World War I - Navy Cross

There are over 1,800 recipients of the Navy Cross which was awarded for exemplary and heroic service during World War I.

Breakout by Branch of Service

  • Navy - 1,299
  • Marine Corps - 392
  • Coast Guard - 36
  • Army - 12
  • Foreign Nationals - 100

Interesting Facts

  • A total of 1,298 Navy Crosses were Awarded to members of the US Navy for heroism or distinguished service during World War I including:
    •     5 Navy Chaplains (One of whom also received the Distinguished Service Cross)
    •   61 Navy Corpsmen
    • 120 Naval Aviators
    •     1 Navy Nurse (The first woman to earn the Navy Cross)
  • 17 Navy Cross recipients also received the Distinguished Service Cross
  •   1 Man earned TWO Navy Crosses in World War I
  •   1 WWI Navy Cross recipient earned a Gold Star in Nicaragua
  •   5 WWI recipients earned Gold Stars in World War II
    • One of these multiple recipients earned TWO in World War II
  •   8 Men who had previously earned Medals of Honor earned the Navy Cross in World War I (including two time Medal Of Honor recipient John McCloy.)