP   Watertown, WI    
San Bernardino Rodriguez, Joseph Army Mountain View   San Bernardino, CA Photo MH
For San Bruno see Golden Gate National Cemetery
For San Diego see also Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery
San Diego Winans, Roswell USMC Cypress View   Washington


  Hanford, Burke Navy Greenwood Memorial Park   Ohio


  Hornaday, Elisha Army Greenwood Memorial Park   Des Moines, IA


  Luce, Moses Aa Army Greenwood Memorial Park   Adrian, MI


  McDonald, John Army Greenwood Memorial Park   Waynesville, IL Photo  
  Moylan, Myles Army Greenwood Memorial Park   Essex, MA Photo  
  Forsyth, Thomas H. Army Mount Hope   St. Louis, MO Photo MH
  Thompson, James Army Mount Hope   Sandy Creek, NY Photo MH
San Fernando Matthews, Daniel USMC Glen Haven  Yes Van Nuys, CA Photo MH
  Perkins, William T. USMC San Fernando Mission Yes San Francisco, CA Photo MH
See also San Francisco National Cemetery
San Francisco Miller, Frank Army Odd Fellow Cemetery   Jamaica, NY Photo  
  Russell, Milton F. Army Odd Fellow Columbarium   North Salem, IN Photo  
  Hill, Frank E. Army San Francisco Columbarium   St. Louis, MO Photo  
San Gabriel Clapp, Albert Adams Army Mountain View   Painesville, OH Photo  
San Jose Walker, Edward A. USMC Oak Hill Funeral Home & Memorial Park   Brooklyn, NY Photo


San Pedro Devore, Edward A. Army Green Hills Memorial Park Yes Harbor City, CA Photo  
Santa Barbara Hamilton, Pierpont Army AC Santa Barbara   New York, NY Photo  
Santa Monica Phipps, Jimmy W. USMC Woodlawn Yes Culver City, CA



Selma Shockley, William Army Floral Memorial Park Yes Selma, CA Photo


St. Helena Simmons, William Army St. Helena Public   Springfield, IL Photo MH
Stockton Troy, William Navy Stockton State Hospital   Massachusetts Photo  
Vallejo Cooney, James USMC Mare Island Shipyard   Massachusetts Photo MH
  Halford, William Navy Mare Island Shipyard   San Francisco, CA Photo MH
  Parker, Alexander Navy Mare Island Shipyard   New Jersey Photo MH
  Dunphy, Richard D. Navy St. Vincent's   New York, NY Photo MH
  Bond, William S. Navy Sunrise Memorial   Boston, MA Photo MH
Ventura Sumner, James Army Ventura   Chicago, IL   MH
Wasco Pierce, Larry Stanley Army Wasco Yes Fresno, CA Photo MH
Westminster Worley, Kenneth Lee USMC Westminster Memorial Park Yes Fresno, CA Photo MH
Yountville Leonard, Joseph H. USMC Veterans Home Of California   New York, NY Photo MH
  Moriarity, John Army Veterans Home Of California   Boston, MA Photo MH
  Stickoffer, Julius Army Veterans Home Of California   Cincinnati, OH Photo MH

MH Indicates Government Issue Type MOH headstone.
MH-P Indicates a PRIVATE headstone with MOH text or image.




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