World War I - Navy Cross - Navy

United States Navy LogoThere are 1,298 US Navy recipients of the Navy Cross which was awarded for exemplary and heroic service during World War I.
Each recipient is associated with one of nine areas of expertise:

  1. Administrative (ADM)
  2. Accidents and Rescues (AR)
  3. Naval Aviation (AVN)
  4. Chaplains, Corpsmen, Medical (CCM)
  5. Convoy Duty (CDY)
  6. Mine Clearing (MCL)
  7. Miscellaneous (MSC)
  8. Sinking and Rescues (SR)
  9. Engagement with Submarines (SUB)

* Indicates Killed in Action (KIA), Missing in Action (MIA), Prisoner of War (POW), or Died Non-Battle (DNB)