Medal of Honor Recipients

Our Military's first medal was the Badge for Military Merit, established by General George Washington during the American Revolution and presented only three times. During the American Civil War the Medal of Honor was established and presented nearly 3,000 times before World War I. Other than the now obsolete Certificate of Merit and Marine Corps Brevet Medal, it was the only award available in the U.S. Military, and in the Navy and Marine Corps it could only be presented to enlisted sailors and Marines.

Interesting Fact: At the time of the Civil War, the Medal of Honor was the only award available for recognizing a significant act of heroism while serving the United States military. In some cases, it was awarded frivolously. The Civil War ended in 1865. In 1917, a review was made of Medal of Honor awards with the revocation of 911 deemed to have been awarded without proper merit.

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At the same time, to recognize deeds of lesser heroism than what was required for the Medal of Honor, as well as to recognize distinguished service and/or achievement that was laudable but not necessarily heroic, a series of "lesser awards" in descending orders of precedence were established in the Military Pyramid of Honor.  For more information see Medals and Awards.

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Recipients by Branch of Service

Here are the 3,519 Medal of Honor recipients by branch of service, and Foreign or Civilian category.

5 - Foreign
8 - Civilian
1 - US Coast Guard
18 - US Air Force
304 - US Marine Corps
747 - US Navy
2,436 - US Army

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There are 3,519 Medal of Honor citations to date.

19 - Global War on Terror
261 - Vietnam
146 - Korea
473- World War II
132 - World War I
1,523 - Civil War
965 - Campaigns, Conflicts and Peace Time

Below are links to the Medal of Honor recipients for each of the 7 breakouts listed above. You will be able to search each group by name, branch of service, city/state, war/conflict, incident and view a photo of the recipient (if available) and read the detailed citation.

Global War on Terror

Vietnam War

Korean War

World War II

World War I

Civil War

Campaigns, Conflicts and Peace Time